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 posted in Wedding Salon 2 on Feb 15, 17 4:28 PM
autschig357 wrote:In the Africa level, where they introduce putting straws in the drinks, there's no indicator popping up of what kind of straw the customer wants.

Same problem here. It looks like the developers didn't code this properly, not really a tech problem with the game. There should be some way to determine what the customer wants in their drink, but I sure can't find one. You don't even have the option of seeing if they smile more at one of the choices - no discernible change in their faces, no popup indicator. It's a minor annoyance, sloppy game construction.
 posted in Secret of the Royal Throne on Feb 6, 17 11:53 PM
I'm among those enjoying this game. The setting is different and interesting, although the story isn't particularly new. Some of the mechanics are a bit annoying, like having to drag inventory items to *exactly* the right place to use them like the stick/dry grass one mentioned in another review. I also had some trouble figuring out just what position was the right one to line up the wells to put the coconut milk in - what looked like lined up to me wasn't always right. On the whole, though, it's a nice change from the more elaborate puzzle/adventure games we've had lately. The hints aren't the usual kind that show you exactly what to do, and it has taken me several tries to decipher some of them, but they do help with a little thought on the part of the player.
 posted in Rat and Louie: Cook from the Heart on Jan 26, 17 3:39 PM
It's a cute game. I'll probably get it with a pcc at some point, but it's not an immediate buy for me, but then I'm more of a tm person. Like others, I was concerned about the windowed mode message, but thistle809's tip about choosing full screen mode once the game opens worked. It also makes the screen brighter - when I tried windowed mode, the screen was so dim I had trouble seeing things clearly (partly my eyesight, too, and the distraction of the screen around the edges). It seems to be a fairly standard match 3 game.
 posted in Rory's Restaurant: Winter Rush on Jan 4, 17 1:45 PM
starlightsaffron wrote:playing on PC. The game freezes faitly often so the group of 3 foods doesnt leave the board. This has generally resolved with the next group formed releasing both sets, however I now have no customers left but the game won't go back to the kitchen. I can only close the game through task manager.

After a number of levels and a few of these temporary freezes, I got to a level where the first couple of matches left gaps in the board and nothing I did made the pieces fall or new ones appear. There were pieces that wouldn't move so that I couldn't make another match, either, and the timers for the coffee and onion ring machines seemed to be frozen. Clicking the menu button brought up the settings options, but the "kitchen" button didn't work, only the resume one, and I also had to use task manager to get out of the game. It's a shame, as it looks like a game I'd enjoy if it actually worked.
 posted in The Secret Of Arcanesium: A Mosaic Mystery on Dec 29, 16 12:24 PM
Pros: 3 color puzzles, autocomplete, solutions are shown with titles so you know what the picture is - although the line by line reveal is annoying.

Cons: Hidden item games and clue games are too simple, except for the last one which I couldn't figure out at all. After being given such basic clues, it was odd that the last one seemed to have no logical clue at all.

A few of the nonograms had a couple random placements that couldn't be figured out by logic or strategy, and that the picture didn't really help with (like snowflakes falling - could be anywhere). The pictures are very basic, and as others have said the colors are dull. Too much grey in the background to use grey as a color, especially for those of us whose eyes aren't the sharpest.

Conclusion: Better than the griddlers series, not up to the penguin or rainbow or gizmos ones.
 posted in Sky Crew Collector's Edition on Dec 28, 16 9:18 AM
Could someone explain what makes this a CE? I don't see any explanation of that anywhere. I'm not interested in screen savers or extra art and such, only extra game play and perhaps a strategy guide. This type TM game isn't really my favorite, as it's one of the fast ones, but I like them as a change of pace once in a while. At this point, though, I'm inclined to wait for a SE version to use a credit on.
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 18: Explore New Colors on Dec 5, 16 4:12 PM
Running Windows 10. Game works fine until I try to exit, at which point it locks up. Task manager opens a white screen and I had to do a restart to get out of this. Never had a problem with any of this series before.
 posted in Weather Lord: Royal Holidays Collector's Edition on Dec 4, 16 7:52 AM
Running Windows 10 and have updated the game, but I still can't demolish buildings. The x does nothing. So far I haven't noticed any other problems.
 posted in Car Mechanic Manager on Oct 24, 16 10:33 PM
It shows which color you need to use for each car - you have to scroll to the right to get more choices. If you don't use the right color, the car won't be ready.
 posted in Time Gap on Sep 20, 16 12:38 PM
moonryu wrote:The number next to the 'location / room' is the level you need to be at to gain access.

And the first access to the location / room is usually 10,000 coins (says you need special keys but you can't find the keys anywhere as far as I can tell), So don't spend your coins on stuff, unless you really need to.

Some of the later locations require 15,000 coins to buy the key to open it - which is the only key I can see. Once you open the locations, you can buy other things. I just wish I could buy crystals with the coins - you only get a certain number each time the top bar fills up, and you need them to clear the doggone obstacles that get more and more frequent - I can deal with the disappearing letters, but some of the other things make it very difficult.
 posted in Heart's Medicine: Time to Heal Collector's Edition on Sep 13, 16 7:26 AM
ChestnutHeights wrote:From my recollection, they often release the CE first, then a few weeks down the road they release the SE version. Isn't this pretty much the standard? If you don't want the CE then just wait has been what I've done in the past.

I was fine with getting the collector's edition of this game, I enjoyed it.

The problem is that some of these don't seem to have an SE version - the last one, Cathy's Crafts, doesn't appear to have an SE version as far as I can find online. It's been out on other sites for a while, so I'd think the SE version would already be out as well. This game has also been out for a while on other sites. What I'd like is an explanation of what makes it a CE and whether there will ever be an SE version. Since I don't care for the Delicious series, I won't buy the Cathy's Crafts one as a CE and probably not this one either (although I did like the first Heart's Medicine game, this one seems a little more frantic and I don't enjoy that).
 posted in Doodle God Fantasy World of Magic on Sep 5, 16 9:42 PM
Same as cindy4412 - I start it, I hear the music, but all I get is a black screen. Even Ctrl-Alt-Delete doesn't do anything much, just shuts off the music. Had to use the power button to get to where I could even do a restart. I tried just logging in from that screen, and there was a brief glimpse of the game with the place to put the player's name before it all went black again. Never had this problem with other Doodle God games. I'm running Windows 10 on a laptop.
 posted in Time Gap on Aug 30, 16 11:13 PM
I suppose the fact that it was originally a "free to play" game explains why there's no good way to get more crystals. I don't like the gambling games, and that appears to be the only way to get crystals besides waiting for the indicator in the top center to fill up. Most annoying. As to the energy levels, I've resorted to just closing the game and doing other things while time recharges the energy levels. That at least lets me do some things while I wait for the crystals. Other than these minor annoyances, I like the game.
 posted in Cathy's Crafts Collector's Edition on Aug 23, 16 10:14 PM
I haven't quite decided about this one. I don't like the Emily games - too frantic for me. I prefer the building/gathering ones most of the time. But this one is a little different, and the choice of difficulty levels might make it workable. I can't really see any indication of why it would be a CE, though. I think I'll wait a bit and see what the SE looks like when it comes out. (OK, so I like crafts and cats, which is probably the reason this one is a maybe for me.)
 posted in Forest Riddles on Aug 22, 16 12:28 PM
There are pros and cons to this game, but on the whole it's not a bad little griddler game. I do wish the "woodgrain" tiles had a little more contrast with the background for those of us with less than perfect eyesight. The ones with a single dot on the tile seem to be trying for a knotty pine effect. While it's true that there are no multiple colors, there is auto-complete, and I like the remove a blank tile option a lot better than the standard push pin in the unused space one.

If you're like me, you don't read the little playing tips shown on the screen after you finish a picture - they tend to be the same thing over and over. Someone involved with this game, though, has a sense of humor and has dropped a few little things here and there instead of the tips. I generally get a sense of what was there just out of force of habit and my peripheral vision and got a "wait, what?" reaction after one level, so I started paying attention after that. Had to buy the game to encourage whoever is behind this - and to hope they will add more colors/storyline to future endeavors.
 posted in World Mosaics 8: Fiction Fixers on Aug 9, 16 9:47 AM
I'll probably use a PCC on this one at some point, but I won't pay money for it. First, there's no way that I can find to turn off the extremely basic tutorial. It's not telling me anything I don't know and I really hate being forced to "play" tutorial levels. Second, it's pretty ridiculous to have one set of color puzzles (didn't play far into it, so I don't know if it gets to more than 2 colors) and another set of "book" puzzles that show colors but don't use them in the puzzles - one color to solve and it has no relevance to the finished picture, which is not possible to decipher until the solution shows it. Of course, the colors in the "color" level puzzles don't seem to mean anything either as the solution pictures don't use the same colors you solved with. Third, no auto-completion once you mark the correct spaces so you have to go through and place the push-pins to x out the unused spaces.

On the whole, I'd rather replay the Fantasy Mosaic ones and some of the others. I didn't even make it to the half hour mark in the free trial on this one.
 posted in Elven Legend 3: The New Menace Collector's Edition on Jul 29, 16 8:59 PM
Thanks. I thought that was some sort of indication of the magic books - never thought of it having anything to do with the guide.
 posted in Elven Legend 3: The New Menace Collector's Edition on Jul 29, 16 8:57 PM
Also having the problem with the blob over the center of the screen on Level 16. While hovering the cursor will show me where the altars and things are, it's hard to figure out the path to repair the sawmill, mine, Mortessa's house, etc. I don't think this is supposed to be there. If I remember correctly, there were some issues with a blob on a couple levels in another game - not sure if it was the previous one in this series, but I think it was - but they weren't as big an issue as this one. This is annoying.

Update: I went back to check and I was right - Elven Legend 2 had some levels where there were annoying dark spots (1 flapped, which was very distracting). It doesn't appear that any effort has been made to correct this, which means it's unlikely there will be a patch for this game either. At this point, I'm trying to decide whether I have the patience to work blindly to get past this level or whether I want a refund, especially in view of other fishes having reported problems further along in the game. I don't really see much point in contacting CS, as they've never been helpful in the past - same suggestions followed by an offer of a refund. I want the doggone game fixed or I wouldn't have asked, but that doesn't seem to be an option. (They never have fixed Gardens Inc 3 despite many reports of the same problem with mysterious overlaid error messages.)
 posted in Elven Legend 3: The New Menace Collector's Edition on Jul 27, 16 9:42 AM
As far as I can tell, you can only access the guide from the "Extras" choice on the main menu - there doesn't seem to be any way to get to it when you're playing the game. This makes it fairly useless. Does anyone have a way around this?
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 16: Six colors in Wonderland on Jul 9, 16 2:47 PM
While I like the Fantasy Mosaics games and really prefer the relaxing one color at a time format to the all colors at once one, it feels like this one was tossed out to fill the request for more colors without any real thought to it. Most of the puzzles that have 5 or 6 colors in this one just have one or two spaces to fill with the "extra" colors like a blue space for an eye or a brown one for a nose. There are no puzzle elements to these, just an extra grid to fill in the blank. Seems rather unnecessary to me. I'd rather just have 3 or 4 colors and have real puzzles than a "fill in the blank" grid just to say there are more colors. I don't think FM 16 is up to the standards of the previous ones.
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