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 posted in Victim of Xen on Jan 9, 13 9:02 PM
Sounds like it was someone's first attempt at the rpg maker 2 which is fine. What is not fine is the fact that you have no quest tracker and that you cannot see the enemies. That seems just wrong. Maybe one in a while, but not like this. I also noticed the names of the mobs and also the one liners are pretty cliche. Maybe would consider buying after they fixed a bunch of stuff. There are far better rpgs here....and out on steam ect.
 posted in Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition on Dec 18, 12 11:29 PM
Oh my....I am only on level 6 right now...I like it but man money is in short supply and the upgrades are super expensive!! I am thinking about starting with general and working my way down so it is not so hard later! I will have to get back to you on this. There is a great deal of strategy and the boss bugs with their war stomp stun is really hard to get by.
 posted in Shadow Wolf Mysteries: Cursed Wedding on Nov 27, 12 7:13 PM
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 posted in Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood on Nov 17, 12 12:14 PM
It was probably a false positive. I have never gotten a game from here that had a virus. I have from ****'s website, but not here.
 posted in Magic Farm 2 on Nov 14, 12 10:52 AM
I am so surprised not to see many fishies commenting on this game yet, so I will. I have both and they fixed a few issues from the first one.

There is a timer, it goes by each day. You have sometimes long quests like earn 500 coins and such. You grow flowers, water them and upgrade your garden with the money..some of them make it harder for pests. One really fun and helpful plant to have around are the bug eating ones! Also you get a helper named Robin who is a dragon and will help either water, gather up flowers, or kill bugs. You click on him to give him a treat and he moves faster for a period of time.

You also upgrade your skills in such things as gathering, flower growing, making money, or watering, killing pests with each level of experience you gain. You can do the same for Robin and you get his help after a you go through a few of the levels.

The bouquet making is really how you make your is a mini game of sorts. My only beef with the game is that it is much shorter than the first, but the graphics and bouquet making they improved so much. The developers even added a couple of extra quests which are now included in the game because so many people complained.

It is a time management, but not like the dash series...yes the bugs can get hetic, but you can replant...not every level is as hard as some, and when you get Robin, he is a big help. You can upgrade one of the plants to give him more speed, and also a watering plant and a well you can gather water from for free water. So you see, there are many things about this game. I paid full price, I have beat it and have played it over. I have not tried the hardcore mode yet...I may have to do that today. Please, if you liked the demo a bit, 3 bucks is not bad at all for hours of fun!! It is worth full price...this is a steal!!

 posted in 4 Elements II on Oct 22, 12 2:05 PM
To any fishies who does not have this, it is worth the full price, if you are on the fence, it is really worth the dd for it. Plus they donate money!! I cannot say more than everyone has posted, it is easy, but it gets more difficult. It is not a match swap three type of game but it has some really great mechanics to it. Lots of fun. Give it a try!!
 posted in Magic Farm 2 on Sep 30, 12 5:03 PM
Hi! I bought this from BFG quite some time ago, and was wondering if it is the same as what **** is offering. It says that there is an extra farm.. "Premium Edition includes one new farm with 15 upgrades, three additional flowers, three new pests, 20 extra quests, and two bonus challenges."

I was asking here as I do want the extra farm which was missing from this game and many people complained about it.

I hope someone can help me please!!

 posted in Roads of Rome II on Sep 22, 12 8:34 PM
That is a good idea..with the workshops I usually just build them when I have extra supply of wood and do the same with upgrading them. They are helpful sometimes but not always...

Great topic! I am stuck on the bonus level!! LOL Been doing this one over about 6 times now...hardest level in the game!!

Good luck! This forum is a great place for help if you need it!
 posted in Roads of Rome II on Sep 3, 12 11:53 AM
Just wanted to add my thanks to this post...was having a heck of a time trying for it!! I really do appreciate all the fishies who help out here!!

 posted in Egypt: Secret of five Gods on Aug 8, 12 2:26 PM
I hope you got things fixed Welshgirl,

I am 100% sure you did not pick up the virus from this game. I have never heard of anyone getting a virus from any games here on BFG. I am surprised a mod did not see this though and respond.

You can get a virus simply by looking at Yahoo news, or scrolling over a picture. Not from a game download from this site. I have had viruses that were really bad, but I have not lost my stuff from knowing how to get rid of them. If you need or want help with this please message me. I know this was written months ago, but maybe you might come back an read.

Good luck!
 posted in Syberia - Part 1 on Aug 7, 12 5:41 PM
This is just leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I was going to purchase both games through Big Fish Games because I liked the company. I am not so keen on telling friends to try games here because this seems so underhanded. I will be buying Syberia one and two from Good Old Games, even if I have to pay more, I would rather support a company that does not hide how to buy a game in their forums because they want to make more money breaking it up and not letting the customer choose via search game engine or on the purchase page. There is plenty of room to let people know they can buy it all in one file.

I have no problem with them offering this on the IPad or whatever, just let people find ALL the versions in the search instead of having to dig for it in a game forum.
 posted in Syberia - Part 1 on Aug 7, 12 5:37 PM
Thanks for the reply BFGMonongahela, but you did not answer why the game is not found in the search at all? It makes it seem underhanded. Why not give the customer the choice to choose if they want to download the big file or pay more money to have it smaller? It makes it seem like the reason they don't do this is because most people will choose the obvious large file than paying three times more for the games.

Also the average person does not go to the forums before buying a game.
 posted in Syberia - Part 1 on Jul 26, 12 8:45 PM
I have to say if they had put the large file in the catalog I would not have a problem. I can understand if people on ipads want smaller files...I think it is way too expensive which is why they are not letting the customer make the decision.

I would have been one of the many that would have bought the first part thinking it was the same as the full game, nowhere do they state that they still have the large file. It really is not even clear on the forums unless you look at the annoucement. I am so angry over it I don't think I will give them my money for the large file. I think I would rather pay a few dollars more from GOG, since they are honest, and if they sold a chopped up game there would be at least a discount since the Ipad games are so cheap.

I'm really outraged that they did not put the large file back in the system. It is the right thing to do.
 posted in Syberia - Part 1 on Jul 26, 12 8:33 PM
At least I am hoping this is what is wrong. One of my friends was telling me how great Syberia was and I thought I would come to the forums and check it out. I was confused by the part one, part two, and then Syberia 2. I knew it was a big file, and that does not bother me at all. Everywhere I looked I could not find the first, so I came to the forums. I am TRULY thankful for all the other fishies posting! I would have been duped, yes duped because that is what this company is doing. They are duping you to buy their parts one and two while having the big file hidden in a forum link. If they were being honest the customers would have a choice between paying double or triple the price to squeeze this onto their IPADs, or to get the titles for $7 bucks each.

With people having a hard time with money, you would think that BFG would add a button or link for those who want to download the larger file right there with the other games. There is room and the coding for that is not so hard that it cannot be done. I have been saving my credit for over a month now, so my credit is precious to me. I only can afford one game a month, I would have been very unhappy had I downloaded the part one and found out later that if I had only read they forum I could have been able to get the whole game. If it really was for easier download or for the IPAD like is being suggested by BFG, you guys would have stated the information on there.

I really don't care if they let everyone know 3 years ago or something, you have new customers coming to your site everyday, they won't know and they will download the wrong one because not everyone goes to the forums or has the time to.

I am truly disappointed!
Thank you everyone for letting me know ahead of time!!! You all rock!

 posted in Syberia II on Jul 26, 12 8:15 PM
Hey all, I just noticed Syberia one is now a two parter instead of one big file. I also heard that the new part one and two is now where the characters do not jesture. Does this mean I should grab this quick before they split this up too?

What about part one? I have not played either yet, but would rather play something as it was supposed to be rather than cut in two to make more money.

Any suggestions please?

 posted in Zenerchi on Jul 23, 12 10:19 PM
I wish I had read this sooner!! Ugh!! They do not explain this game enough in the directions!! I did not realize that you have to get that color in each section for it to count!! Now I think I will be able to play and perhaps even buy it..not sure! I just about wasted all my demo time though! LOL

Thank you so very much all!!
 posted in County Fair on May 10, 12 12:02 PM
Hey!! Looking into this one! I wanted to let you know if you go to they have rollercoaster tycoon deluxe for 5, rollercoaster tycoon (not sure on the price) and rollercoaster tycoon 3 platinum for 20. The great thing about that site is there are many classic games (like on steam) that will play on today's computers!

This game looks like fun, I think I am going to do a bit more research before buying though!

Hope I helped a bit!
 posted in SpongeBob SquarePants Typing on Mar 21, 12 8:57 PM
I have been looking for a good typing game/software. I have a new laptop and with my fingers curling on the left side due to a car accident, this will help me get practice and movement I have lost throughout the years. I love SpongeBob, watched it all the time with my son when he was young.

I like the mini games, they are colorful, and the snail race with Gary was my favorite! I am saving my pennies to buy this one for sure!! I would recommend this for kids and adults!
 posted in All My Gods on Mar 15, 12 2:52 PM
Loved this one! Are there any more like this? Seems like most of them are the sort of royal envoy type games which are okay..but I prefer games like this. Thanks in advance!

 posted in All My Gods on Mar 15, 12 2:46 PM
I posted a reply to your needing wooden boards in the other thread you were looking for help. Good luck!! =)
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