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At first it didn't work for me, but then tried it again and deleted today's code, then put in the free CE code and it worked! Got Phantasmat! Rainy day here in Oregon and I am happy to stay in and play! YAY!
It didn't work for me in Oregon at 8:20 am......
I have all of Mystery Trackers series. Of course I bought this one. I am sooo bored. I think I am just starting Chapter 5 of 8 and groaned that 4 more to go before the end.... It just seems tedious and not fun. I can't even tell you the storyline. I am playing in formal mode. Just seemed nothing new. Like someone else said, oh key is stuck on other side of door, put something into lock to drop key, and put paper under door to catch key. Wow, that's so NOT new. I guess I was expecting new puzzles and new ideas. Disappointed...
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting Collector's Edition on Jan 6, 15 4:18 PM
When you collect a coin and see the number you have on the left, then you can click on the coin and it will take you to the Raven Room. Good luck! I loved this game but got to a glitch in Chapter 3 and not sure how I can even possibly finish this game!
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting Collector's Edition on Jan 6, 15 9:18 AM
I am in the middle of Chapter 3. Dug up the treasure chest and was working on the mini game. Got all the pieces on one of the sides. Went to the other side and got 6 out of 7 and the arrows went away! I can't finish the game now! I reset the puzzle, but nothing happened. Exited the game and got back in and still no arrows. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. Still no arrows on chest! Playing on hardest level and can't skip game! AAAGH!! I was really being challenged game and love it!
 posted in Dark Dimensions: Somber Song on Jan 3, 15 1:33 PM
I actually had to move the pieces off to the side where they belonged, THEN they stuck! Can't remember to left or right, but definitely not on top of where they belonged.
 posted in Midnight Mysteries: Ghostwriting Collector's Edition on Jan 3, 15 3:02 AM
Gosh, I don't usually post reviews since I am late in the game, but am I really first? I have bought other versions of this series and am soooo glad you can customize difficulty! I am a hard core gamer, no hints, no skips and this is a doozy so far! It is challenging on my level, which I like, but again, you can customize it to what you like and don't like in difficulty. There are coins to find but I skipped tutorial and really didn't understand why I am buying them for my bird. Don't like having a bird to get hard to reach items. But I am the type of person that never really likes "helpers" There are also four leave clovers to find as collectibles, I think 56, which means a long game, which I like. I found one in HOS as well. And that was challenging! Okay, will keep playing and let you know if I think different, but so far so good!
 posted in Dark Dimensions: Somber Song on Jan 2, 15 7:44 AM
I think you go up the fire pole. Did you try that? I am frustrated with forums because almost all of them are locked! I just bought the game a couple days ago and now feel left out asking for help. Like I need to start a new discussion when someone could have helped me on the locked ones! Why, why lock them? Just because we didn't buy the game immediately?!
Thanks lil_chickadee! I agree! I love most MCF games. I am a hard core player and love no hints and no skips. I am tired, tired, tired of games that come out today with spouse kidnapped, children missing, revenge, witches/ghosts/etc., oh no! It's getting too tedious and I thought this game with MCF would be different. It's getting very crowded by the "Big Tree" and they are all just standing there motionless while I go around to a couple dozen places to find some tedious item. And we ALWAYS know that the first suspect is NEVER the guilty one at the end. I have mentioned many times that I would like to see a really humorous game, i.e. Leisure Suit Larry, but without the sex part, but witty in its dialogue. Just something fun. I know developers keep saying we are buying the creepy ones, but that is because we don't have much of a choice! I love, love, love my hidden object games, but want different storyline.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove on Dec 27, 14 11:44 AM
Really not sure how I would rate this game... Pluses and cons...

I am an advanced player and always like games with no hints and no skips so I get the most of my buck. However.... there were many times that I would come across an inventory item and I knew somewhere in the game I had seen it a lot earlier. I looked on the map and there were 23 different open places to look!!! 23!!!!!! Unless I changed my difficulty, I had to go into each of the 23 to find an obscure item that this one inventory item fit into. So tedious.

Not many HOS and those were all too easy.

Storyline was boring. Same old type of someone seems to have revenge. Nothing exciting at all.

I really like mini games where there were those in this game like Madam Fate that are very complicated, but at least Madam Fate had rational to it. These were so random that I had to change difficulty to easy to get puzzle hint. At least in Madam Fate the puzzles were somehow connected. SPOILER: One game had you look at flags and click on feathers in that order, oh, wait, click on the feather colors TWICE before going to the next color! Really? Who would have thought? It just seemed too random....

No creepiness in this game. Been playing these games for so many years. In my opinion, games should be very, very creepy or very funny. Why can't developers come up with something funny, i.e. Leisure Suit Larry or something without the sex, but just funny.
You will eventually get a screwdriver, but it takes a while before you get it.
If you are in hardest mode, I suggest going to easier mode and see if that works. I have had at least 6 problems because I am in hardest mode, but if I simply change to easier mode then things work. I did get to open lunch box, but there was supposed to be something there after I did that and it did not work. I simply changed to easy mode, and "POOF" there it was. Not sure if this helps, but on forums there seems to be a consensus that there are glitches and changing modes solves things. Good luck!

Was there a response?
I finished game but did not find all the puzzle pieces and cats. Is there a way to go back to the scenes to find these?
No, I used potion with even what SG said. First time I used it, then screen stayed stilled and no reaction. Second time with same potion said it was not right. I replayed every time with every potion and it was always, always with the second part not being recognized. Then when I get out of hardest mode, THEN it works.
I did too! I am playing on hardest mode and having problems of things not working. I have to switch to easier mode and then use skip button then it works! I have had about 4 or 5 glitches with this so far! As long as I switch to easier mode, then it works!
I had same issue. Couldn't even get Menu button to recognize. I could hear the music and see my custom cursor move around. Had to CAD and get back in game, THEN it worked! I too was on hardest mode. A few glitches with that.....
Oops, this was in Chapter 2.
I tried the potion with the riddles and little leprechaun? wouldn't accept my second ingredient. I checked with strategy guide and it really was the right one. I tried every other ingredient. I really, really like this game, but this is the second glitch and I am only on Chapter 1!!!!
I posted before but got deleted.... You just need to select easier mode, then you can do game. Wood is for fireplace, not for this game. I played on custom mode with no hints and no skip and would not let me play game. Only after choosing easier setting, then I could. I agree with Kaitlinn.
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