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Seascape6 wrote:I'm thinking it's not finished.


We saw a raven in Charles' cell, and a raven flew out from the cemetary. The "Secret" **** scenes depict someone we haven't seen before. Could it be Charles' father?I don't think this is over yet!

And now that I think about it that name on the grave could suggest even more clues (or yet another trip to Ravenhearst)
Will there be more MCF games after this one? I know Ravenhearst is finished but there have been other games not related. I do hope the MCF games will continue... I've been "hooked" since Huntsville and think they have gotten better and better over the years.

Only thing about this one is no Extras
Thanks a ton....I totally missed some of those
I can't find the rest of the objects....I think I have 10 in each there a list someplace that says what and where the items are? (SG says nothing which is a little annoying)

BTW LOVE the game and do hope this is NOT the last installment of MCF
briandg wrote:I'm not a pantywaist crybaby whiner who just looks for things to be offended about.

That said, this game is so far all about nothing but child abuse, murder, and grotesque subject matter. Did I seriously just pop someone's pimples and collect the pus for storage? not much farther into the game, there was a bulletin board that had, honest to god, genuine victorian funeral pictures of dead children.


Genuine photographs of dead children.

Ravenhearst and all of the other MCF games have been satirical and fantasy, and this installment is so far off the initial tone of the games that it's astonishing.

That's why they put the warning in red and even the first sticky tab about the intensity

personally I did find some parts gross but there are other games worse than this that I WON'T play....I can tolerate this and still LOVE MCF
Thanks.....that explains what it is but I still can't find the objects
ok I'm finding something in the journal but don't understand the top are two tabs (orange and yellow) and when I click something the 0/15 and 0/16 go this anything important or is there a place that lists whatever these extra items are to find in the journal?
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If anyone doesn't remember getting the code it was when you talked to the man who had been stuck in the painting in the first Azada right after the book with the evil genie vanishes at the very end (Azada gave you a code to get another book - a Frankenstein one- in Azada 2 and I though the code from 2 would come up in 3)
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Was there any place to use the code from Azada 2 or was this just omitted from the game? (I believe the code was celar or cellar door)
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Just bought and finished this game....WOW....totally worth it for me....LOVED the first one and really like that this picks up right where the last left off....quite a few twists in the story

PLEASE tell me there will be a sequel and SOON lol

MargieB where are those crown cards? (and what resolution is best? screen is cut off on the edges and I can't get it to fit)
cabrinanewfie wrote:I CANNOT GO INTO THE SWAMP Pass THE SNAKE. I take the parrot from Charlotte but he flew out of my inventory! help!

You have to get a bird cage from the porch first
Where are the other 10 Gold Crown Insignias? Some of the walk through does not make seance (like where did you get the scissors again?). I'll play again but I'm still confused.

Also is the note with the music at the end of the credits important?
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