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 posted in Mahjong Journey of Enlightenment on Sep 20, 08 5:11 AM
Deekahn maybe we are destined never to reach enlightenment! Which is kind of a pity because you unlock all these tile layouts but you never get to pick one you like and just play it. Presumably when you finish you can do this. Well, I see you are much further along the path to enlightenment than I, grasshopper, so I might stick to Mahjong Halloween.
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Huntsville ™ on Sep 20, 08 4:55 AM
MCF Huntsville is the only HO game I have and I have enjoyed playing it. I'm not a huge HO fan though. One MCF was enough for me. I did consider buying Can You See What I See because I thought that one was a bit different, and I enjoyed trialling the Scruffs too, but I guess the HO concept just doesn't quite float my boat in general. Still they do seem pretty popular with most fishies.
 posted in Cake Mania 3 on Sep 16, 08 6:25 AM
I just loved the first Cake Mania, but trialling 2 & 3 didn't make me want to buy either of them. I didn't find any different dimensions in them to the original. Also Cake Mania 3 froze my computer and I had to re-boot it which put me off even more.
Bit of a disappointment, but that's cool - I can still play the original.
 posted in Farm Frenzy on Sep 15, 08 6:08 AM
I like FF2 as well, but it doesn't have the same hypnotic effect on me that the first one had when it came out. I had to fire up my computer as soon as I got home from work so I could play Farm Frenzy! Then when I got further through the game, my computer ran slower and slower. I was desperate to play, I would sit there for hours watching the bears rocking their cages in extreme slo-mo. I bought additional RAM thinking that might help. It crashed my computer. I called in the computer man. It crashed again. I got the Blue Screen of Death. We got it going again but it's never been the same since. Lol! Still I watched those bears in slo-mo. Finally one day I changed from full screen mode to windows mode and the game ran like a bird. Go figure.
Oh dear, that all makes me sound a bit like a tragic game addict....but who cares....
 posted in Farm Frenzy on Sep 14, 08 8:06 AM
I'm with you Demonpride, I like the original much better than Farm Frenzy 2. I kept getting really frustrated with not having enough room in the storehouse in FF2, and I didn't like the way the bears always seem to drop right on top of your animals in the second version. You end up with a storehouse full of *** bears all the time whether you want it or not! There are some good features though, like the plane, and the upgrades to the dogs.
 posted in Plant Tycoon on Sep 14, 08 7:50 AM
I've only got 195, and three magic plants so far.
 posted in Mahjong Journey of Enlightenment on Sep 12, 08 5:42 AM
How far along the path to enlightenment are you Deekahn? So far I have "only 21 percent more to unlock" - and I feel like I've been playing FOREVER!
 posted in Cute Knight on Sep 12, 08 5:09 AM
Cool, thanks Lizziesweden
 posted in Fairy Godmother Tycoon on Sep 11, 08 7:11 AM
I am finding this game a bit same-old after playing a few levels, but I do have to ask:
What exactly is the charming prince saying? Is it words or gibberish? It's driving me nuts
 posted in Diner Dash: Seasonal Snack Pack on Sep 11, 08 7:01 AM
I found this game even more frustrating than all the other Diner Dash games. I couldn't get past the second level at all. And I couldn't get Flo to do anything with the flowers, she just kept walking around with them in her hand. Talking to the queue didn't seem to make any difference to them either. The babies are really, really irritating - I would never buy this.
 posted in Farmer Jane on Sep 11, 08 5:55 AM
When I move onto a new month I like to play first without upgrading anything - that way I can decide what upgrades will suit that month best, go back and upgrade them and play again.
 posted in Fish Tycoon on Sep 5, 08 5:53 AM
Irisheyes75, my suggestion is to find a fish that doesn't die on you to begin with and then breed up lots of them to make some money so you can start on buying the upgrades of the food and such. When you start upgrading you will be able to breed more and more valuable fish and they won't all die on you. Hope this helps.
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