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 posted in Royal Defense: Invisible Threat on Oct 29, 13 4:05 PM
This game is like a continuation of the original "Royal Defense" game. All the tower and enemy types of the first game are already unlocked in the first level. I strongly recommend playing the first Royal Defense before playing this one.

The towers look the same, but there are some changes. For instance, the artillery towers have been nerfed. They now fire more slowly as they are upgraded, so their damage output doesn't increase much. And the second part of the game introduces enemies that are immune to the green stun dart.

There is another game, "Fort Defense", that uses the same engine (but different graphics). The enemies in that game are boats coming in along water channels. It plays more like the original Royal Defense, with tower and enemy types being introduced slowly.
 posted in Fort Defense on Oct 29, 13 3:30 PM
I finally got 2-20, 3 stars on hard. I used some weird tricks to do it.

Near the end of the second wave I had a support tower on my fort (the range boosted spot), and a lot of crossbows, many with one upgrade. At the end of the wave, the spot at the right that was spawning sea monsters started sending out a string of six balloons. When the fifth appeared, I paused and sold all damage towers that might hit the sixth. I carefully allowed towers to take out the fifth without allowing any damage to the sixth. I then sold all damage towers (but kept the support tower) and built a teleport tower. I put it on the leftmost spot of that bottom strip of 4 spots, so the balloon would be in range for a long time as it looped around to head towards the fort. I then built as many mines as I could. As the balloon kept looping around and being teleported back, I used the money from the mines to build more mines on all empty spaces. I then let things run at double speed until the balloon popped (it took a tiny amount of damage from each teleport). I then had over 20k of money.

This is the only use I've found for the teleport tower. (the bosses are immune)

I like machine guns and fire towers, but for spaces that are too far from enemies, I use longer range towers like the rocket tower or the sniper rifle. That lets these spaces contribute some damage. I can switch to machine guns if enemies start swarming near.

Note that if towers like the fire tower and the sniper rifle are built from scratch, (with the game paused), they will be able to fire very soon after. Thus, it is possible to turn money into a very high rate of damage by rebuilding these towers after each shot rather than waiting for them to fire again on their own. This is a little harder with artillery because selling a tower also sells any missile in flight. The missile has to hit before the sale, for the damage to count. It's best to have the artillery hit a very close enemy so it's hit quickly.

When you select an enemy, all towers that can will target it. If you then select another enemy, towers that could hit the first but not the second will continue to target the first.

When selling a tower, you get a good fraction of the total purchase cost if it wasn't upgraded, or if it was upgraded only once. The fraction drops it the tower had more than one level of upgrade.

 posted in Royal Defense: Invisible Threat on Oct 12, 13 4:31 PM
I use level 2. It gives a lot of starting gold so I can pause, set it up, then let it run at double speed while I do something else. I do it in hard mode, which I suspect gives more gems on average. I usually use one radar tower and 4 dart traps upgraded to green.
 posted in Druid Kingdom on Jul 5, 13 11:28 AM
The in-level power-ups are unlocked as you proceed through the game (for when you first play a level). Once you've gotten at least bronze for a level, replaying will have all 6 power-ups available. They will be grayed out if you don't have enough gems.

After chapter 1, the store is unlocked. Most of the stuff in the store is overpriced and not worth it. The ones I recommend are the one that allows a click-ahead, and the one for extra wood (which is the most important resource to have up front).

Note that if you play every one of the levels once, and use one power-up per level, you will have used 100 gems. The extra resource permanent boosts cost 250 per resource for the first level, and 500/1000 for the second/third level.

The power-up that adds 2 to each resource is very powerful when used at the beginning of a level. It can make the second half of the game rather easy.

For a real challenge, you can try doing levels without using in-level power-ups.

You can always get more gems by replaying the first level, which takes a bit over a minute and gives 6 gems for each replay.
 posted in Druid Kingdom on Jun 29, 13 9:25 AM
Badut, are you playing this on a Mac or a PC?

I'm playing on a PC, and I haven't been able to click on a bonus again until after it expires. I'm wondering if we could be playing different versions.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 24, 13 10:20 AM
I'm on level 43 and have only seen 214 quests. I'm pretty sure they were all unlocked by level 34.

I've been using a large orchard of lemon trees to level. I've heard a rumor that level 45 is the max, and I'm trying to get there.

Hopefully the developers will come out with an update that will add more quests.

Edit: I'm now at level 45, which is the maximum level.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 24, 13 10:09 AM
I think the Husband never showing up is a subtle bug caused by three things interacting. First, you can only have up to 5 quests at once, and those light bulbs will reserve a quest slot if they plan to give you a quest. Second, many quests are unlocked by level, and there are a lot of these unlocked in the lower levels. Third, the game seems to give you later quests (from the possible unlocked quests) rather than the ones that were unlocked first.

The quest to get the husband is given by Jennifer, and is unlocked at level 5. (You need to have 10 tomatoes in the barn to finish it). If you level too much before getting this quest, there may be so many unlocked quests that the 5 slots stay full and block out the husband quest for much of the game. This can delay grandma and grandpa as well, but not having the husband is far more serious.

If I were to restart, I would avoid talking to the people near the railroad station until after the husband arrived. That should delay enough unimportant quests to avoid the quest gridlock. (I would also fill the bird pen before talking to them, so that sleazy used car salesman guy couldn't give me that cursed, unsellable chick. But that's another matter.)
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 23, 13 9:56 AM
One thing I wish I had known at the start was about the cursed hen. Fairly early on that guy near the railroad tracks who looks like a used car salesman will give a quest that gives you a chick in exchange for 300 silver. That chick is cursed, and grows up to be a cursed hen. It is impossible to sell or get rid of. You can avoid getting it if you don't talk to that guy until after you buy enough chicks to fill the bird pen. Then he can't add the cursed chick.
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 20, 13 6:55 PM
For me it was something like:

C:\Documents and Settings\[login name]\Application Data\Real0re\FarmUp

(Note that "Application Data" is a hidden directory.)
 posted in Farm Up on Jun 20, 13 6:38 PM
There are plants like peppers that cost gold to plant rather than silver.
 posted in Farm Up on May 17, 13 10:09 PM
Most quests have a button in the quest window that lets you immediately complete the quest (and get the reward) in exchange for a small amount of gold. If the quest costs gold, it usually is much cheaper to use this button. (Like with the windmill quest, and the quests that ask for plants that you have to buy with gold.)

To earn silver, have a large cash crop growing overnight. I started this with carrots, then switched to eggplant when they became available.

If you want more experience, check out the trees. I just planted a large pear orchard (the best I can get at my current level). Each harvest gives good experience, and the trees give many harvests. Harvesting doesn't take much energy since you get most of if back with the blue bottles generated,
 posted in Jungle vs. Droids on Apr 24, 13 8:41 PM
I had a hard time with this level too. What finally worked was having a rhino half-block the gap at each end of the narrow green "L" (so only one droid could try to get by at a time, and the rhino would usually engage it). A pair of lions blocked each of the other two entrances. This also kept the droids from reaching the inner two melee spots. I put baboons on those two melee spots to heal the rhinos. Note that you can put ranged animals on melee spots by clicking the spot, then clicking the circular arrows.

I had skunks on the outer two ranged spots, but I'm not sure that was the best thing. Perhaps monkeys would have been better. I had the final upgrade for the rhinos, but not for the hero or the baboons.

Some droids did get through, but I won with one star.
 posted in Buried in Time on Mar 28, 13 7:49 PM
Another gotcha is that upgrading the work-tents slows leveling, and doesn't add skill to workers you haven't hired. These upgrades should only be done near the end.

As Buzz says, you need four people with each archeology skill at level 6+ at the end of the game. The grant items are optional, and require various levels up to 10, but only need one person with each skill. If you have three level 4+ and one level 8+, then tent upgrades can get you the rest of the way. (Each work-tent has two level-boosting upgrades,)

Searching (and cooking) are the only skills that can always be practiced. The other three skills require finding items, and there are only so many.

Another gotcha is that doing the last puzzle (throne area) ends the game. You can't keep playing.

Note that Decker and Serge can analyze and dig, while Fiona and Lisa can brush and search.


Late in the game you can hire high level guys. Hiring cost=100*level, so someone costing $600 will be level 6. A $600 guy will also have a level 6 secondary skill when it's revealed. Buying an upgrade for their primary skill will reveal their secondary skill. Dina the cook and Mike the searcher can simply exercise to unlock brushing and analyze. A couple of high level brushers (lvl 5 and 6) and diggers (lvl 6 and 7) can be hired, and the lvl 7 digger gets analyze.
 posted in Royal Defense on Feb 20, 13 9:31 AM
The fast, low damage Dart tower doesn't benefit smoothly when buying damage upgrades at the shop. Here is the actual hit point damage done with the six shop upgrade levels (0 to 5 upgrades):

Dart-0 - 6 . 7 . 7 . 7 . 7 . 8
Dart-1 - 9 .. 10 . 10 . 11 . 11 . 11
Dart-2 - 11 . 12 . 12 . 13 . 13 . 14

A worg in the first campaign has 14 hit points on easy, and 17 on hard. An Ice Troll has 450 hit points on easy.

Note that the Dart-0 tower only benefits from the first and fifth shop upgrade. The second and fourth upgrade doesn't boost any of them. (The higher damage Stun Dart benefits smoothly from all upgrades to the Dart tower, though.)
 posted in Royal Defense on Feb 20, 13 8:47 AM
There's a thread titled "How do you unlock snowfall mountain campaign" that may help.
 posted in Royal Defense on Feb 18, 13 1:51 PM
When you finish level 1-20 and the victory screen comes up, do you click on the check mark on the lower right that normally takes you to the next level? Doing that takes me directly to level 2-1.

Edit: I did some testing. If I did the first campaign on easy, then switched to a different difficulty mode, the second campaign would show as locked. I switched back to easy and then I could enter the second campaign level select screen. Once in that screen I could switch to a different difficulty mode. If I entered level 2-1 in that mode, the second campaign would then be permanently unlocked in that mode. (I didn't have to play 2-1, I just needed to go in and out.)
 posted in Royal Defense on Feb 13, 13 9:49 PM
I usually use dart and stun dart towers, rather than cannons. (And artillery for the crowds.) That may not always be optimal, but it works for me. All levels of the game can be won on hard with just those three tower types.

My easiest replay of level 2-20 was when I used a support mine. I put it on that little hill just south of the castle. I used all spaces north of that hill for darts, and all southern spaces for artillery. Taking out the groups of shaman seemed easier with only the artillery able to target them. When the selected shaman died, usually the whole group went. Once the trolls had been thinned, I replaced the artillery with stun darts to get the dragons. No spells were needed. (I had purchased the extra spaces for this level, though.)

 posted in Royal Defense on Feb 12, 13 3:36 PM
Tower chart:

This chart gives the cost to build the tower starting with the previous upgrade, the total cost of building from an empty space, the selling price, the range shown (arbitrary units) when the tower is clicked on, how many shots it took to kill an Ice Troll (on easy) and how long it took. Note that I bought all shop upgrades for all towers before doing these tests. I was a little sloppy with the timing and such, but it should be close enough. Note that the sell price is based on the initial cost plus the cost of the last upgrade. So selling a tower that has been upgraded more than once gives nothing for the intermediate upgrades.

Upgraded towers in this chart are indicated with a following number, so an upgraded Dart Tower will be called Dart-1.

Dart cost=$37 sell=$25 range=105 , 57 shots in 38 sec
Dart-1 cost=$56/$93 sell=$62 range=123 , 41 shots in 27 sec
Dart-2 cost=$75/$168 sell=$75 range=142 , 33 shots in 19 sec
Stun Dart cost=$135/$303 sell=$115 range=184 , 14 shots in 16 sec
Slow Dart (same as Stun, but Ice/Stone trolls immune)

Cannon cost=$75 sell=$50 range=145 , 33 shots in 29 sec
Cannon-1 cost=$97/$172 sell=$115 range=150 , 23 shots in 20 sec
Cannon-2 cost=$127/$299 sell=$135 range=155 , 19 shots in 16 sec
Machine Gun cost=$187/$486 sell=$175 range=136 , 58 shots in 15 sec
Sniper cost=$187/$486 sell=$175 range=199 , 5 shots in 13 sec

Artillery cost=$112 sell=$75 range=177 , 23 shots in 46 sec
Artillery-1 cost=$131/$243 sell=$162 range=195 , 15 shots in 31 sec
Artillery-2 cost=$180/$423 sell=$195 range=204 , 12 shots in 25 sec
Rocket cost=$225/$648 sell=$225 range=195 , 4 shots in 10 sec
Fire cost=$225/$648 sell=$225 range=97 , 6 shots in 6 sec

Mine cost=$100 sell=$50
Mine-1 cost=$125/$225 sell=$112
Mine-2 cost=$150/$375 sell=$125
Support cost=$240/$615 sell=$170 range=242
Teleport cost=$240/$615 sell=$170
 posted in Royal Defense on Feb 12, 13 3:34 PM
The Mine (lvl 4) generates gold. If no shop upgrades have been purchased, then the mine produces $10 initially, $15 with one upgrade, and $20 with a second upgrade. The two third upgrades also produce $20. Buying shop upgrades can increase these numbers to $15/$22/$30. Production is every 10 seconds. The shop upgrade for increasing production rate doesn't seem to do anything in the current version.

The Support Tower (lvl 10) is a mine which also boosts nearby towers. For instance, the Dart tower, upgraded twice, had a range of 142 (arbitrary units), and killed an Ice Troll with 33 shots. When boosted with a Support Tower, it had a range of 198, and killed the troll with 24 shots. The range of a support tower is boosted when it is built in a space that boosts range. Support Towers don't seem to boost each other, though.

The Teleport Tower (lvl 16) is a mine which can teleport a nearby enemy back to the beginning. It has a very very slow fire rate, and does a very very tiny amount of damage. Ice and Stone trolls will be targeted, but are immune. This tower is mostly pretty useless. It's possible to pause at the end of an early wave with one enemy left, sell any towers that might hit it, and put a Teleport Tower where it can keep sending the enemy back. It can take a very large number of teleportations to whittle down the enemy, so all the spaces can be filled with mines, and a huge amount of gold can be collected while this is happening. I didn't need to do this for any level, but it is the only use I can think of for this tower.
 posted in Royal Defense on Feb 12, 13 3:32 PM
The Artillery Tower (lvl 5) hits an area. It is the best tower for crowd control and has very good range. The projectile is sluggish, and a fast enemy that's some distance from the tower could be outside the area of effect by the time the projectile hits. It won't target flyers, though, nor will either of its third upgrade towers.

The Rocket Tower (lvl 11) is fun to watch. The rocket arches over to where the enemy was when the rocket started, then it tracks down and hits the target for heavy damage. Unless, of course, the enemy was already killed by another tower while all this was going on, in which case the rocket is wasted. That seemed to happen a lot when I tried to use this tower. The range is very good, but not what I would have expected from a Rocket Tower. It won't target flyers.

The Fire Tower (lvl 17) has the highest raw damage output. It affects an area like the Artillery, although the area is smaller. It fires much faster and hits with much more damage than the Artillery. It also leaves the road burning, causing some damage to enemies moving over the spot. However, it won't target flyers, and it has a very short range, so it's no good for shaman.
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