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 posted in Build-a-lot World on Oct 19, 14 12:20 PM
Thank you! I did it slightly different by building a garden center and real estate bldg and ensuring all hotels were landscaped, staged and appraised. Then as I began selling them off, I demolished those centers and built the bakeries. I made it with less than one second to spare.

Replayed using the same method except I did not landscape and only appraised (did not stage), demolished condo & built bakery ASAP, then real estate and got three stars, again with maybe a second left.

hitchhiker1 wrote:Here's how I did it:
-Build and sell a condo
-Buy 1000 materials and 3 workers
-Build a sawmill
-Buy max materials
-Build and sell a hotel
-Build a workshop, then buy lots of workers (I stopped at 27) and efficiency training
-Keep building hotels at all but 2 of the empty lots, make them 3 stars and inspect them
-Buy back the condo and the hotel when you can afford to, low ball the hotel by putting 2 of your hotels on sale and unlist them afterwards
-Start selling your hotels 1 by 1
-Build the 2 bakeries at the 2 remaining empty lots as you are selling your hotels
 posted in Build-a-lot World on Oct 13, 14 5:01 AM
I'm also stuck on this level trying to earn three stars. Did you ever figure it out?

I'm surprised there is no other post regarding this level. Maybe I am overthinking it?

I know on the other BaL games, there were levels in which you could not build sawmill, workshop, etc. and still make the time goal. I'm wondering if this might be one of those levels.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
 posted in Build-a-lot World on Oct 12, 14 1:22 AM
Finally got 3 stars - This is how I did it, but it will be slightly different for everyone. In the end you need to have sold three fully upgraded, staged, appraised Premier hotels & build goal items on remaining lots

1. Immediately sell one empty lot from on of the two lots on the far left
2. Begin building Saw Mill in the last empty lot of the three lots in the middle
3. As soon as first lot sells, sell first lot in the set of three lots in the middle
4. Once second lot sells and sawmill is complete buy 1500 wood in two transactions*
(Have to buy 1000 wood, then 500)
5. Build hotel on remaining empty lot on far left & sell immediately
6. Buy 5000 wood, then do the following all at the same time:
6A: build workshop on single lot far right
6B: build real estate next to sawmill
6C: pay double to purchase the houses on far left & far right bottom & demolish
Optional but worked for me to pay double for second lot on far upper left
6D: Upgrade workshop to efficiency and begin training workers to at least 18*
I found it best to ultimately have 21 workers
7. Begin building hotels on two bottom empty lots & top lot on far left
7A: Upgrade all to three stars, paint, stage, appraise*
*Ensure you are earning rent while upgrading
8: Sell 1st premier hotel (bottom)
8A: If you haven't yet trained all workers, do so now so you have 21
Note: the timing of the next steps varies, just do as things become available
9: The first hotel you sold as well as empty lot will come back up for sale*
*when hotel comes up for sale, put your hotels up for sale & buy at Low Ball price
10: Upgrade third hotel to three stars, paint, stage, appraise, inspect
11. Sell 2nd premier hotel
12. Pay double for ranch on far right and craftsman on far left bottom demolish
13. Build one hotel, upgrade all to three stars, paint, stage, appraise
14. Sell 3rd premier hotel - you should now have $5 mil or very close to it
15. Buy aprox 7000 wood (I can't remember exactly), demolish sawmill & real estate
16. Purchase remaining premier house when it comes up for sale & demolish
You should now have aprox $4.8 mil, workshop, two hotels and four empty lots)
17. Begin building pools, then parks, then one mini-golf, demolish workshop & build last mini-golf

Let me know if this works for you or if I missed a step as I'm writing this from memory so I'm sure it is probably not an exact replica of how I did it, but it's close.

 posted in Build-a-lot World on Oct 3, 14 5:02 AM
I had to replay this level about 12 times before I finally got three stars. The plan is simple, however it only works if you get the right plots and don't make a single mistake on your timing.

1. Buy 500 material and build a sawmill
2. Buy 1000, then 100 material, build a Victorian and sell it
3. Build a workshop, upgrade for efficiency and train two workers

The order of the remaining steps just depends on the order of houses/plots that become available for purchase:

* Purchase two houses and one empty plot
* Buy maximum amount of building materials,
* Build hospital on a plot between two houses
* Demolish houses and build two ranches

As rental income comes in, train workers as soon as you can afford them and continue upgrading ranches to three stars

*Purchase enough materials to build garden center
*Demolish Sawmill,
*Build garden center on sawmill plot
*Landscape both ranches
*Demolish Garden Center

Sorry I can't offer a more specific order. It greatly depends on the location of lots/houses that become available as your are playing.

Hope this helps
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Sep 30, 14 6:11 AM
So this ability to go back and forth between games was really cool and everything was going along just fine until two days ago I opened the game and my "default game" which was registered had reset to the beginning. I had to sit there for almost an hour as it went through an extremely long list of congratulations screens on games and locations being unlocked. I tried to use my registered email on the default and it said that email was already registered. I did uninstall/reinstall to now avail, so now all I can do is log-in to each game.

What's really confusing to me is that if there is indeed supposed to be a default game, why is mine gone and how do I get it back?
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Sep 30, 14 5:48 AM
Dirk_Tee wrote:How to find an answer to your question in the forum if you don't want to read it all:

In the right column here you have a box "Search All Forums"
Underneath the search box it says "Advanced Forum Search"; click that
Type your keywords in the "Search for:" box
At "Search in:" select "Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin'" from the drop down list
Click the big "Search" button

I do use this search function quite often, though I am curious as to if it is just me that finds it rather annoying that there isn't a default search for the forum one is currently in at the time. It is rather tedious to have to select the forum over and over again when I change my search criteria, but perhaps I'm not doing it correctly?
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Sep 26, 14 12:03 PM
I have two saved games. One set as my default, the other was a log-in. Today I opened the game and my default game is back to the beginning. I can log-in to either game but I can't reset one as my default which is very frustrating. Anyone know why this is?
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Sep 26, 14 12:02 PM
awalkinglady wrote:Can't believe that they can't seem to get it together enough to release the update! I've totally stopped playing this game......there is nothing to do and since they reset my log-in level back to day 1, I'm not even interested in logging in. It's really sad because this was such an enjoyable game......but without any updates or events, what is the point? So, Happy Birthday ART.....not much to celebrate!

When did your log-in reset? My default log-in just reset itself today. I have two games saved but I can't get one back as being my default game.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Sep 19, 14 5:21 AM
Oddly - I sent you a PM regarding an experiment.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Sep 19, 14 5:13 AM
I recently started a second game and am in need of neighbors. Don't let my level fool you as I am a veteran player. I play daily, give keys and auction items at extremely low prices. Social Code is 15878457

 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Sep 13, 14 7:28 AM
OddlyEnuh wrote:Okay, I went and looked and Oddly is my default account. When I read your post I thought perhaps there was a default account setting but not sure where to go from here....

Under the Account tab I do have the ability to "unregister" the email account I am using.

When you are in your default account as Oddly, do you see the option to "log-in". That is what is allowing me to change accounts while keeping the game open on the same computer. I would not recommend un-registering your default email.

Maybe it's just something to do with the way I first began the game? Perhaps use a different PC to enter the game, play through the new game until you get to the part where you pick your name. Make sure to pick a different name and use a different email. Then, close that game, open your game under the default account, select "log-in" and log-in with your second email and see if that works for you.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Sep 7, 14 4:16 AM
OddlyEnuh wrote:JB, many of us would love to start again with a second game but seems like the only way to do that is to set up a second account on another computer, save them both to the cloud and then go back and forth between the accounts. Seems there is some manage to get it done on one account but we have never been given clear instructions on how to do so. Could you be the one to lead us to a fresh start without losing our old? I am so hoping so...

I'm on one computer and switch back and forth between the two games while playing. I found this all quite by accident.

Go into your game and select "Settings", then you should see either "Account" or "Log-in". If you are already logged-in, select "Account" then select :return to Default Account" it will NOT erase your current game. It will take you back to the main starting menu, you have to play through a few quests until you get to the point where you select your name. At that point you also get the option to enter an email address to save this new game under. You need be sure to use a different player name, and I think, a different email. Not 100% certain on that part but I did.

Once you've done that, then when you open the game it will open to your "Default Account" which is your new game. At any point in the game, select settings, then select Log-in, enter the info for your old game and it will load your previous game. To go back to the new game, select settings, Account, Default Account and you're back at your new game.

There are many benefits to this other than the glitch I have.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Sep 1, 14 3:23 AM
This is probably been found already, but I didn't see a post on it. I recently started a new game because I was bored with nothing left to do and though it would be fun to start over, but I wasn't ready to give up my original game, so I just started a second one.

Long story short, if I login to my original game, where I have numerous completed collections, then use Settings to go to my Default Account (my second game) all of the collectibles from my first game are still there and I am able to redeem them for use in the second game.

The point of starting over, of course, was to play through, but once I realized I didn't have to wait forever to get enough bricks and wood, I took advantage of the glitch.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Sep 1, 14 3:16 AM

I'm a long-time player who has recently started a second game. Would very much appreciate having friends.

Social Code is: 15878457


 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Aug 11, 14 1:36 AM
This is probably something most people already know, but thought I would share just in case.

In regards to purchasing collectibles: in general most players don't spend Gold to obtain a collectible; however I'm sure I am not the only player who, having played long enough to have acquired quite a bit of gold, sometimes simply gets rather tired of playing the same mini-games over and over in order to complete a quest.

For example, there are many quests that require on to complete a collection multiple times. In order to do so, one generally has to either play high level mini-games multiple times, purchase the items at auction, or has the in-game option to purchase the item for 6-10 gold bars.

I completely and totally suck at the Butterfly mini-game. I don't know why but my brain simply cannot do it; however I want to acquire the collectible it provides. The gold-saving trick here is to enter the game and complete one match at which point the collectible will drop. You can then skip the rest of the game for the price of two gold bars. (I'm not sure you even have to play at all, someone else may know).

So, for example, I needed seven items for particular quest for which the reward was 100 gold bars. In order to obtain the item I would have to play the Butterfly level 18 seven times. I could have done that and driven myself insane. I could have spent a fortune in coins because of the stupid auction scalping, or I could have purchased the item for 10 gold each, costing 70 gold bars. Instead, I skipped the game seven times for a cost of 14 gold bars and was rewarded 100 for completing the quest.

Just throwing that out there in case it helps anyone.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Jul 31, 14 6:43 AM
..that can figure out how we can go into the game database on our end and print out a list of our friends in order to make our own spreadsheets.

I guess I am rather persnickety but I literally spend anywhere from 45-90 minutes each morning, going back and forth between my message list and my friends list trying to give keys to those that gave to me, especially if when it is the first time I have received one from a person.

I guess I'm going to have make a manual list by hand, then enter it into a spreadsheet. If I do manage to accomplish this, let me know if anyone wants me to share my spreadsheet so you can use it with your friend list info.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Jul 31, 14 6:27 AM
Nappis wrote:Hi everyone! I get the quests, the riddles, but the woman never appears to make it official. So, I don´t get the paintings. What should I do? Install the game again, or what! Thank you !

For what it may be worth, when I first completed the CREST collection, it was actually quite awhile before the woman showed up with the quests in my game. I was extremely confused. To the best of my recollection, I just kept completing quests as they appeared, eventually getting several regarding the membership of the society and upgrading my storage building, feeding the cat and buying a necklace for it, that being the final trigger that prompted the last four painting quests.

Other than the cat necklace, I can't say for certain what things specifically triggered the painting quests, but if you have already completed that quest and are still not receiving painting quests, then I do think there may be an issue with your game.
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Jul 31, 14 6:21 AM
For people having issues with items not dropping, or still missing quests for paintings, for what it is worth, here is how it went for me (for the purpose of this quest, I can be considered a new player, though I'm actually not).

I began playing this part of the game just about three weeks ago. The first thing I did, without even knowing about the painting stuff, was to purchase the cat and the necklace in order to complete an achievement. Important point being, I did this before I received a quest to do so.

I then completed all the mini-games and the CREST collection. Even though I completed the collection, I did not get a quest for for four of the paintings, specifically: #3/Music box, #5/Pocket Watch, #6/Toy Car & #7/Phone.

It was just today, having played almost 75 new quests, that I received the quest to purchase the necklace for the cat. In order to get credit for it, I had to change back to another necklace, then change back to the quest necklace. Once I did that, I went back and once again completed the collections that previously did not trigger painting quests and voila, I received painting quests for all of them.

As for items not dropping, it is rather odd. I wish I had paid better attention, but I did have to play certain mini-games up to three times before the item would drop. I really don't know what my level of achievement was on all of games at that moment, but I know for certain I have mastered the Level 5 Butterfly and I had to play it twice to the Music Box piece. I had to play, I think it was level 10 Park Ranger three times to get the Toy Car. To me there was really no rhyme nor reason as to why I had to replay some of the games.

Hope this helps someone.

 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Jul 31, 14 5:33 AM
Thanks everyone. It was a just an glitch I guess. Now I can use the mouse to scroll and stop on individual people and send messages, give keys, etc. It's still such a pain when I want to give a key to someone who gave me one, I have to scroll through the entire thing until I find them. It's like mini-game in and of itself
 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Jul 31, 14 5:25 AM
Is the daily auction quest the same item for everyone? I only recently returned to the game thus this is new to me. I thought it was, so I was listing multiple auctions of whatever item was on the daily quest for me at a low starting bid with a high buy-out and short time frame so that others could achieve their quest. If it is not the same for everyone, then my auctions probably don't make sense to others.
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