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Fiobo wrote:.

I could swallow all of this grudgingly, but for the fact they wait until the week before launch to announce it.

They haven't really though have they? The game was due out early December. The game will still be released early December, and cost $6.99. This is a bonus, if you want it early, and with the extras, you can pay more, if you don't then you can still have the game in early December and pay the normal price for it.

I can't wait! I play a lot of games on my Wii and DS so even $19.99 is a bargin for a game I've been looking forward to as much as this. The new Zelda game for the DS is going ot cost me £29.99, nearly twices as much!
minxs wrote:

Are you in Yorkshire, bedheadkg?

Yep, Between Leeds and Wakefield on the York side. York is lovely but we don't get there very often because parking is a pain and the Park and Ride system is too tricky with a pushchair!
zamud wrote:Wow MIleray! Thanks for coming into the pond! That is way cool info. I had posted earlier that I found a "Wharfe" River in northern England. Could that be the name of the river starting with "W"?

The River Wharfe runs west-east across West Yorkshire. It could be that but I think it's HUGELY unlikely that in real life a relic dug up in Yorkshire would end up on show in Lancashire (where Blackpool is) There is a huge rivalry between the two counties which dates all the way back to the War of the Roses, a Yorkshire relic would stay in Yorkshire!
I think the word after Yorkshire towards the end of the extract looks like Post. The Yorkshire Post is one of the main local papers.
Getting really excited now the game seems to be set more of less in my back garden!!
 posted in Gardenscapes on Nov 12, 09 1:13 AM
Maybe this game only reinforces racial sterotypes if the player is guilty of aplying racial sterotypes in the first place? Personally, even if I had noticed that the thief was coloured, it wouldn't have reinforced any sterotypes for me, wouldn't occur to me to assume one colour person was more likely to be a thief than another tbh
 posted in Gardenscapes on Nov 11, 09 5:00 AM
To clarify, he is definitely NOT the only person of colour in the game.
 posted in Gardenscapes on Nov 11, 09 4:36 AM
I didn't even notice. Not all the other characters are collectors either, I've found pearls for a lady who broke her necklace, and chess pieces for a chess player. I've also noticed that their is a range of races/nationalities represented in the customers.
bedheadkg wrote:Might have imagined it but was there a graveyard in RTR, on the cliff behind Victors cottage?

I checked and the graveyard I was thinking off was on the cliff top overlooking Victors Cottage, no celtic crosses in site though so don't think it's connected
It looks on the sign like that door is attached to the house, it looks kind of like an entrance hall/porch if that makes sense. There is a graveyard in the video though, with several celtic looking crosses though. Might have imagined it but was there a graveyard in RTR, on the cliff behind Victors cottage?
weissvonnix wrote:Your welcome.

There´s one point l wonder about, why does someone name a building (crypt or manor) "GROVE"? And why are there roots at the portal sides coming from inside of the house?
Think it is a house, because the following scene is inside and you can see something like a opened door or a window..

Calling a manor house 'something grove' isn't that unusual in the UK, we have an awful lot of houses with an awful lot of daft names I still think that doorway is the main door of the house, same as on the sign, but maybe I am the only one that saved the original picture to be able to look!
Really don't think it's a crypt! Have another look at the picture of the house on the sign, I'm fairy sure it's the same door, even has the statues either side
jbentley wrote:Okay I'm gonna back up the bus just a littlebit here. In RTR, wasn't the woman and the twins from Black Pool? I am gonna check this out when I get home.

Ravenhearst was on the outskirts of Blackpool, on the coast, so yep, Rose and the twins were from Blackpool.
emmyjayne wrote:

WAIT WAIT WAIT - it IS a CRYPT in the video! I watched it again... (Right after the guy with glasses & hood kinda looks up and smiles stop the video and you'll see the front of the crypt..)

I'm not sure, but I don't think that is a crypt. If you have another look at the original picture (assuming you are geeky enough, like me, to have saved it) that looks like the main door to the house on the sign. The one that's right in the middle of the picture of the house.
weissvonnix wrote:l just wonder about picmans "It's very very cold. Strange for this time of year."
lf it´s fall and there´s snow all around, why is it strange for this time of year?
The fall season ends at Dec. 21. So sometimes it´s normal if it snows..

In England fall (autumn) is usually assumed to finish in November, even if that's strictly speaking not quite right. Snow in Blackpool in November isn't impossible, but it's certainly unusual, coldest part of the year is January/February and even then Blackpool doesn't tend to get a huge amount because of it's proximity to the sea.
OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH! I can't wait!!! Arghhhh, why is it so long till December?
I don't think that Rose was the carpenters wife. In RTR there is a newspaper article about Rose's husband holding a funeral service for them after their disapearance (with empty coffins). Unless Charles killed them before Ravenhearst was built, which I don't think he can have because wasn't Rose still alive at the end of Ravenhearst, when the house was fininished, they can't have died before the husband.
I've never heard of the Winchester Mystery House, but I've just looked it up and it's a brilliant story, the house is just crazy! Something like that would make a brilliant setting to investigate.
I'm thinking that the story will centre around an old country estate, with a long history of strange events/hauntings. Four students went to investigate and found a relic of some sort which they removed, leading to their disapearance!
Vaugh wrote:swimming pools

Not so much in the UK, it's never warm enough for out door swimming lol

I think that Dire Grove is probably some sort of historic building, possibly an assylum, but I'm thinking more historic family estate, that is now a tourist attraction. That kind of thing quite often closes over the winter. As far as I know all of the UK national parks are open year round.
Knew I should have watched it yesterday!!! I guess have had it taken down to make sure we don't get any sneaky clues.
Thanks for looking guys
Does any one have a link to the Youtube audition that they could pm me? I can't find it and I want to see it!
I agree with Purplerabbit, I think there will be a very slim link to RTR but we won't find out about it untill the end of the game.
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