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 posted in Mystery Trackers: The Void Collector's Edition on Oct 16, 10 1:12 PM
I completed everything up to the point of trying to set the knobs on the intercom to get into the hotel. I can't turn the knobs! I've even figured out the numbers for the equation! Clicking on the dials does nothing. Clicking on the numbers just gives me a message about having to turn on the intercom.
 posted in The Otherside: Realm of Eons on Dec 6, 09 9:29 PM
I've got the same problem - checked the walkthrough and still can't get the last glyph. Have a funny feeling they're gonna send an update and we're gonna have to play the game over cuz our saved game will be lost! Hate that!
 posted in Huru Beach Party on Jun 20, 09 3:13 PM
I've been having trouble being able to do all the levels on each beach - says I have to upgrade a building, etc. but it says no upgrade available. Does this mean I have to get expert on ALL parts of each level to continue?
 posted in Winemaker Extraordinaire on Apr 21, 09 2:26 PM
This is the first game that I've played in this genre and I like it so far except for one thing...I have to make Syrah and can't find where to get the grapes! lol! All the guilds say I have to finish Canada first but I when I try to make the Syrah it doesn't tell me where to find the grapes! Any help? Oh, and I'm going to download Chocolatier and see how that is!
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