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 posted in Nanny 911 on Sep 17, 09 11:26 AM
i uninstalled the game 2 minutes after playing seems like there r too many "specific instructions" i passed the first day and all i did was click around....nobody did anything i woke the mom up once and woke the dad up 2 times....idk i didnt like it lol
 posted in Fashion Fortune on Sep 11, 09 12:45 AM
christina1533 wrote:
tijhea wrote:I did not find the game that bad.. But I did find It rather quite easy.. I purchased the game.. I'm having no problems reaching my goals or even expert goals for that matter.. The concept Is easy.. Once you know your customer base, you pick up real easy on who Is going to order what and when.

For the comment on no way to restore hearts.

There are two ways to restore hearts.. One Is delivering to them real quick, that brings their hearts up, and the other Is buying the coffee machine and serving them coffe, when you do that they recieve full hearts.

The graphics In this game are excellent, But lacks Fun... and the fact that their Is no chaining bonus, really leaves the game kinda dead.

If you wouldn't mind, could you explain how you beat the 1st Halloween level? I've tried multiple times, and it just seems impossible. I'm not alone in thinking that, either, as most things I've read about that Halloween level have referred to it being a glitch in the game of some kind.

Anyway, any advice on how to pull through that level would be appreciated! like to know how u got expert on levels 32, 33 and 34 too....i swear it is IMPOSSIBLE to do so
 posted in Fashion Fortune on Sep 11, 09 12:37 AM
shunpo wrote:No, haileesmother, the pumpkin on this level doesn't do anything. It's just there for decoration. There is apparently a glitch in the program that won't allow you to pass the first Halloween level. If you add up all the customers it is impossible to reach the minimum goal to progress to the next level. Do like everyone else has and call customer service as they are refunding money for this game.

ty so much i believe ill do that
 posted in Fashion Fortune on Sep 9, 09 12:02 PM
kroert123 wrote:I am on the first Halloween level. I tried the level no less than 30 times. Each time, I lost a customer and was not able to make the goal. This last time, I finally made it through without losing any customers. However, I still did not make the goal amount. Each type of customer, regardless of hearts, pays a certain amount of money. How is it that I can serve all customers and still not meet the goal? There are no chaining bonuses or any other bonuses I can find. Is this a blip in the design of the game, a goal amount that is unattainable? If so, I can't progress to the rest of the levels. There are still about 20-30 levels after this level. I bought the game, but find I am stuck. If there is help with this level, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I would appreciate a refund of my purchase price, as it's a flawed game.

I was able to make expert on all previous levels, so I doubt it's my ability, rather the design of the program.


how the heck did u make expert score on the last 2 fall levels? lvl 32 and 33 i found impossible to get expert score....served everyone correctly and still fell just short
 posted in Fashion Fortune on Sep 9, 09 11:46 AM
i wonder if there is something going on with that pumpkin...i cant click it or drop a custormer on it there for decoration or was it meant to help pass the level? personally i think it does nothing, but i find it hard to believe would make a game with weird glitches (levels 32 and 33 have expert scores that cant be reached and level 34 cant be reached at all)
 posted in Fashion Fortune on Sep 9, 09 11:40 AM
NOBODY will be able to work their way to the top
 posted in Fashion Fortune on Sep 9, 09 11:38 AM
jj8198 wrote:I tried so many times at level 34, I lost at least 2 customer there, is there tips to help me go through? Is there any refund for the game?

the only tip i can give u is wait for ur refund ( agreed to a refund),,,its a glitch, if u manage to serve all 18 available customers u will get a maximum of 3620...u need 3700 to pass lvl....i hope they fix it because this game seems really cool, i want to complete it (oh ya u cant get expert on lvls 32 or 33)
 posted in Pet Playground on Sep 9, 09 2:45 AM
i started to play this game and
 posted in My Kingdom for the Princess on Sep 9, 09 2:41 AM
this game is awesome i have gone thru it 3 times already with all gold, im on "round4" which is what i do when i play a game all the way and do it again...and again i just count how many times i beat a game....i can see myself in the future starting "round 20-something" lol any chance of another one coming out????
 posted in Horatio's Travels on Sep 9, 09 2:09 AM
i started to play this game and
 posted in Parking Dash on Sep 9, 09 12:50 AM
when u park a car move it right away...use the color bonuses alot....and also learn who gets mad fast and who dont mind waiting...i have managed to get expert on every level, it is possible but of course i did it with alot of cussing and retries.
 posted in Fashion Fortune on Sep 9, 09 12:44 AM
teela1342 wrote:I really like TM games and will play almost any of them. Only made it halfway through this demo before I started to drool. It was extremely boring. The graphics are generic and the gameplay is rote. All the "customers" (there were only 2 kinds by the time I stopped playing) want all the same things in the same order at the same time. Too easy to anticipate and stack tasks. No challenge. I started level 2 hoping it got better, but the gameplay is exactly the same as level 1 just in a new location.

Take it from a TM fan, this is a worthless product. Not even good for a mindless distraction. This isn't really game, just a space-filler on the calendar so BF can claim "new game every day".

i beg to differ, lol the reason i like TM games is the repetition and doing the same action for the customers (who R in fact borish and ugly ) it seems u have to anticipate what they r ordering next just so u can advance. in this game it seems u have to be a step ahead and be waiting to give them their item as soon as they ask for it. all is well except the glitch on the 1st lvl of the Halloween store...(the goal cant be reached)...hopefully BF will fix this
 posted in Fashion Fortune on Sep 8, 09 9:19 PM
i played the trial and gave it

i bought the game and now i give it

the halloween store takes more than and hour to get to and the 1st level is actually impossible to pass. im not exaggerating it is literally imPASSable
 posted in Fashion Fortune on Sep 8, 09 9:07 PM
kroert123 wrote:I think there must have been a glitch with the programmers when they made the game. They put a goal number that is unattainable. It's really making me mad. The game isn't the best I've played, but it's enjoyable. I come short of the expert score on the last two levels in the fall store. Even with all customers purchasing things and everything done correctly, there aren't enough customers to come up with an expert score. I'd be willing to look past this, but not being able to get the goal score on a level because the score is unattainable upsets me. I paid my money for the game and can't play it through. I'll be requesting a refund from BFG unless someone can figure it out.

u r absolutely right! the last 2 lvls of the fall store ====== u will NEVER be able to get gold and the 1st lvl of halloween store ======IMPOSSIBLE to only gives u 18 customers and u will only make 3620 AT THE MOST I WANT MY CREDIT BACK
 posted in Fashion Fortune on Sep 8, 09 9:03 PM
i am glad to see i am not the only one having this problem, i have served all 18 customers 5 times now and cant get more than 3620 ... i need 3700 to pass the level...i want my credit back, this is terrible because i really want to play....

 posted in My Tribe on Feb 13, 09 8:40 AM
i am having the same thing i played on gamehouse and all of a sudden i just cant play it anymore...i went to BF and bought it thinking i would get to play but it still dont work...i defragmentd, made sure i had DirectX9.0 and compressed my files and nothing, i think we r stuck with it...BFG doesnt seem to want to fix the problem
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