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 posted in Rush for Gold: Alaska on Nov 18, 13 7:51 AM
I normally enjoy 'time management ' games but not this one. After level 4 i found it impossible to get 3 golds when in timed mood. So after many hours of trying for gold i went to 'relaxed mode'. There it was easily to get 3 golds but as i progressed the levels did not get any more difficult. It was just a case of more gold mines, more coal mines, etc. No problem getting them,it just takes longer. Without the time factor it became tedious but with time factor impossible to achieve gold.
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Jul 15, 13 2:37 PM
Tech support advised everybody to update their video card to solve their glitch???
Typical IT geeks, so out of touch with the real world. Problems like this should have been sorted before the game was offered for sale. Very very frustrating.
 posted in Ancient Rome 2 on Jan 18, 13 7:18 AM
Set up maximum number of trade houses. i prefer to import ore then produce and sell weapons. This also keeps creation of soldiers at a high rate. One shipment of weapons gives 1500 gold, almost twice the amount from any other product. Other products can still be sold of course.

Wait until you get to level 29 Trish !!! No water there either, its just taken me about 4 hrs to complete.
 posted in Ancient Rome 2 on Jan 17, 13 7:13 AM
I think I had to up the number of Amorers to about 30 so that soldiers where created even quicker. Similar to you re number of barracks. When all other tasks completed i sent 40 soldiers to Rome and had a few left over.
 posted in Ancient Rome 2 on Jan 17, 13 7:03 AM
The more 'armorers' u have producing weapons the faster the soldiers r created. Make sure u always have ore and wood available. If u stop producing weapons u stop creating soldiers. And build 5 more barracks than needed to supply the required soldiers, as game progresses.

I've never tried to do it like Saxonator suggests basically cos i can't bring myself to destroy all that hard work!!!
 posted in Ancient Rome 2 on Jan 17, 13 6:48 AM
Oooops I forgot that level 25 gives you the 'site' at the begining. I found it difficult to work with that site! Just ignore it (dunno if you can delete it even) and place a new 'site' wherever you want to.
 posted in Ancient Rome 2 on Jan 17, 13 6:41 AM
I've found that the houses needed to be as close as possible. Select an open area and site the statue first. Then gradually build houses around it on all 4 sides. (The initial 4 houses i had build near the main road and production were deleted when i build the first 4 new ones.) A road around all the houses then allowed me to build all the other city buildings close to the houses along with small statues and trees. Some city buildings I had to build twice to get the level quicker. Oh and don't forget to 'pave' the roads.
 posted in Ancient Rome 2 on Jan 14, 13 9:27 AM
Thanks to emeraldorchid I sorted out my 'fire' problem by adding plenty of prefectures (about 1 for every 10 city or production buildings).

Agree that you need barracks asap, particularly as you get to the higher levels. One thing that might help is that by deleting sections of road either side of brigands you can contain them. This makes it easier to put out the fires that they start. You can actually delete the brigands by the same method but that would be cheating!!! Oh and don't forget to repair the road if you use this method.

Agree with 1941grandma that the game really needs a "save" feature and a "map" would be helpful and make the building more interesting.
 posted in Ancient Rome 2 on Jan 11, 13 3:16 PM
So-so game but totally spoilt by the fires. All they do is annoy. No skill required to extinguish them they just become tiresome after a time. No timer so how can it be classed as time management. All levels are achievable as long as your mouse does not die through all the clinking needed to put out the pesky fires.
 posted in The TimeBuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 on Dec 24, 12 5:10 AM
Really struggled with this level and had to go to Youtube for help. Two otions offered. I went for sipason's method but continually failed by between 20 and 30 seconds. I was just to slow clicking on rents whilst doing other tasks. I then tried the other method where the trader is given stone rather than gold. After many attempts i finally finished with a couple of seconds to spare. Gold on all levels now!!I really enjoyed this game,
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