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 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Apr 28, 18 7:21 AM
avid casual games streamer/broadcaster on twitch
i play multiple times daily, but i don't broadcast this game cuz it's "me" time when i play lol.
please feel free to add me if you are a dedicated player that plans to play for many months to come.

my friend code is: 3653 3206

ty in advance
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Apr 28, 18 7:13 AM
would like to add some friends. but it makes it hard to post my code when i can't figure out where to find it lol. please help? ty in advance
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Jan 29, 17 9:03 AM
how do you remove neighbors that the game won't navigate to anymore. i'm having to end process in task manager to get unstuck from the loading bar screen that won't let me go to their shop anymore. i reaaaaallly need to remove them so i don't keep getting stuck when i go shopping at neighbors markets. either that or boolat needs to get their collective act together and get the update to everybody at the same dang time....grrrrfluff
Thou I am very pleased that this game won for best HOG game of the year, there is some concerns about how all the winners were chosen.

BF says in it's advertising that they are "customers choice" but according to how they posted winners were chosen was according to sales in first 7 days of their release. That's not really getting customer input, because even though we bought those games, our OPINIONs of those games were never taken into consideration for accurate results.

If BF really wanted what would be "customer choice" awards for the top 100 games of any year, they would set up a poll for those of us that bought 3 or more of the games under consideration to give a review of the game, and a multiple choice questionaire to answer. Results from direct customer input apart and aside from our purchases, would give a true and factual results as to what WE the customers ACTUALLY think are the best 100 games of any given year.

The fact that the forums has NO place to put a general topic such as this one tells us many things. That BF has zero interest in our input beyond the money they garner from us. The fact that there is no customer service toll free 24/7 hotline is also another indicator of lack of interest in truly helping customers and getting our direct input.

If you look around at any and all other casual game forums that are not attached to a distributor, you will find not only were they compiled from players input exclusively, but that the list is a very much different one. Or go look at what the industry itself will award as best games later in 2017 during their big awards dinners that gets reported through various industry websites and magazines, again the list is very very different since based on players actual opinions and direct input.

BF, just because we buy a game, doesn't necessarily make it a "best" game. Many of them were buggy as all get out, dissappointed in many forms and ways, and some were just down right waste of our good money. However the Dark Parables series is one of the very few on the list that does live up to it's catagory as a winner.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Dec 25, 16 11:51 AM
I'm Native American, so we celebrated Yule Winter Solstice on the 21st.

From my Lodge to Yours.....Brightest Yuletide Blessings and you and yours.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Dec 25, 16 11:50 AM
Yeah i noticed that too lol. i got all of the winter decorations, but didn't feel like getting the fall or halloween ones. this due to the fact that i only started the game a couple of weeks ago.

so i've been hoarding my tickets, and i'm up to needing less 1,000 to get that big goal at 10,000. I'll let ya'lls know what the BIIIG prize is if there's something other than 3 tickets. it would be a big waste of time gathering all that stuff if for only 3 tickets....argggh

on the bright side, i'll have a lot of tickets saved up for future holiday goodies since New Years, Chinese New Years, Valentines, St. Patricks, Easter, Mother and Fathers Days are still to come.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Dec 25, 16 11:36 AM
Kind of like Farmville meets Royal Story of Facebook. It has all the fantasy elements of RS and all of the realm building of FV. But with some very pointed differences. that you will notice as you play along. One huge difference is that you don't have to know people on FB in order to get neighbors for your helping board. So no exposure to strangers through texting or voice chatting via social media! They can be just names that help you and visa versa.

My biggest concern is the payable aspect of the game. If you find your developmentally challenged loved one goes spend happy due to frustration with lack of patience, then this is another type of that ilk to avoid. Just like with FV, Coasterville, Megaopolis, Klondike, Royal Story, Chefville, Flowerville, etc., there is the temptation to spend a lot of money very quickly in small increments over and over again, just so you can get instant gratification for getting things done instead of waiting.

The same advice I gave for those above mentioned games, I recommend here with Sunken Secrets as well. Play for a few minutes, go watch a tv show or play other games for an hour. Then come back to SS and collect up goodies, finish quests, fill balloon orders and set up the apparatus to make more stuff again .Rinse and repeat! This way you won't be tempted to spend money you don't have and can't afford getting frustrated waiting on things.

I myself have a very bad spending habit since no patience is one of my biggest flaws. So if I can find lots of enjoyment, have no seizure or episode triggers using my tips and advice sagely, then so can you and your loved ones too enjoy Sunken Secrets.
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Dec 25, 16 11:26 AM
Spoiler Alert!!!

There are many things to do, and apparatus to make them on. There is a mine, baking ovens, cooking cauldrons, juicers, sugar confectionaries, glass blower, forge, anvil, stonecutter, wood cutter, wood artificer, jeweler, alchemist, and tailor that I've uncovered so far. There are a variety of crops, trees and bushes to harvest from using in the aparatus. All of which need to be reclaimed from the waters as you drive them back, and de-curse them.

There is also a trading post done by way of carrier balloons! And there are even wizards that run around and grow things that give you XP, and dancing Panda Bears! They have a dance stage where they can battle each other which also earns you XP.

And if that wasn't enough, you also have a deep sea diver that every few hours, goes to the depths and helps the creatures there de-curse and rebuild their habitats. This earns you the resources you need to upgrade fountains (which gives you magic points you use everywhere,) and the things for the stonecutter so you can rebuild a huuuuuge palace complex too!

 posted in Sunken Secrets on Dec 25, 16 11:19 AM
Preface: I am a pro game streamer on Twitch, as well as a game, movies and tv reviewer for Netherworld Press. NP is a private news blog that caters to the developmentally challenged community, their caregivers and medical care givers. My editorial column and reviews are not only to provide input and insight to whether a game is fun, challenging and playable, but to also provide vital information as to whether it is safe for developmentally challenged people to be able to play. I look for things like too many bright colors, too much use of the color red, is there too many flashing objects, too many quick scene changes (like in some montages that only show each image for a split second before changing to another one over and over again,) and other various seizure and episode triggers for autistic, epileptic and bi-polar people. The following is the review I posted in NP for our over 3 million subscribers (which are by invitation only and not open to the public since our community is the targets for many kinds of cruel trollers.)

Sunken Secrets is a free to play online game offered through Big Fish Games. If you read my column regularly, you already know how much I love BF, and loathe their substandard customer service, which that opinon won't change until they put in a 24/7 customer service toll free phone.

The game play is easy, even for small children that are able to read and count. The colors are a bit bright, but my continued advice on this score is to simply keep the brightness turned down on your monitor if this is a trigger issue. There is a smattering of the use of the color red, especially since it has an update that has the entire island village done up for Winter Seasonal Holiday cheer. Even when that is fazed out, there is a still a bit of the use of the colors red and bright pink. Again a muted monitor should make it safe for playing.

There are a lot of partical and animated effects, but none of them are too flashy or sudden to be of any real concern. Most all of them you know are coming because when you have to click on the object in order for that partical effect and/or animation to initiate. Of those I found them to be quite delightful and entertaining. Particularly when you smash the monsters lol.

As for gameplay, you are on an enchanted island that has had rising waters problems due to a foul tempered sea witch. Your job is to restore the island, it's buildings and "de-curse" the various apparatus that you need to make things.

 posted in Sunken Secrets on Dec 22, 16 9:31 AM
i read in another forum for the devs that make this game, that there are windows that sometimes are hard to see and/or access. for instance on the bakers house bldg next to the stargazer towers on the palace. has 2 low windows that the palace towers cover up if you're not paying attention. perhaps you missed upgrading that one?

also, look behind where you have put your orchard. chances are that there is a window and/or door that you overlooked because it's hiding behind trees perhaps? same can be true with fully grown sugar, wheat and corn. since they are tall can also hide windows when the plot is right up against a bldg.

hope this helps

 posted in Sunken Secrets on Dec 22, 16 9:21 AM
yeah i was super bummed out too when it was no longer the sleigh. the burning fireplace is spiffy, but would have much rather had a fully packed sleigh instead. or better yet both!
 posted in Sunken Secrets on Dec 14, 16 6:01 AM
i've read through the help file inside the game. all it says is to look for a "fan" or "megaphone" over things to click on when i visit neighbors in my follow list. but when i go to their farms, i don't see any "fans" or "megaphones". furthermore, it says i have them on my stuff so can ask for help when neighbors visit me. but i don't see what they are talking about. i've looked on you tube for vids that show how to do neighbor visits and how to ask for specific help from those visiting me, but there simply isn't any for visiting.

if someone could please post a video or screenshots from playing on a pc (not phones or tablets since too small for my bad eyes to see) what this stuff looks like so i know what i'm looking for, would be extremely helpful. ty in advance.
When I start a new series of HOG games, I prefer to do them in order they were released and/or the order that the story continuity goes in whenever possible.

But after combing through hundreds of threads and posts, not a single one gives an order that this series of games comes in. Nor does any of the preview pages tell who makes the games (so I could look it up that way directly from the game development company), or does it give any release date on the preview pages so I could determine it that way either.

It would be extremely helpful if the folks that made these games would number them, and/or for BF to put somewhere on the preview pages the date the game was released. That way we'd have some indication of what order the games go in for those of us that binge play once or twice a year.

ty in advance to anyone that can tell me all the titles and in what order they go in before I buy anything.
 posted in Druid Kingdom on Oct 9, 14 7:11 AM
which is just great but it won't let you get it before chapter 4, i need it for chapter 2. so where the heck is the video walkthrough so i can see which one of the 3 cats i keep missing on chapter 2.10 since i've done it like over a dozen times and can't find the 3rd cat....aaarrrrggggg!!!!!!!!!!
 posted in The Tiny Tale 2 on Sep 26, 14 4:53 PM
there is no ce version

however the only way to get to the shrine of compassion is to sit through the videos at the beginning of each chapter the FIRST time they come up. You have to watch them completely without skipping in order for it to unlock the code that allows it to read chapter 2, chapter 3, etc. Only when youve completed all the levels and all the videos the first time viewed without interruption will it unlock the story to gain access to the shrine of compassion. If you don't have patience for the storytelling cutscenes that go with games like these, then you may want to try playing a different kind of time management game. games like tiny tale, northern story, demigods, viking saga are based on a rpg story so it is more interesting than just building stuff. if you rather just build stuff then try games like build-a-lot's and royal convoy games.
 posted in Imperial Island: Birth of an Empire on Aug 26, 13 8:40 PM
i wish i knew that before i bought the game
ive completed building the empire and have played on to try getting the rest of the trophies in hopes of unlocking the "secret mission"
but now im at around level 125 and the game is starting to lag
ive seen in the secret mission forum posts that folks have played both timed and untimed, gotten to level 300 and there is no way to unlock the secret mission
they also go on to say that after they unlock the 150 level trophy the game starts lagging badly and then freezes up altogether, some with damage to their machines
apparently this game company does not have a website or any kind of customer support. That should be cautionary to gamers that they dont want customer feedback because they know they put out buggy products so dont want to hear it when it their games screw up your machines and/or dont work properly
Ive serched for the devs of this gaming company, Sugar Games and it simply does not have any kind of web presence whatsoever
 posted in Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose on Jan 2, 13 8:44 PM
continued3) In the end all that money they got for trying to sell off the princess in a marriage contract of betrothal did them no good. The HP saw to it that they not only didn't gain for long from that boon, but would learn a very hard lesson that would be today still one to guide your life an actions by....never ever never piss off a Witch! They have resources and abilities that fundamental religions don't have access to. And their laws and rules and codes of conduct for clergy are not the same as fundamental religions either.

Druidic Law states that they can do whatever they wish as long as it causes no harm to anyone or anything else in the doing, nor can it interfere with free will. But it also states that once they have been wronged they can defend themselves, exact retribution and/or revenge bringing down karma on their wrongdoers in 3, 7, 9 or 12 fold potency. 3 times for first offense, 7 times for second offense, 9 fold for third offense, and if stupid enough to trespass a fourth time then it is 12 fold and that will usually kill. The lack of invitation to the Wiccaning Birth Naming Ceremony was a fourth strike, and the result which the Faerie Tale is all about is what happens in a 12 fold Karmic backlash of retribution. The original version tells us of the first three strikes the King and Queen made against the HP & P.

So now you can see how and why some of these details had been left out of the updated revised versions of the story when it came time to put it to a printing press. And even in these more modern enlightened times, there are still pressures in media to tell the watered down bastardized revised versions instead of going back and fixing them to their original versions.

All Faerie Tales, Aesop's Fables and Mother Goose have ancient origins with original versions that have been resurfacing over the past few decades. Go and find the original versions, they are out there and more readily available than ever before. These stories were told for adults originally, and are far darker or adventurous or violent than what we read to our children at bedtime.

There are some good movie versions of these out there now too, Ever After is an excellent example of the true Cinderella story. Company of Wolves is also a true to the originals of all the Wolf stories of Europe. And if you ever get your hands on the original versions of 3 Little Pigs or Humpty Dumpty you will find chilling tales of danger and courage.
 posted in Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose on Jan 2, 13 8:26 PM
continued 2) denote themselves by hat and dress. They were considered nobles despite bloodlines, and were honored and respected for their wisdom and knowledge of the homeopathic and natureopathic healing arts.

The thing that Bros Grimm and Perault did get right was the number of them. Witches/Faerie Godmothers always practice in small groups made up of a prime number, typically either 9 or 13, but 7 will do in a pinch too. The Faerie Godmothers were a Coven Lodge of Druidic Priestesses where there were 12 regular Priestesses, and then the High Priestess making 13 in all. The Wicked Wisewoman/Godmother was actually the High Priestess. And those days they were painted as very evil where the truth is they were far from it. But many that reached that height of responsibility and power did also have a bit of ego and probably occasionally be one here and there that was ambitious, prideful and vain even though the religion taught strictly against those things. The High Priestess and Merlin (High Priest) of the Druid religion in those days held the rank of Lord and Lady and were considered not just noble but royals. To be excluded from a State Function would have been the highest of insults and worthy of some ill temper if not downright wrath.

The King and Queen didn't refuse her an invitation because she was wicked, she was no such thing. They refused her an invitation because in the practice of a Wiccaning Birth Naming ceremony, it is traditional to bestow 12 things to help the child along in life, and 1 thing that would present a challenge to the child in life so it would grow up with a strong character. The King and Queen didn't want their daughter to be of strong character. They wanted her pliable so she could be married off for political advantage with as little fuss and muss as possible. And considering who the choices were going to be when she grew up, there would be a big fuss if she had any mind of her own about it. Most of the likely suitors would have been old enough to be her father or grandfather, or fat, stupid, lazy, corrupt, drunkards, sadistically violent, or worse. And in those days the HP & P would have had a say in who she would be betrothed to on her Wiccaning Birth Naming day (Druid version of Christening). They didn't want her having a say in the matter since history shows us it would have been a very different and better choice politically than the one her parents had made for material wealth. The Princess's parents were short sighted.
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continued) Anyone that's chopped wood can tell you that dry older wood is a lot easier to cut up than newer green wood is.

But here's the really fascinating part that would have gotten those authors in deep doo-doo. The Grimm's tell us it was 12 Wise Women, Perault tells us it was 7 Faerie Godmothers. What most people don't know is that at the time the printing press came into widespread usage, publisher's were desperate to put out new reading materials as fast as they could for a growing demand by the middle and upper classes. Particularly for children's stories as not only entertainment but aids to teaching literacy, for knowledge is power and the key to a better life, more so then than it is nowadays.

So they found authors that took those old stories and updated to the tastes and dictates of religious, governmental and society's standards of the day. Which meant that in every case where the story through the oral tradition called an individual or group of White Light Witches, they changed it to first Wise Women, and then later to Faerie Godmother's since The Inquisition didn't even like the mention of Wise Women as anything but evil. Which is complete and total poppycock since most Witches of the day were Midwives and Herbal Healers. They were the ones you went to for cough syrup, to boils lanced, and to treat all manner of illnesses.

They were being heavily demonized by religious authority as being evil not because it was true, but because they were backing the new found profession of Medical Doctors, which was populated solely by men. They wanted women out of the baby birthing business so that men of science could steal their livelihoods.

So whenever an old Faerie Tales talks about Faerie Godmothers or Wise Women, they were really White Light Witches, also known as Green Witch or Hedge Witch which means they were healers and midwives and NOT evil by any stretch of the imagination. Whenever they actually did refer to a woman as a Witch, it was always in the negative and derogatory. That isn't to say that there wasn't a few bad apples in the barrel, but that doesn't mean the entire barrel of apples was rotten, only a very very few.

The BR game has a cutscene that actually shows some of the Faerie Godmothers in the background while the Wicked Godmother cast her curse. Note the double pointed head dress with the veils draped between the points...some one at Blue Tea did their homework because that is exactly how Faerie Godmothers of the day did
 posted in Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose on Jan 2, 13 7:57 PM
For those whom may be interested, I offer up these tidbits of info that you may not be aware exist.

Faerie Tales is something I know a lot about since it played heavily in my research for one of my PhD's in Transpersonal and Paranormal Psychology as well as one for Cultural Anthropology. The subject of the disertations were themes and creatures that exist in every culture, ancient religion, race and continent.

When I was working on showing how the stories traveled from one culture to another over a timeline of history, it was the Druidic Bard's art that turned bits and pieces of folklore into well crafted stories to teach life lessons with. I was tracing the evolution of the stories with archiological findings for Dragons and Faeries since they exist in every culture, continent, race and ancient religions.

At the end of the Briar Rose Collectors edition it gives you three different versions of the Sleeping Beauty story. Brothers Grimm, Charles Perault and Blue Tea Games.

But neither The Brothers Grimm or Perault's versions they presented in the game were the complete tales. And they had bastardized them from the original way that the Bard's told the tale. They left out some stuff in order to not piss off authorities in government and religion, which in their lifetimes held sway and power over everyone. To include some of the following missing pieces could very well have had them locked up, excommunicated or even put to death for heresy.

The reason the rose thorn bushes grew up around the castle while she slept was not only to protect her and the kingdom until the curse could be broken. But also because it was how her body sustained itself with nourishment while she slept. Kind of like an organic IV drip. The rose thorn vines actually eminated from her arms and legs and hair reaching ever farther outward as the years went by, in search of nourishment that hadn't been depleated already nearby.

The reason it allowed the prince to cut through them easily was twofold. One because since they were connected to the princess they were like sensor extensions of her eyes and ears in an empathic way. Here comes the one that could end her torment, so of course she was going to let him through. The other reason was as he got closer to the castle the easier it was to cut through them since they were devoid of any greenery or life except at the very core of the vines that sent nourishment back to the princess. So it was a lot like chopping wood for your fireplace.
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