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 posted in Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World on May 20, 10 6:37 PM
I did it! Finally. here are some hints. Do pay attn to where people want to sit. When the first 4 poople that show up, wait on the blondie and her kid. Put the fast eater in the second spot and the one that wants to sit next to him on the edge next to him. Then feed the fast guy all the way through. That frees up the space next to blondie-someone wants to sit by her right away. Then go back and seat all that you can, with their demands. The people this time are impatient all the time! Use the confetti when you need to on the ones that are seated. You have to use the champange glasses for the line soon in the game. That leaves the wine glass next to the bride and groom. Since this calms everyone down and is so limited, it works best when both areas are getting upset. Oh yes...I also upgraded to the bottom of the three choices and this helped too. I don't think the top upgrade works...the waitress seemed actually SLOWER than the other two. Good luck! I'll never make Expert (which is so much FUN on the original WD...NOT HERE). On to level 4.7...But seriously I am not enjoying this,
 posted in Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World on Mar 3, 10 7:39 PM
I disagree about the difficulty meaning u get your money's worth. Who wants to pay to get frustrated?
 posted in Virtual Families on Sep 4, 09 6:52 PM
Just like in real life, you don't have to marry some creep or have children and can be perfectly happy. Get therapy.
 posted in Virtual Families on Aug 27, 09 9:48 PM
So what happened? Update!! Update!!
 posted in Virtual Families on Aug 27, 09 9:07 PM
If both parents die, click on "Family" button on bottom. Click on "New Generation" on top. Scroll through the kids with "Try again" until you decide which one to "Adopt".
 posted in Great Chocolate Chase on Aug 24, 09 7:45 PM
What level are you on?
 posted in Great Chocolate Chase on Aug 24, 09 7:44 PM
What level are you on? I don't understand the question and have done all the levels.
 posted in Virtual Families on Aug 18, 09 5:35 PM I finally decided to let my fourth generation peep marry a guy totally not attractive, cuz she was getting kids despite trying. She died...he married three times then died. Now his THIRD wife is on her THIRD husband and still no adoptees showing up. This was my "first" better show up soon!!!!!
 posted in Virtual Families on Aug 17, 09 9:48 PM
Has anyone EVER found anything in the bottom right corner where the flower pots and the mailbox is? These insects are impossible to find! It's getting boring.
 posted in Virtual Families on Aug 17, 09 9:44 PM
At doctor's orders, I gave one of my peeps the baby booster. It hasn't worked in this past with other, but this time we had triplets...three identical hyperactive boys that look like male versions of Sara Palin. Be careful what you wish for!!
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 6, 09 9:20 PM
Can anyone tell me what the flock of red birds mean?
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 2, 09 6:59 PM
Can you name the peeps? If so, how. My family just had a kid and it was given one weird boy name. And can I request a boy or girl?
 posted in Virtual Families on Jun 2, 09 6:53 PM
Tip please.
 posted in Atlantis Sky Patrol™ on Nov 15, 08 7:52 PM
I'm sorry...I'm confused. Focus on the trains or the mines?
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