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 posted in Viking Brothers 2 on May 15, 17 11:26 AM
Clearly something wrong as this is one of the easiest strategy games. It really does not get much if any harder as you go along.
 posted in Westward on Aug 22, 16 3:07 PM
Enjoyed Westward IV so went back to the first and after getting through a pretty big portion of the game I get a encounter non-existent character . . . message Bank 1.

Looks like others experienced this but saw no resolution. I did go back to a previous game and still same error.

Hate to think I can not finish - was this ever resolved?
 posted in Next Stop on May 6, 14 5:59 PM
This gives time management games a bad name. It is the same simple strategy for every single level. Even in timed games you really have to try not to make gold.

In short if you like playing the same level over 40 times this is the game for you.
 posted in Druid Kingdom on Jun 26, 13 12:53 PM
nelly153 wrote:
sateku_1975 wrote:I totally agree with previous posts. To sum it up:

1) Timer is extremely unforgiving
2) No chaining of tasks
3) Unclear goals

Especially number 2 is really preventing me from enjoying this game as I thought I would when seeing the cute and gorgeous graphics. I am not in any mood to keep on clicking on tasks at the perfect point in time, just to barely miss the gold if I miss the click by a fraction of a second. And since it seems like you also should click on other stuff in various sub-tasks, I just know my frustration levels would go nuts after a while, I was already frustrated at level 2!

I like to chain tasks and formulate various strategies in my TM-games, especially if they have a difficult time limit like this one. Here it seems like there is only one way out and that is to click fast and exact or wait for the tedious gatheing of power-ups...

No buy for me - unfortunately.

Exactly my thoughts on the game. A shame as it could be great but ...!

I like to get gold and I like to replay a couple of times to work out the best strategy but even in first few levels found it too hard to get the gold timings

I got very frustrated and really don't like not being able to chain tasks.

Sorry but dev's need to rethink this before it becomes a purchase for me

This is the whole point of GOLD - accomplishing something most do not. This game is refreshing in that Gold is very difficult. Just finished Viking Saga on hard and it was a joke. You could make countless mistakes on a level and still make gold with ease. If you like to get gold - earn it the old fashion way - - work hard for it.
 posted in Druid Kingdom on Jun 26, 13 12:51 PM
This is a great game for trying to get gold. Just finished Viking Saga on hard and it was incredibly simple. To me Gold should be very difficult and this game lives up to that standard. Great game!
 posted in Viking Saga on Jun 25, 13 5:45 PM
Finished on hard and really never pressed for time except two levels. This really is the easiest one of the games to finish. Most of them you have to really be on top of it get by the "hard" level - not so much on this one.
 posted in Viking Saga on Jun 25, 13 5:43 PM
I did not find hard and normal different at all. Every level uses the same basic strategy - build the best house you can first, build the best food source second, build the best stone third - upgrade the house all the way as fast as you can.
 posted in Viking Saga on Jun 24, 13 9:47 AM
Anyone done both and see any difference? Have gone through "normal" and now half way through "hard" and there seems to be zero difference in skill required.
 posted in Rescue Team 3 on May 29, 13 7:01 AM
Level 41 is one a a couple that took me approx 20 attempts as I kept missing it by a second or two. I let the one sawmill burn when it caught fire. Also at one point there is no reason to fix the gas station as well when it catches fire at the end.

The only one I cannot get gold on is 36 and the frigging rabbits.
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two on Apr 22, 13 12:00 PM
Anyone working on the "Hard" levels? I am stuck at the beginning of Level 4 and seemingly missing 10 units of food to talk to the totem pole. Hated this level on normal now this.

 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two on Apr 20, 13 1:57 PM
Clearly missing the obvious - got done with the missions with plenty of time to spare but cannot seem to find the way down to the last to levels of "mining" like hole with the lake at the bottom?
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two on Apr 13, 13 9:08 AM
I must be losing it! I tried restarting this level multiple times and still after no luck gave in to the forum yet I still am not getting it.

I have never seen the tomb. The top left for me is the dino cave. I have well over 200 stones?

Thank You!
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Mar 26, 13 10:11 PM
Ugggh - that stinks. It surely does not appear. Also having mouse issues as others have reported - you would think this would have been flushed out much better.
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Mar 26, 13 6:35 PM
I never get the boat to appear after building the pier. Watched a youtube vid and the boat seems to appear follwing the building of the pier? What am I missing?
 posted in Royal Defense on Mar 17, 13 10:30 AM
Thanks for the info - made it all the way through hard with 3 stars except the final level. Hopefully this will help.
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