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 posted in Maggie's Movies: Camera, Action! Collector's Edition on Jun 15, 17 9:38 AM
Possible solution for others with the freezing/Maggie not picking items up problem:
I also had it happen on several levels over and over. I eventually noticed it was happening after the same item I'd clicked on, such as refilling an item that was already full due to a "clicking frenzy" LOL. This was especially true of level 11 with the clicking all over to walk the 300 meters!!

Once I noticed which item was the seeming culprit of causing the freeze, I stopped clicking that item unless I actually needed it. IT WORKED. No more freeze. It was almost as if some glitch was causing the level to get confused because I'd been clicking too many things I didn't need (like using a spare second or 2 to run around refilling things).

Stupid? Yes. But, on those tricky freezing levels, this did let me proceed past them. Maybe it will help someone else. I did this for level 11, and several others.
(Level 11 was tricky: clicking carefully here and there (avoiding the blue ticket puncher for some reason!), rather than crazily back and forth was how I got my 300 meters. It seemed to prevent the confusion that caused the crash.) DEFINITELY A GLITCH.
I just updated my version as well, and maybe a coincidence (not sure!) but I just so happened to have FINISHED level 27 right before that update.

Now, whenever I try to start level 28 - within maybe 2 minutes of play the game crashes with "access violation" error. No matter what I try it does the same thing over and over.

I'm pretty ticked off. I have never updated a game before actually - and go figure, the first time I do look what happens.

FIX IT or let me uninstall the update or something!!! I'm right in the middle of the game, and haven't started part III yet which I have already paid for. I've been considering canceling membership for the last year or so just over the lack of game variety. This isn't helping let me tell ya....
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