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 posted in Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects ™ on Dec 12, 15 5:20 AM
Hey guys,

I just dowloaded the game and tried to play. Problem is the game won't start. No error message or anything, it just won't open.

Does anybody know how this can be fixed?

 posted in Paranormal State: Poison Spring on Jun 23, 14 11:42 AM
Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone of you knows what happened to the Collector's Edition of this game.
I saw it on this site when the game was first published. Any idea why it was removed?

 posted in Phantasmat: Crucible Peak on Mar 7, 14 12:30 PM
Hey guys, while playing this wonderful game again I couldn't help to notice Otto's accent. However I can't really place it. Can someone help me? I would like to know...
Hey guys,
does anyone know if and when this game will be available for Mac? I love the books and would love a Mac version for "Twice in a Blue Moon"...

Hey folks,

installing the game took very, very long (about 7 hours) but I was okay with that. It's such a great game so I was fine with waiting for it.
Problem is when I had finished it and wanted to play the game did not even start. I got an alert from my Mac that the game was stopped.
After I tried again I got the error message that another game is currently running.
I have no idea what to to and I really want to play this game.

Can someone help me? Please?
 posted in The Saint: Abyss of Despair on May 6, 13 10:24 AM
Hey, I have problems with the audio. The music and the dialogue sound clipped and cut of...
Can somebody help me? Please?
 posted in Witches' Legacy: The Charleston Curse on Jan 14, 13 9:53 AM
Hey guys, I have a problem. The game keeps crashing down after I opened the door in the dining room in the basement (with the rotten food).
After I solve the puzzle and push the door open the screen freezes and the game closes.
I don't know what to do.
I already deleted the game, downloaded it again and started with a new profile.

I would be very thankful for any suggestions etc.

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