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 posted in Fishdom on Aug 17, 14 4:16 PM
In response to your suggestion,I did not find an answer as to why the score is going backwards in the help pages. i don't want to reload the game as I will lose the score I've earned. I'm sure there are other members that has this issue. Is there a fix? I'm running on an Mac.
 posted in Fishdom on Jul 27, 14 5:38 AM
I've reached level 13801, my score reached well over 2 billion. I know of one other player that has my same issue. The issue is that at a certain point after reaching 2 billion the score starts going in reverse. Don't know when it started but I noticed it a while back. The level score keeps getting bigger but the total score is getting smaller. I'm starting to lose interest in playing. I used to set goals for the day by reaching a certain total score. Now I set goals for the level. Not the same as the total score.
 posted in Fishdom on Jul 5, 14 6:29 AM
Why does the score go backwards when you reach over 2 billion?
 posted in Fishdom on Jul 5, 14 6:27 AM
Did you ever find out why the score is going backward?
 posted in Fishdom on Jul 5, 14 6:25 AM
I'm at level 13,551. I have a lot of time to spare. But there seems to be a issue with getting a level this high. See my post "Fishdom score in reverse"
 posted in Fishdom on Jul 4, 14 5:05 PM
I'm at level 13,551. I've reached over 2 Billion. To be exact: 2,128,874,858. It was more. I discovered a minus sign placed after the $ sign. Didn't pay attention to it until I noticed my score going in reverse. To make sure I wrote down my score at 2129116092. I then scored 241234 points in the next level. My final score changed to 2128874858. Has anyone discovered this issuer?
Is there a walk through for Chapter 6. I'm am hopelessly stuck on numerous scenes.Cannot load to cannister tube, Raise the elevator to the roof, keep the projector screen down, find the minute hand for the clock face,find the spotlight bulb,cut the plants at the amusement park,shine a light in the street hole, do something with the bottle on the floor in the toy store,lift the manhole cover in the street. ateEach scene the hint informs me "There's nothing to do here right now. Try searching elsewhere". Can anyone help me. I'm hopelessly lost.
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