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 posted in The Witch and The Warrior on Jun 17, 11 3:54 PM
Wow.........I did enjoy The Witch and The Warrior and Aveyond. But if you truely love would want to try the fantastic games by Aldorlea. There is the Laxius Series, The MM series and there is Dreamscape and there is Asguaard. All of these games have fantastic graphics, great storylines and fantastic support. I am also enjoying a game that Indinera joined forces with called Sylia. It is so much fun. Each one of these games have lots of replay value. It is never boring. I highly recommend the Aldorlea games.
 posted in Hotel Dash 2: Lost Luxuries on Jun 17, 11 4:00 AM
I have not purchased this game yet because I am waiting to see if any technical questions are resolved. I do not see any answers from the tech staff or developer. What a shame. Guess I won't be buying this game.
 posted in Magic Sweets on Feb 9, 11 4:10 AM
I must say I am impressed with the graphics in this game. I find it very challenging. I love a developer who pays attention to what the customer (or would be customer) is commenting and replies or revises the game. I am sold to this developer.
 posted in Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy on Jan 23, 11 6:33 PM
Dah........wrong town..........that sure does make a difference huh......thank you.
 posted in Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy on Jan 23, 11 6:30 PM
okay I have access to the treasury but can't open any of the blue chests. Still no key. Am I missing something.
 posted in Dreamscape on Oct 12, 10 4:19 AM
I am glad to see another RPG offered on BFG. This is such a fun game with many different levels that you can play. The music and artwork and story line in this game is fantastic. My advice is that you play the storyline. It gives you many play back thrills............Thank you BFG for offering another RPG........I like variety in my life.........and with the offering of RPG's this makes BFG a competive forum......Give it a shot people. You really won't be sorry. The creator of this game has a fantastic forum if you are in need of any help..........
 posted in Funny Miners on Jun 26, 10 6:11 PM
Okay one of the goals was to upgrade the mine. Hello you could not gather 150 points to upgrade. Anything over 100 and the bat or bird has to come and fly it away. I love time management games but this was just awful. I manually went to level 1 and 2. But it does not help you on figuring out how to upgrade mine. So not buying this.......lost an hour of my life trying to figure this out.
 posted in Aveyond: The Lost Orb on Mar 16, 10 5:55 AM
The 1st 2 Aveyond games were great. But the 3rd in my opinion was boring. Did not like it. Its like the thrill and suspense has disappeared.

I love the RPG's that are produced by the Aldorlea Production team. The Laxius Force series and the Millenium series are fantastic in both graphics, story line and replay value. Your dollar goes along way with Aldorlea games. You have so much to hunt for and you really become involved with each character. Great customer service there and excellent help on game questions.

 posted in Road to Riches 2 on Mar 13, 10 4:41 AM
I too had been told to upload the new version which supposedly should fix the "python error" . Unfortunately it did not. It kept giving me a major migraine. I finally gave up and requested a credit. Which BFG honored.

One of the things that they suggested is to open a new player profile on bfg and try to play the game that way. I plan to try this today and will let you all know if that works. They think that under our current profile parts of the old game may be still hidden on profile.

I loved road to riches 1 and was really hoping to play out road to riches 2.

BFG is a great site and wonderful customer service techs.
 posted in Road to Riches 2 on Mar 9, 10 6:19 PM
I have sent to customer service the drfelix thing that they suggested. I will share what they find when I get a response. I have never encountered this type of error before.
I keep trying to play this game because it has a great story line. Hopefully they can figure out what is going on. Patience all.
 posted in Road to Riches 2 on Mar 9, 10 4:24 AM
Hi Tony,

Thank you for replying. Running xp here. With windows 7.
 posted in Road to Riches 2 on Mar 7, 10 11:40 AM
Same here. Tried it 4 times. Has anyone gotten the solution?
 posted in Millennium 2: Take Me Higher on Mar 3, 10 6:42 AM
My vote goes to Benoit. In my opinion he grows stronger in character in mm2. And needless to say he did not walk away from Marine once. He has stuck with her no matter what.
 posted in Millennium 2: Take Me Higher on Feb 24, 10 5:38 PM
I enjoy the Aldorlea games for their humor and challenges and replay values. The most recent Aveyond game that came out is missing something. I find I am bored and explore the Aldorlea and BFG sites for something challenging.

Give that demo a try and think outside of the box. The characters are great and the graphics and visuals are superb. Enjoy.
 posted in Millennium 2: Take Me Higher on Feb 24, 10 5:27 PM
Thank you bfg for adding Millennium 2 to your games. I have found this game to be really well done. Indy has done an excellent job in allowing us to play this game in so many different modes. The art work is fantastic and the quests are perfectly challenging.

Big Fish has also provided an excellent walk through. I do hope that Big Fish continues to offer more RPG'S.

 posted in Millennium: A New Hope on Feb 24, 10 5:13 PM
WooHoo. Great game love it. I hope all of you enjoy it too.
 posted in Millennium: A New Hope on Oct 18, 09 1:59 PM
Cure for Boredom is to go back and sleep where you found Hideo in the Sapphire Caves.
 posted in Millennium: A New Hope on Oct 17, 09 6:58 PM
Millennium: A New Hope has such a different feel than the Laxius series. It hooked me emotionally into the game by its music change. There is options available to lengthen encounters with monsters/enemies. I have played this game in very easy, easy, normal and currently in hard. Each time that I play this game I am surprised with something I missed or due to the level of play something new.

There are so many challenges in this game no matter what level you choose. The side quests and secret rooms are a challenge in themselves. For those of you that didn't enjoy the fact that you could not skip the intro there is now a version 1.5 out that gives you that option.

Remember that the thrill of these RPG games are the exploring and challenges.
In my opinion the creator of this game did an excellent job and keeps an open mind to any constructive criticism. He listens and improves as you offer your review.

This is the reason why I am a loyal fan of his works. As people play the game and offer objective criticism or suggestions it is taken into consideration and maybe changed in new version. How many creators of games do this?

I look forward to hopefully 11/1/09 mm2.
 posted in Enchanted Katya and the Mystery of the Lost Wizard on May 11, 09 7:06 PM
I truly love tm games. Had no problems during demo but as soon as I brought the game tada.........stuck in game forever.......thought maybe it would bring up another screen let it sit for 5 minutes....nothing. ctrl-alt-del. I tried to play and finally got so frustrated that i uninstalled this game. How frustrating.
 posted in Annabel on Mar 14, 09 2:00 PM

I am so stuck on how to put the sword together. Can anyone help me please.

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