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 posted in Artist Colony on Feb 11, 17 5:27 PM
Hi Moderator,
I just purchased this game without the free trial. It will not install and play. It says error violation. I have scanned the forum and cannot find any response from the BF tech team or moderator. Please tell me how to solve this problem. It seems that others have also experienced this difficulty by I cannot find any solutions.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 25, 15 3:24 AM
I would absolutely pay for any continuation for the opportunity to continue to play and make progress in the game. BFG, How about considering this?
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on May 23, 15 1:58 AM
To the Moderator,
I read the messages relating to the cessation of further development of Awakening Kingdom, and like many who have responded; felt hurt, angry, and feeling that I had wasted my money with all the diamonds and bolgins I had invested in to help me progress through the game.
I would like the moderator to pass these thoughts on to BF and to BZ about this message.
I decided I would not continue playing the game once it became official that the game would be dropped, however, (and it could be conditioning because I am programmed into collecting my daily rewards) I went back into the game.
I was freshly spell-bound by the absolute beauty of the game, from the characters to the intricate scenes and the relaxing music. I felt that I had to voice my desire to urge the people responsible to calling it quits, to consider alternative options.
This game( and I subscribe to many), is state of the art and deserves to be carried forward in some way.
Please revisit the decision-making process. Explore every option to see if this game can be re-invented in some way, so to continue to bring joy and the opportunity to escape from the drudgeries of life for so many.
I have loved playing this game and will struggle with the concept of needing to let it go.
I am sure that what is done cannot be undone, but please consider the comments raised by others. That BFG has a duty of care to disclose to all new players that the game is finite and that the access to buy diamonds, etc. should be disabled.
It was a joy. - Gaby
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Apr 4, 15 2:51 PM
Thank you for this tip! I am off to find the boy now!
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Apr 4, 15 1:37 AM
I am close to the end of the game but I cannot get to Humbert's son. I think he is the fellow in the cave. I am sure that once I reach him I will have the ability to find eggs, but I have been buying eggs to make crab soup. I would love it if someone could tell me how to rescue Humberts son. I think it is in the forest or mercenaries stronghold.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Feb 9, 15 11:25 AM
There is so much that is enjoyable about this game, the graphics, the theme and the HOS. I have one real issue of concern, and that is the ongoing cost. The more you play, the more it costs in real money to keep it viable. If I compared it to other "free" games which ultimately entice you to progress faster by purchasing diamonds or coins, this is staggeringly cash greedy. As you progress things start to cost big (game) dollars, e.g. 10,000 to enter the next zone, the minute you get into the zone, another $5000 immediately waits. This is really a bit disheartening and I think unfairly stacked to the making money for the developers without considering the enjoyment and opportunity to play and progress for the players. This game would benefit from being more evenly balanced between the opportunity to progress without waiting an eternity and repeatedly play low reward HOS over and over again and making occasional purchases to boost your progress with almost feeling trapped into having to buy, just to move forward.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Nov 20, 14 11:35 AM
Hi people at BFG and participants of Awakening Kingdoms, I pop into the forum from time to time to see if we are finding some solutions to the concerns that have been raised. I see that tatay123 received a response to their concern and I am pleased for them, yet a myriad of concerns raised by many of the participants go unanswered. I would like to know if BFG is monitoring the outcomes of the game? Have you noticed a decline in players? I think you might find people are turning away as we feel our concerns are unanswered or not addressed. I played this game with gusto, investing in the purchase of diamonds, because of the desire to achieve the next goal. Now I just log on each day, collect my daily rewards, look at what the chest wants to eat next, find the site of the missing item, play that until I have collected the missing item only to click on the chest and discover there is something else the chest wishes to consume that I have used up feeding it the last time. This seems like a lazy way to try and keep a quest going. Purposeless, and just taking - not giving in return. I hope steps are afoot to restore the original vibrancy that was so evident at the beginning of this game. Please fix this before it ends up lack-luster like many of the other free to play games.
 posted in Awakening Kingdoms on Oct 12, 14 5:32 AM
Hi all, Just wish to add my voice to the forum. There is much I like about this game, except for the huge expense to keep up with the game. I enjoy the music, the color and the magical theme and the quests. Sadly at the moment I have no quests other than having to feed a greedy dark chest with all my hard earned tokens/prizes - to no avail! Costs me a lot of items which could be used to buy bolgins, food or energy in my collections but this chest keeps sucking them up! It is time to get rid of the chest - it serves no purpose other than to take what we have been working so hard to gain.
I must agree with other comments about the expense to keep the game viable. I have spent a huge amount of $$$ to buy diamonds to complete quests and also so that I can play for longer than 1/2 an hour. They only way I can justify this, is that I have had to stop purchasing any new games!!! So rather than what I would have spent on buying a couple of new games each week, I spend on buying diamonds. I am sure that this is not the intention of BFG, having a decrease of sales in new games just so that we can keep playing this one, but that is the end result. So get rid of the chest, reduce the cost of diamonds or increase the rate of achieving diamonds within the game itself without having to spend a ridiculous amount of cash just to keep playing. Cheers Gab
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom on Feb 5, 13 1:13 AM
You can sell medicine bottles in the swamp. I accidently activated the jeweller on my first game and was able to sell all the treasure and jewellery I had collected. I am trying to find a way to activate the jewellery shop this time, (I am about to fight the dark lord) but I want to remember how I did this before I do. Another way I made money was to purchase the way to kill crocodiles from the guy in the hidden forest as well as bears which has me a lot of cash. I also learnt had to catch the shielded fish and I sold them to the smuggler in town for $90 each.
If anyone know how to activate the jewllery store, I'd be grateful.
Gi Gi
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