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 posted in Antique Road Trip: American Dreamin' on Feb 21, 17 6:59 AM
Oddly, here's a kicker for ya -- the blue and white plate dropped on the coin slot machine! Could have knocked me over with a feather!
 posted in Rescue Team 4 on Oct 31, 14 5:39 AM
There's a Youtube video, but I find those really annoying.
 posted in Magic Heroes: Save Our Park on Aug 11, 14 10:00 AM
melvaj wrote:
Gothic1 wrote:Level 30 will not clear because one of the squares stays blank. need a fix to continue on!!

I am having the same problem. Is there a fix?

Here we are, a month and a half later -- I'd like to know what's being done for this.
New version, refund, credit for another game?
 posted in Farm Up on Feb 13, 14 11:05 AM
Okay, 18 views and no replies -- maybe I should be more clear, eh?

I've had no success creating a new user to start a new game; it just links back to my current game. So what I'm looking for is what resources we were given when we first started Farm Up. Somehow I think it was three gold, but I don't really remember.

I don't want to restart with all my current money. I want to run my current resources down to whatever the starting resources were, plus the 40 gold necessary to start a new game, and then... start a new game!

So that's the info I need, if you can help, thanks.
 posted in Farm Up on Feb 13, 14 7:19 AM
I want to start the game over from scratch, and I know I need 40 gold to do that, but...

... what did we get when we first started? Can't remember, and I've looked through this forum and also have done a web search to no avail.

Does anyone recall?
 posted in Island Tribe 5 on Jan 25, 14 5:18 PM
I've restarted this level three times, and even after reading this thread about where the pop-up mask is, I must be looking right through it!

Is it the big face in the far upper left corner? If not, where on the stone wall is it in relation to the camp?

Thanks for any direction you can give.
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 23, 13 4:17 PM
I'm at level 34 and have both lemons and turnips. I'll give that a shot, thanks.
 posted in Farm Up on Oct 23, 13 7:26 AM
I've seen several posts from people who have scads of silver, but it seems like I'm always struggling to get enough to grow the crops needed for quests. Sometimes it feels more like work than fun.

I've been planting carrots and/or eggplants overnight then selling in the morning, but it still seems like I can't keep up. Does someone have a strategy for generating silver?

Thanks so much.
 posted in Farm Up on Sep 29, 13 10:33 AM
I'm at 33. If it has indeed changed, I didn't notice at what level.
 posted in Farm Up on Sep 29, 13 5:14 AM
I must've clicked on a couple hundred butterflies over the last few days, and I've hardly gotten any blue bottles/gems/energy drinks. And the mole and the fishie as well!

I'm wondering if it's totally random or if the rate of success is adjusted at higher levels.
 posted in Farm Up on Sep 29, 13 5:10 AM
No snark intended, but it's always a good idea to read through at least the thread subjects before posing a question. This question has been answered several times: only to 55 for now. Nobody seems to know if this will change.

Once I get to 55, I intend to start over and do things a little differently. I suspect it will be just as much fun!
 posted in Farm Up on Sep 28, 13 8:48 AM
Either this doesn't work on the lake or they've fixed this.
 posted in Farm Up on Sep 9, 13 6:52 AM
Man, this thread is getting loooooong... ANYWAY:

Grandma gives up on her jobs too soon, sometimes as little as 5 seconds.

I'd like more tabs in the barn, separating items by type (crops, clothes, bakery, etc.)

Add at least one max energy at each level.

 posted in Farm Up on Sep 7, 13 9:33 AM
Hrm... does it cost more than one energy point when there are multiple products?

Thanks again.
 posted in Farm Up on Sep 7, 13 7:40 AM
If there's one product on the loading dock and the factory is churning out another, what happens when the second product is produced? Anything bad?

Thanks, all.
 posted in Farm Up on Sep 5, 13 3:20 AM
The most annoying aspect of the game is the arrows in the storehouse. Please fix this!

It would be great if you could make the farm larger, too.

And for cryin' out loud, leveling up should add at least ONE energy to your max!
 posted in Farm Up on Sep 5, 13 2:45 AM
That it's more fun to play if you're not obsessed with leveling as quickly as possible.
 posted in Farm Up on Aug 25, 13 8:10 AM
If you click on the snack bar, you'll get a box that slides in from the right and says how much longer there is to go.

No idea why they did this that way, but hey...
 posted in Farm Up on Aug 17, 13 5:32 AM
I'm sorry that offended you. I meant it in fun.

And he really does hang around Jennifer's crop area, at least in my game!
 posted in Farm Up on Aug 16, 13 5:03 PM
Sapphirain wrote:Have you noticed that some of those butterflies must have turbo engines? They are sometimes hard to catch!

And some of those little suckers change back into regular butterflies RIGHT before you click on them! Arrrrgggghhhh!
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