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 posted in Cursed House 5 on Feb 22, 18 12:32 PM
I can get the fire down the left side, along the bottom and up the right side but there are blank squares under the original fire on the left and before the yellow square on the right. Nothing seems to bridge the gaps and the game comes to a halt.

Other than that there is nothing new in this game from all the others and Loriaville
 posted in Button Tales on Feb 5, 17 12:23 PM
I reached, and passed, level 100 but nothing happened. I am used to there being some sort of ending in these story games. So, is that all there is? just get to level 100 and then replay any level?
 posted in Jewel Tree: Match It on Aug 29, 16 5:37 AM
How do I restart this game? I have uninstalled and reinstalled and it is on the same level (which I can't get past).
 posted in Jewel Tree: Match It on Aug 29, 16 5:35 AM
How do I start the game over again. I can find no way to clear what I have played already and start over. I even uninstalled and reinstalled. The game started where I had left off!
 posted in Akhra: The Treasures on Mar 1, 11 12:02 PM
Hello Michael, If we buy the game now will we get the rebuild in the future?
I really liked the difficulty of it even if frustrated also. Think it has potential but with all the pop up explainations there are still not enough explainations for how to use and find the power ups.
 posted in Robin's Quest: A Legend Born on Aug 19, 10 9:39 AM
I downloaded the game and it was listed as "Trial Expired" in my new updated Game Manager. What gives?
 posted in Oriental Dreams on May 6, 10 11:43 AM
I also liked this game. Its a different type of match 3, makes you think more. It does get harder as you go along. I don't think its very long, however. I think I finished about 1/3 in the demo hour but didn't read the story. Liked the few HOGs along the way but the simple match card games are way too easy. If you like stratigy match 3 than give this one a try.
 posted in Little Noir Stories: The Case of the Missing Girl on Apr 28, 10 10:00 AM
I played this game in Beta and its not much better now. Too much tooing and froing from room to room and the dialog!!! Too much. Also there was no way I could find to exit the game; had to do Ctl-alt-del. It then hyjacked my computer for 10 minutes while it shut down. I resent game developers who make a game that destroyes your computer setting just by playing it. I am sure this was a poorly dubbed game developed in another language.
Sorry, just had to vent.
 posted in World Adventure on Jun 14, 09 9:49 AM
I really liked this twist on Match 3 game play. You look at the small puzzles and think its going to be easy, but it isn't always. I wonder how long it is. Got to level 3 I think before the hour was over.
 posted in World Adventure on Jun 14, 09 9:47 AM
My only suggestion is to try, try again. Each time you retry a level it is different so sometimes its much easier. I had to redo some levels 3 times before I got through but when the chips fall in the right places its easy and fast to get through. This is a fun match 3 game, looks easy but can be hard. Uses strategy and your mind more than most match 3.
 posted in Pocahontas: Princess of the Powhatan on May 2, 09 7:58 AM
I have downloaded this game 3 times , and uninstalled it 3 times because when it starts the screen is not full (eventhough the "full screne" box is checked) and located down in one corner of the computer screen. I cannot move it or access all the commands to try and move it or change its size. Any suggestions or anyone else having these problems?
 posted in Jetsetter on Jan 25, 09 12:00 PM
After 15 minutes of this game I stopped. The New York street scene alone had 8 mislabled items in it! I finally started just clicking on everything and very different items were removed. Also on some of the personalities there were no items to find. There didn't appear to be any instructions on how to play. I know how to play HOGs but navigating all those people and which to do first alluded me. Maybe if I had listened to the stories I could have gotten some info, but I hate to wast the demo time on reading blah blah blah. This one goes in the dumpster. Plus another game with Kenny G type music is too many!!!
 posted in National Geographic ™ presents: Herod's Lost Tomb on Nov 15, 08 9:09 AM
I am stuck on finding a piece of the manuscript using the x-ray machine. The instructions say to look in places where other things could hide. I have looked EVERYWHERE and nothing seems to materialize. Where does one look? in the little scope with the cross hairs or in the fuzzy TV screen? Anyway, I cant get past this stage because I cant find the object. Any help would be appreciated.
I will not buy this game because of all the things sited in other postings, but it really bugs me not to be able to finish the free hour!
 posted in Hidden Expedition: Amazon ™ on Jun 20, 08 7:16 AM
They’re Free, So Feel Free To Use Them – Don’t forget that you can click on the name of any object in your list and get a silhouette of the item. It will help a lot of if you’re having difficulty with a particular item. Best of all, there’s no penalty for using them.

I love this feature, wish it had been on earlier games. Using it doesn't take away from your hints and gives you an idea of the shape and orientation of the item. Thanks for this feature! Played the game for a couple of hours yesterday and found it great, every incarnation of these games improves on the previous ones.
 posted in Discovery! A Seek and Find Adventure on Jun 13, 08 10:21 AM
rentonwa wrote: I liked the mini games.
Too bad that a game that could have been great fails because of all the surrounding stuff that's not necessary.

I agree too. I liked the different mini games and I think the grainy quality to the scenes is deliberate to make it harder to find the objects, which in this game is quite hard. BUT the rest of the game show garbage is for the birds! I also think this one would be quite long (and would certainly seem every minute of it!!!) I think I will buy Tropicabana instead and listen to the great music while zapping mice!
 posted in Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate™ on Jun 5, 08 11:55 AM
"Click" on the letters with your mouse in the order you want them. If you make a word it will add to the list, if you don't you are back to clicking on more letters.
 posted in Hide & Secret 2: Cliffhanger Castle on May 17, 08 12:08 PM
Just finished the demo. For a change I listened to all the dialog, some is pretty funny in a cheesy sort of way. The Merlin thing popping up all the time got old fast. But the objects were hard to find, especially when they ask for "wrench" and there are 4 or 5 in the scene and you have to find the one they want. That Aztec wall was a killer. I agree that there needs to be a way to get more hints! I can't tell how long the game is, but it is hard. Will wait for the Gamezeebo review to decide on buying. Still trying to decide if I want the Sherlock Holmes lost cases one.
 posted in The Hidden Object Show on Apr 29, 08 1:10 PM
scotcat*If I hear "you're awsome" or "you rock" one more time I'm going to scream! Towards the end of the game I wanted to reach through the computer and smack the game host. I ended up talking back to him (cracks my hubby up) and I didn't give him any compliments if you catch my drift. LOL

I know what you mean by this annoying guy, but if you go to "options" and adjust "voice" and "SFX" all the way to the left you can get rid of him and the audience sounds. Leave on the music for some stimulation or just turn on a radio. Also, I have stoped uning the skip chips. They only are good for the first spin if you use them all and you eventually get a catigory you don't want. I just take my chances now. I like most of the mini games, some are quite hard. I know some of the items are impossible to find, but since the hints are plentiful and easy to find, I don't mind using them. After all I am playing against myself, so why be so hard on myself! All things considered, this is a game that lasts a long time and is quite variable when replayed. A good value.
 posted in The Hidden Object Show on Apr 26, 08 11:13 AM
The Hidden Object Show is a good HO game. Even the mini games involve finding hidden objects or parts of the hidden object screen. I could do without the annoying MC but you can click past him quickly. I think this will also have replay value. Played all day yesterday and didn't come to the end, so I can't say how long it is, but for me its a pretty good game. I wish there were more HO games coming along soon!
 posted in Private Eye: Greatest Unsolved Mysteries on Mar 26, 08 7:00 AM
Whenever I demo a new game I record it in a book with a comment. My comment for this game was "UGH" Guess I didn't like it. Probable the blah, blah, blah.
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