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The cursor moves very slowly and very jerky. The screen is all white in the background and the graphics appear all over the screen in the wrong places. Nothing works correctly even when I choose full screen or wide screen or custom cursor or not. This is the 3rd game in a month that I cannot load much less purchase to play. I am seriously thinking about cancelling my membership and moving on to something else. It's so frustrating to see the quality of BF games drop so low. I've been a member for a few years and the games used to work beautifully every time and I could count on a fun few hours with no game problems. Now, I cannot get games from my favorite developers to work right, for example:GRIM FACADE: COST OF JEALOUSY CE AND REDEMPTION CEMETERY ALVATION OF THE LOST CE have the same problems as this game. By the way, my computers are both updated and working at their peak performance, it is not my computer's problem, THIS IS A BIG FISH PROBLEM AND I ASK YOU TO PLEASE FIX YOUR QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARTMENT AND STOP LETTING THESE GAMES SLIP THROUGH WHEN THEY ARE NOT READY TO BE RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC! OK- I'VE SAID MY PIECE, back to the real world to where I expect to have problems....
I am having the same trouble as I did with Grim Facade:Cost of Jealousy CE- the cursor is slow and jerky, white screen with graphics appearing in middle of screen. Most of the BF games I try work very well with little to no problems but these two games have issues that have not been addressed before their release to the public. I would like to play both of these games so I hope a Fix is on the way! It's so frustrating to have games for sale that don't work correctly.
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