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 posted in Lost Island: Eternal Storm on Feb 19, 18 4:49 PM
I've just discovered this game (3 years later) and love it. I've "completed" all the various HOG sites, understand that the developers never finished this game so we'll never be able to fulfill all the "Collections", but it's still fun because if you look at your Achievements, there is still plenty to do. This game has become my daily "decompress" go to game. The renderings are gorgeous and I wish I could actually be sitting at the Fishing Hut or the Forest Home sometimes. The same developers made "Lost Lands" which has some of the same background scenes but you play as a human female in all of the Lost Land games, so if you miss this island, you can go get Lost Lands although it's not the same sort of game and I find Lost Lands far less satisfying. I'm just going to continue working on Lost Island until it stops working since I stopped doing all those "free to play" games (which do cost real world money eventually).
 posted in Viking Brothers 3 on Jan 19, 18 8:21 PM
Okay, after I exited out of the game, posted this query on the forum, then went back into the game, I discovered a stone henge there that wasn't there before I exited. That is the Circle of Ancients.
 posted in Viking Brothers 3 on Jan 19, 18 8:17 PM
I loved Viking Bros. 2 and 1 but didn't like the demo for 3--but out of desperation for new TM games to come out (I like the HOB games but they have become too dark and macabre for me), I went and bought the standard VB3 just to have something new to play. It is challenging in that they don't give you much idea of what you are supposed to do for some of the chores and I waste a lot of time collecting resources I don't need simply because I don't know what else to do until I happen to "stumble" upon the solution. This is NOT fun. The developers also seem to have decided that making the jump between episodes longer so you have to sit there and wait before you can click on the next level and making the cut scenes tedious and long will make us, the players, feel the game is taking longer to play--it is but the longer time is spent on waiting for the game to catch up with us. There are enough levels to play so there is no need to elongate these things and having drawn out "conversations" between the bros. and Thor, just wastes time. I also don't see why those two brothers can't pitch in and help do some of this collecting stuff--"real" Vikings would have. There is also a lot of unless dialog, I supposed it's supposed to give the characters more personality but it just wastes time and if clues weren't put in there, I'd just skip them. As I said, if I weren't desperate for one of these types of TM games, I wouldn't have bought this one. But I don't like the Virtual Village/Emily's eateries types games which there seem to be an overwhelming lot of on BFG.
 posted in Viking Brothers 3 on Jan 19, 18 8:10 PM
I've done everything else in this level but have no clue what the Circle of Ancients is. I've clicked everywhere i can think of. Any clues?
 posted in Mortimer Beckett and the Crimson Thief on Jan 4, 18 5:43 PM
Yeah yeah yeah, I know this is an old game but I needed something to tide me over until BFG got some new time management games. I've been stuck in MB & the Crimson Thief not to do anything and don't know what to do next. I rode the balloon to Rio. I've got the horn thingy (zazuvala or something), a scapel, rope, a cassette player, and a carrot; there are 4 locations: soccer stadium, police station-carnival float, balloon-statue, and carnival store. I can't seem to do anything with the inventory I've got. Won't let me take the car jack from the float. Won't let me rope a branch to get inside the park. I don't see anything else I can do. Any suggestions? What am I overlooking?
Me too. The glistening lights aren't at the gate area but more toward the crossroads, and even with the key, it won't let us click on anything to "open the gate"--gate seems to be already open since the lights are in the wrong place. I'm playing on a PC in Win10 if that helps.
 posted in Lost Artifacts on Oct 9, 17 5:23 PM
I don't know what to call it (and they really ought to make a sort of call-out if you hover on these boosts). It's on the line with the "run faster" and "work faster" boosts. I click on the cookie but it doesn't seem to do anything, but then, I don' t know what I'm supposed to notice either.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Sep 15, 17 10:59 PM
Ok, what does that chief guy want 3 of? I've played that level a hundred times, did 3 or 4 bowing at the step temple, got the weight scale filled with gold and ore, chief still won't give it up. What is his problem? I mean, what does he want? This is the level where the fruit is worth its weight in gold.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Sep 13, 17 12:30 AM
There's one level (don't now if it was Lev. 10--it's the one on the docks) where you just have to build the windmill but can't do anything with it once it's built. On a couple other levels though, you can rev up the windmill with food or wood or stone, etc.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Sep 13, 17 12:27 AM
Yea, my one "complaint" about this game design, that hidden spell list. They could have just had the spells listed down the left side like a panel, or stuck them somewhere else unobtrusively but obvious. The green arrowhead isn't all that noticeable when you scrambling to get your guys to do everything, collect resources, kill ghosts or jellyfish, multiple click on squirrels and birds, etc.
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Sep 13, 17 12:21 AM
I played untimed first and loved it. Now I'm trying to go through timed and, man, it's hard! You have to played timed to get to the "bonus" levels, you have to get gold on the 3 levels previous to that bonus level. There have been times when all the little workers ALL HAVE TO BE WORKING ON THE SAME BUILDING or whatever instead of one of them going to do that other thing I need them to do, or to do the final offering or whatever and the time blinks out. You know, you guys don't have to all do the same things at the same time, ya know! There are maybe two levels I'm not sure are even doable--yea, I studied them and I don't think they are doable. You need to do a whole lot more thinking and planning then in previous Moai. I've even resorted to writing down exactly how many of each resource will be needed (cause I can't remember otherwise). It's fun, but in about another week or two I'm going to give up if I can't get gold on every level. There's only so many times I can stand to replay before I have to just chalk it up to "I can't do it." Hopefully by then a new TM game will be out. Man, and I hate those ghosts! Those little squirrels can get a bit annoying although I'm trying to be tolerant--at least the birds eventually fly away if you ignore them long enough. Good game! Oh, you need to be a wee bit more useful in your "Guide"--saying "talk to the Guru" or whatever doesn't help when the guru wants something (thus, only a question mark) and you can't figure out what he wants.
 posted in Rescue Team 6 on Jan 9, 17 4:11 AM
I like Rescue Team, maybe I've got some savior in me after all! I guess what I like is having to think things out. There are a few levels where you must do things in the correct order or you'll run out of food or wood or money and can't go any further, have to replay that level in a different order. You also need to first check to see how many work huts you have to work with; can't count the times I've come to a standstill because I realized there's this other work hut I could have been utilizing all this time, ugh. Catch the little dogs and kitties, but make sure you are making enough food first. I also get a kick out of everyone being able to run through trains! I'm magic! Ok, it's fun and keeping me from getting sad because it's been raining for weeks.
 posted in Rescue Team 6 on Jan 9, 17 4:03 AM
I'm using Win Vista (yea, I'll eventually buy a new computer with something a little more current but not this day!) and I still like this game a lot BUT since day one I've had problems. It'll freeze and I have to reboot. And so far I've been told I've been corrupted so have to start over, but then in a couple of days I'll start new game creating a new name and my old corrupt game will suddenly be there right before it froze, like nothing happened and I can play it--although I was hoping to start a fresh game. I'm working with all of these things and still enjoying it although I seem to be getting stupider the more often I play it, can't get 3 stars anymore for each level. Still fun. But I've had this type of problem with a few of the older Rescue Teams, they all froze and I lost progress.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 26, 16 7:29 PM
Thanks for the explanation because I wondering the same thing. Seems NOT cost-effective to spend all those blue gems just to buy sufficient ghost traps and only get rewarded less then you spent. Shouldn't the rewards make it worth the expenditure of gems? yea, you didn't make this game up. Just saying....
 posted in Midnight Castle on Oct 26, 16 7:24 PM
I've kept up with all the updates. I'll play the game for a couple hours and suddenly I stop getting the rewards for playing a hidden object game, I can go play another HOG but still no reward. I often also cannot collect morphing pumpkins after that, or even exit the game through regular means, sometimes other things stop functioning also. When I soft reboot my computer which is the only way to get out of MC, and go back into the game, all my unpaid rewards spill forth and the game plays just fine for an hour or two until it starts this whole withholding my rewards thing again. I'm ok with soft rebooting my computer which is probably a good idea anyway, I just don't think a game ought to play like this.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 21, 16 2:02 AM
They really ought to give out challenges that do not depend on "chance." I've been trying to play dice and win $4K, which for me is always going to impossible since 2 out of 10 times I lose anyway, but since this assignment has come up that dice table has only been offering items, not coins. And when it's stacked against you anyway, this is probably the end of this whole Castle Challenge for me. In the last Castle Challenge, no 10 part Daily Quest EVER came up. The people who design these challenges ought to at least make it we could possible get through each challenge if we play often enough and/or spend enough coins/diamonds. I'll probably not even bother the next time this Castle Challenge comes up since I use my resources just playing the game. I feel the same about that Tournament.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 21, 16 2:37 AM
You get to see how your "friends" have spent their whatever that loopy thing is, it's a really nice change, it's real pretty too. It's only temporary so no complaints from me. You do get to collect other stuff which, I assume (haven't collected enough yet) you can apply to creating a new spring pet or other. Compared to a lot the other PFF games I play, MC did the best on a celebration of spring (albeit a late Easter).
 posted in Love Chronicles: The Sword and The Rose on Apr 21, 16 2:33 AM
Didn't realize this was such an old game. I just played it, haven't played any of the others in the series. I found this game a little different from your average hidden object game (HOG), a little better rendered, a slightly different way of playing. I liked it. It's not a hugely difficult game, and the "diary" seems to be a little ahead of the game so you can often (not always) look in there and find the answers you need which helps since some things are not self explanatory. I even found the puzzle games a little different. Just a nice change in a HOG.
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom II on Apr 3, 16 11:01 PM
Ok, I got it. You go to the Forbidden Coast on the bluff above the half-submerged cave, and click around between where that white bird is nesting and the rocks right above the cave, sort of in the green grassy area until you hit on something, the guy's boot. That's what you're looking for. Take that back to his wife and then you'll promise to continue to look for the guy. Go back to the half-submerged cave and now you have a boot icon to click on. Not exactly intuitive or obvious.
 posted in Hero of the Kingdom on Apr 3, 16 10:57 PM
with different avatars--that is, different game for each player but all on the same computer? I enabled the Profile which allowed me to give myself a name but when I clicked on new game, it just took up where the last game stopped (which was pretty much at the end with only a few requests to be fulfilled).
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