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1.Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon-Nevada
This is the best ND game for me since it's challenging but solvable at the same time. Actually, this is the only ND game where I did not use any walkthrough so I've really enjoyed solving the puzzles. The hardy boys are also in this game! There are so many surprises inside the train like different dolls,secret rooms.

2. Tomb of the Lost Queen-Egypt
You're out in a dig site in Cairo to search for the lost queen:Nefertari. The hieroglyphs are really interesting and the secret areas are amazing! The graphics and gameplay were improved and user-friendly.

3.Danger by Design-France
You'll really feel really immersed in the French culture & people are also laid back and enjoyable (except your boss). The mini games are creatively unique from the other ND games.

4.Secrets at Shadow Ranch -Arizona
This is the one of my faves! You get to learn how to ride a horse and do some chores in the ranch like picking up eggs ang veggies, making horse food etc.
which is pretty homey though picking veggies is one hard task

5.Phantom of Venice-Italy
You'll be given a PDA which will help you track the "masked man" so you need to be super sneaky or else he might catch you too! There are great activities too like dancing in a studio, dressing up for disguise, and feeding a micro camera to a bird (it's cruel, yeah). Don't miss Scopa!

6. Message in the Haunted Mansion-California
You will need to hunt the ghost in a 19th century castle. The house is also filled with Chinese symbols & secret passages that'll let you peep around the whole castle without people seeing you.Sweet!

7.The Captive's Curse-Germany
If you're into card and board games, you'd really enjoy this one. This sure is one of the creepiest ND games. I just got dizzy roaming around the castle.

8.Waverly Academy-New York
In this all girls school, you need to uncover the black cat who's been terrorizing the students. I like the mini games better than the game. The place is just so boring but I will never get tired of serving food in the canteen.

9.Alibi in Ashes-River Heights
In this game Nancy was arrested for allegedly burning down the town hall. You get to play nancy,bess,george, & ned since Nancy's in jail but's really hard to switch among the characters though.

10.Shadow at the Water's Edge-Japan
This is the worst ND game I've played. For me it's just too boring with few people to interact,confusing train routes though you'll get a taste of Japanese horror.
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