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Rocket_squirrell wrote:
Mystryx wrote:I can't figure out how this works. It costs you $300 for each egg but you can only sell it for $225. Any way I look at it it is costing you $75 each time you hatch and sell.
entbratdefender wrote:Tip for new players: As soon as you get the hatcher, hatch quick monsters like drumplers and maws then sell them to build cash quickly. You can make up to $100,000 your first day by doing this.

Just like a pawn shop, actually in real life, pawn shop wise something that is worth 300 a pawn shop wise you wold only get $60

But all things used has loss of value

I know this post has some dust on it by now but in case anyone else comes looking, you don't buy the maw, drumplers, etc from the market. You buy the lesser monsters and the breeding structure. Then you choose which way you want to go. You can breed quick monsters if you have more time. Or you can breed monsters that take up to 12 hours to hatch and sell those.

Example: I bred a Noggin with a Toe Jammer to get a Fwog.
On the Plant Island you can open up the Noggin (300 c), Potbelly (250c), Toe Jammer (250 c) and Mammott (300 c).

I found a breeding chart for the Plant Island because I like having a quick reference. I do not have a link to it because it took a bit of editing in Paint so I could print it. However, some possibles are:
Noggin + Potbelly = Shrubb sells for 5,500
Potbelly + Toe Jammer = Oaktopus sells for 5,500
Potbelly + Mammott = Furcorn sells for 5,500
Toe Jammer + Noggin = Fwog sells for 4,250
Noggin + Mammott = Drumpler sells for 16,000
Mammot + Toe Jammer = Maw sells for 4,250

Not much you breed is guaranteed, but if you see a monster you want in the store, try using two monsters that have the traits to make that monster when breeding. Ex: Drumpler shows the rock and snowflake looking icons, so you'd want to pick two single element monsters that have those traits. Sometimes it's easy to overlook things that seem pretty simple. But we're dealing with random number generators to hatch these things so what you should get, isn't always what you will get. Sorry about the mini novel Anyway, I hope this helps someone down the road.

Edit: A monster's sale value doesn't go up if you feed it. Only the amount of coins it pays does.
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