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 posted in Building the Great Wall of China 2 on Jan 3, 16 10:55 AM
gemini888 wrote:Why don't I get the option to upgrade the workers house?

I am playing on two computers, and I haven't been able to get those the second time around, and then I just checked on upgrades. I found that I had 750 points, so go back and check you may get them.
 posted in Building the Great Wall of China on Jul 19, 13 10:45 AM
the dragons and the speed of the game are my bugaboos.

I see two dragons. the black one can be dispatched. The purple one cannot. Can he? As far as the speed, I seem to lose LOTS of time waiting for everyone to get back to the shack so they can go out again. What can be done about that. I hope to get an answer faster than the Titanic forum. I have been waiting a month with nothing.
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Jun 24, 13 3:34 PM
I am having some of the problems I see listed here, but since it is widespread, I see it isn't just me!
But the ones I am writing about are the non directions on the levels. For example,on level 36, it requires money but it is never explained how you get the money. Some of the exchanges give and take money but when there is no exchange, how to I get money? I waste too much time winding down, feeling helpless, and I simply do not know the answer to this. Can you help me?
 posted in Youda Farmer on Feb 28, 13 7:29 AM
I want to know if there are any written DIRECTIONS! This is a cute and clever game, but it moves too fast and I do not understand the time wasting dust clouds. Can someone explain this to me? I am on 3 or 4. But it goes just too fast, money disappears before your eyes, at the same time, if you aren't unloading your product it disappears right off the truck.
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