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 posted in Art Mogul on Feb 19, 13 4:38 PM
I really enjoy the game and hope there will be sequel. As someone who enjoys art, this game is a real find. Granted it's not high up on graphics or music, but being able to see a glimpse of the inner workings of the art world from outside the artists' perspective is quite interesting. I am not saying it's 100% realistic, but does give a view of the behind the scenes concerning the dealers, auctioneers, curators and scammers. I know this game has also renewed my interest in art as well.
 posted in Art Mogul on Feb 19, 13 4:32 PM
As for counterfeit dealings, of course you want to make sure you have successfully find all of the flaws in the painting. When you have decided to take the painting, sell it to another cafe customer in another city. Here is an example:

Let's say you're in S.F. and you have narrowed down a counterfeit painting and for the sake of argument, the price has come down to $200. You buy that panting. Now, if you have progressed far enough, go to someplace like London and go to a cafe. Don't even bother going a gallery to try to sell it, unless you want more stars for having the dealer destroy the painting. Now, once you're in the cafe and if you have a customer, you will have choices as to how you want to sell it for; don't get too greedy. Go for the next highest price after you paid for the fake work. If you ask for too little, you will lose out on the deal. No one wants to lose money! Then once you have asked for an appropriate price, say $400, then proceed. There will be 3 kinds of circles that your marker needle will land on:. 1.) Gold [the deal is accepted]; 2.) gray/silver [no go]; 3.) Glowing red devil/demon [not only is the deal, but you have been exposed; lose some stars]. You can do pretty well with selling fake art as long as you move around frequently and have plenty of fakes and/or real art that is out of style. And not being too greedy can be helpful, as I said, the more you ask for a fake art piece, the more likely it will get turned down or exposed. Experiment as results are usually pretty random.
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