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 posted in The Legend of Sanna on Jan 16, 18 5:37 AM
Not sure if it is too old to get help?
I have some questions. I am just starting this game and want to know if the bugs have been fixed in the various levels mentioned in previous posts? I do NOT want to get half way and not be able to finish.

Now as to the questions.
1. When a new person is "made" and they disappear, where do they go? Are they sent somewhere that is helpful to the level?
2. When they disappear, are they deducted from the total number of people and if so why?
3. Seems strange to me that you make a person and it costs you food to do that. I think 9 points from the food total or something like that only to have them disappear. Why make them then in the first place.

If I can just get this question about the disappearing people answered I can start the game.

 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Oct 19, 17 9:00 PM
I played through twice and had to go to UTube walkthrough to finally see where it was. Once I saw it of course, it was DUH!! Like so many things can be. Once you know, then it seems so easy.
Now then, I had to really be careful where I clicked to get it to work. Plus you have to have the required stuff first.
Just click around the bottom and see if you can get it to work.

Have Fun!!
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Oct 19, 17 8:56 PM
pixie30 wrote:on level 10 the windmill wont work, has anyone else had this issue?
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Oct 19, 17 3:36 AM
Kao-Ri - Bonus levels

Hika Ri - Main game levels

Is this correct? Does anyone know the total number of levels for each?

Thanks, and
Have Fun !!!
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Oct 19, 17 3:33 AM
I found the same problem, however you can get past it if you go to the MAP and click on the next level .. the flag will move to that level and click again on that level and it wiil now play that level...
this happens once in awhile in the Kao-Ri levels.
Hope this works well for you. Also the game has level solutions in YouTube. If you should choose to view one there, be sure you have chosen the example that has a timer up in the left top corner.
Have Fun!!!!
 posted in Moai V: New Generation Collector's Edition on Oct 18, 17 10:13 AM
Not sure if anyone can help.
In the Kao-Ri bonus section level 19 it asks for a particular rune. I don't have it available in my backpack. What kind of difference does that make in the level?
And how can I obtain it?

Then also I need to know if I want to use the Rune of Clairvoyance to see what is in a chest, How would I use it?

Have Fun!!!
 posted in Gemsweeper on May 8, 17 7:51 AM
I know this is an old game. Does anyone know what the highest gem count is? Anyone keeping track?
Have to play this game for about three hours before it gets really challenging.
 posted in Island Realms on Mar 17, 16 10:58 AM
there is an icon at the top left of the screen where you can hire more men. At least that is what I am told. Not sure if this will help but it is something you can try.
Have fun!
 posted in Island Realms on Mar 17, 16 10:56 AM
uncheck the full screen. you have to wait for MS to send the windows 10 upgrade. I don't have the upgrade as yet either. But due to the tech support from BFG I did learn how to stop the flickering.
Have fun!
 posted in Rescue Team 5 on Mar 16, 16 3:02 PM
not fair to pay for a game that you can't complete. there should always be a way to bypass a should be built into the game. UGH..
 posted in Rescue Team 5 on Feb 18, 16 12:55 PM
Hi developers of Rescue Team 5...I play these games (and of course that means I have to purchase them first), which makes it possible for you to develop more games, HOWEVER, I play the games to relax and dealing with level 12 is NOT RELAXING. There should be a choice that if you want to skip the level you can! or somehow enable getting past it. I have played it now 11 times and still can't get all the folks out before the fire hits them. When I try to remove the brush it says that it is blocked so???? what the heck is the secret? I've gone back and made 3 stars in each level which is super fun.
Now can someone tell me how I can play the rest of the game that I paid good $$$$$ to do?
Have fun!
 posted in My Tribe on Sep 16, 15 11:02 AM
Is via barrels or crates the only way
Always Have FUN!!!
 posted in My Tribe on Aug 29, 15 12:20 AM
Let me add my support. I would love a sequel..ASAP, please All these HOG games and match 3, UGH!!! Get us something to PLAY....
 posted in The Promised Land on Dec 30, 14 1:30 PM
my mistake. it's 250 and you are correct, that is for the upgrade. I must be tired. I just put three guys on the ship and they are fixing it. Thanks for the prod in the right direction.
 posted in The Promised Land on Dec 30, 14 1:27 PM
Hi, thanks for the reply. I have 50 gold coins and can't get more. It wants 150 to fix the ship...that's what it says under way to get any more that I know of. I've played through this game twice. Do not remember this problem
 posted in The Promised Land on Dec 30, 14 6:16 AM
Can't fix the ship if I can't get more gold. How to do that does anyone know?
 posted in Moai: Build Your Dream on Dec 25, 14 11:57 AM
That is just so cool. At least you still agree with yourself! LOL - best ever.

And yes, I agree the Royal Envoys are fun. But the best PC game I have ever played is TOTEM TRIBE GOLD. I played this game at least 75 times, maybe even more. BFG does not have it, they only have Totem Tribe and that is about 1/2 as good as the GOLD version. You can get it from the mfg.
Don't buy into their Jotun game though it is totally off the grid and unless you want to spend eons of time trying to learn it, it just isn't worth it.
I also liked My Tribe and played that a lot - Flower Shop-Big City Break. I keep going back to a lot when I get bored with plain games like this one.
There are so many! If you have a lot of patience the Virtual Villagers series are great. I play two or three of them at the same time cause they take so long to build stuff.
Have fun!
 posted in My Tribe on Mar 9, 14 6:30 PM
If it is under the potions...and it does one use it ???
 posted in Avalon Legends Solitaire on Mar 9, 14 6:28 PM
would be nice to know if and where the instructions are for this game. Can't seem to see them and I have the game purchased.
 posted in My Tribe on Dec 15, 13 6:13 PM
Once solved and you go to the next island .. even if it is one of the mystery choices, it still doesn't show. From the map view you can see it but when you go there - nothing.
Just wondering if anyone has had the moderator tell you what the solution is?
"have fun"
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