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 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 25, 18 7:30 AM
Before this Forum goes, I just thought I would give you an update on my stickers. It is now a full year since I got my last one at the beginning of May 2017, to bring my total to 98/100.

Until September I was selling the duplicates, but since then I have saved them. Since September I have received 334 sticker packs (all dupes) and now have 1002 duplicate stickers. I estimate that I sold 500 between May and September, so that is a total of 1500 dupes in the full year. If this doesn't illustrate that there is something wrong with their sticker provision, I don't know what will.

I am now going to cash them all in for the useful 5000 coins, and will start again for another year to compare. I have no confidence that I will ever receive the missing two!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 25, 18 6:42 AM
Congratulations Fred! You certainly raced through World 18 ahead of the rest of us

I have been quietly creeping along, and have just managed to get to the end and have collected the 11 items, ready for the next world, but still have most second and third tiers of the other levels to complete. Once I got to Level 90, that became my favourite for collecting fireflies. It is just as easy as 47, and I think yields more - up to 200 of each.

I found the worst level of them all was 64. Once the tiles drop away from the 3 pets at the top, there seems no way to release them other than to rely on vertical lines, and getting 9 hits was well nigh impossible. Infuriatingly, on the one occasion when I did get the pets released, they all fell into black holes down the sides from where I could not retrieve them! I failed 9 times in a row, and in the end I only managed to get past this one by taking in a set of rockets and a trinket, and dread trying to get the 2nd and 3rd tiers. What did the rest of you do?

I found the whole World quite difficult and not very enjoyable. Far from making a profit, so far I am down 1500 coins from where I started (all spent on extra moves), and have used more boosts than usual, especially about 10 hammers on the corners of 109. I sure hope the next World is better!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Mar 11, 18 9:38 AM
silver_hawk - you are the Master! I am just amazed and in awe at the speed with which you got through World 17! It has taken me over a week longer to accomplish what you achieved in two days!

Thank you also for your description of your "scheme" - I can confirm that it is working for me (although eli173 seems to think that it isn't). I thought that it was a very lucky glitch for just you in your game, but lo and behold, the keys were there for me too, although I was only able to take advantage of Fox's gifts once, as I had already opened several gates and collected items beforehand. Also, I struggled to get the 5000 flies for the last gate and had to play some of the locals items levels to meet it. I did not feel it was worth building the balloon at that point.

However, if it is still there in the next new World, it will be a very useful scheme to employ from the beginning

I do now have the problem of the missing Resources Bar. While I was playing levels, it was alright, but now I am all finished it has disappeared.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Feb 22, 18 6:11 AM
Finally made it to the end of Level 10, but finished down 450 coins for extra moves and used 5 hammers overall. Didn't really consider the rewards worth it, as I will never be playing for 6 hours straight, so the lives are wasted. If future Events are going to be as difficult as the last two, then I don't think I'll be using boosts in future.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Feb 22, 18 6:03 AM
silver_hawk wrote:

Kuddles3. I think I've figured out what the banner with the 2 and 1 dot means. It's just an icon (picture) to indicate that the stat is for how many levels completed. The number itself doesn't mean anything.

Thank you silver_hawk. Yes I see it now, there is a cup to signify "Trophies", so the banner is the icon for "Levels".

Still annoying that the figure is wrong, as, once all levels are completed it should show we are at the maximum UNTIL we enter the next World, when the new 110 levels should be added!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Feb 13, 18 5:42 PM
I agree entirely with what eli173 says. The whole thing is extremely difficult, and by far the hardest Event we have ever had.

I too failed several times on Level 1, then eventually got through it. I have now made it to the end of Level 4, with the use of 4 hammers along the way. I am using the Xmas outfit which gives 3 extra moves, but that is barely enough.

I am saving Level 5 for another day, but fully expect to fail, if it is similar to the rest, and won't be using boosts unless I am very close and see I can win. The rewards are not great, and 4 hours of lives is of little use to me with no levels to play. At the very least, these immunity awards should be able to be banked to use when we want.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Feb 10, 18 3:07 PM
I too have finished all Worlds at all Levels, and my stats are also 1760/1870. It has been this way for a long time (at least six months since I noticed) that the stats are always 110 behind, as if we have missed a World. There is also a Shield by the word "Levels", with a number 2 in it and underneath 3 dots. Only the first dot of mine is filled in, as if to suggest I am only at the first stage of something.

It is all just another glitch that we have to blithely ignore - like the stickers!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Feb 4, 18 7:16 AM
Indeed - make the most of it!

It will be interesting to see if this continues in subsequent Worlds, as it is going to save you a lot of coins and effort, especially in collecting the 11 items in the last stage of each World, which has become the norm lately and are always very difficult. Fingers crossed for you
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Feb 3, 18 4:43 PM
silver_hawk - well done for being almost through the Sweet Stop, and for increasing your coins!

To answer your questions: No, there is no additional reward for collecting the items, other than to get you through the gate.

Usually you do need to collect those things to get through the gate, so if you have them already without collecting them, that sounds like a (very handy!) glitch in your game! (I wish I had it!).

You can check by looking to see if the crackers, etc. are still showing against various levels, indicating you have not collected them, even though you have them at the gate. I know you are an experienced player, and have no doubt done this already.

I do not remember the Sweet Stop specifically, and cannot now look, but all I can think of is that maybe in that World the articles were available on the first or second tier, rather than the third tier where they have been lately. I hope this helps.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Feb 2, 18 7:38 AM
gohill wrote:

I didn't keep track of how many dupes... did sell them off when they reached about 50 before buying more packs... Since I've been selling dupes for about 10 months, who knows just how many dupes there have been, I imagine it's in the middle to high hundreds...

OK, thank you. I was actually meaning the number of dupes (or sticker packs) you bought during the experiment, not previous ones, but never mind.

In the meantime, I have done a few calculations. If we take my dupes during the last 9 months, 870 (I have rounded that up to 900 for easier sums) . . . . that equates to 300 sticker packs - remember I have not received one new sticker from them.

If I had BOUGHT 300 sticker packs at 125 coins each = 37,500
If I had sold all 900 dupes at 5 coins each = 4,500
Total cost (or loss) = 32,350 coins, less reward of 750

Gohill's experiment shows that the missing stickers DO show up in bought packs, at anything from a loss of 1000 (very lucky, in my opinion!), to 10,000 or 13,500.

This seems a very expensive way to get a reward of 750 coins, so I shall not be pursuing that route. I figure my coins can be better used in future Worlds, and I work hard to hang on to them!

It does reveal that the odds of getting them from bought packs are far higher than waiting for them, and that there is a serious problem with the normal in-game drop rate, which the developers have chosen to not fix. Instead they have been intent on reducing the provision of coins to us.

I find it very strange that they are so stingy in this game, when in Midnight Castle (made by the same developers) they have just had a Xmas Event showering up to 750,000 coins on players, when there is no shortage of coins or ways to get them in that game in the first place!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Feb 1, 18 4:45 PM
gohill wrote:
Teel59 wrote:So - to sum up - you do NOT get the 4 missing stickers from normal play - you MUST buy them using coins?

I don't know if you MUST buy them using coins... but, after about 10 months of only needing those last 4 stickers and just getting dupes from the game itself, it sure does feel like it's the only way to get them....

No, you don't HAVE to buy them using coins . . . . as I have said before, I have received two of them from normal play.

However, the last one was at the beginning of May 2017, so 9 months and 870 dupes later, I have still not received the other two, and I am beginning to lose hope of ever getting them.

But I too have much patience, and I will NOT be buying them!

Gohill - thank you for your experiment, and I found it very interesting, and telling, that you DID manage to get all but one of these stickers by buying them. I know you provided your total loss figures, but just out of interest, do you have a note of the number of dupes you received from the buying in each game before completing the set - for comparison with mine?
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Jan 31, 18 6:18 PM
silver_hawk wrote:

I spend the coins to upgrade the balloons to it's max 1500 shipments in each new world and ship, ship, ship constantly to avoid having to replay levels for fireflies.

In the end, if I can make it past worlds 14 and 15 without going broke I may get to play world 16. We shall see. I'm not in any hurry. Just playing when I have a few minutes here and there to spare.

Since the downgrade in availability of coins, I have become much more cautious about how I spend them, and consequently play quite a bit slower, but I still get there.

I would recommend that you can save coins by not upgrading the balloon to its max 1500. When the balloon first appeared, I upgraded it to 800 in the next two Worlds, then kept it at 400 for the rest, and in this latest World (16) I only had it at 200. It does take longer, but over time you will get enough. Say, for the last two stages, we need 3000 + 5000 = 8000; even at 200, if you sent it twice a day, you would have them all within 3 weeks, plus you will accumulate some by progressing through levels. In addition, I look for a level which I know I can beat which gives several hundred flies of each colour to replay repeatedly. (In World 16, it was Level 75, which I replayed 15 or 20 times while waiting for the balloon).

silver_hawk wrote:

I don't buy the books either. I do occasionally go back to early levels to collect from the firefly farms that were built prior to the balloons being added.

I note what you say about shipping partial loads, but as you have firefly farms established, I would recommend collecting from them every time you open your game, then you will never be short of fireflies again.

I have 3 or 4 farms in most Worlds up to Haunted Carnival (7). My routine is:-

Open game, go to World 1, and immediately play the Arena. THEN I go round all the worlds collecting fireflies, and sell in the shop. This takes approximately 5 minutes, by which time the Arena is open to play again. This has netted me hundreds of thousands of fireflies in most worlds - more than I can ever use up, and I just wish we could sell more for extra coins.

If I have a current World to work on, I will then play levels for 10 mins till the 3rd Arena opens, after which I leave and come back to it later to do the 4th Arena and send another balloon shipment.

Silver_hawk - As you are happy to play fairly slowly, I hope maybe these tips may help you.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Jan 31, 18 6:34 AM
irishlavender wrote:Thank you both BoutjeFedankt and Linda43416 for agreeing with me
I must say I'm a bit disapointed that more players haven't (bothered?) to comment on this level.

I didn't comment because I wasn't QUITE as enthused as you, and thought I would wait until I had finished, to get an overall picture of the whole World. Now that I have all levels at Tier 3, yes, I did increase my coins by about 3,000 so it must have been a bit easier - but that was mainly on the earlier levels.

I found that during the second half, levels 55-110, the difficulty ramped up again quite steeply and I had to buy quite a lot of extra moves like before in order to get it finished, especially on the third tiers. There are many levels with only 15 moves, and I find that this is never enough to get through a third tier.

Also, like missbethann says, getting those last 11 articles was certainly very tough.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Dec 17, 17 6:29 PM
There is also another thread discussing the stickers here:

As I reported there, I have 98 out of the 100, having received the last one back in May 2017 - 7 months ago!

Since September, I have stopped selling the duplicates, purely to see how many it takes before I receive another unique sticker.

I currently have 360 dupes, and had probably sold about 300 between May and September, so that is nearly 700 dupes without receiving a new one.

This is just plain wrong, and seems to be a deliberate ploy by the developers to prevent us getting the reward of 750 much-needed coins. There have been plenty of updates in the intervening time when they had the opportunity to correct this but have done nothing.

The fact that it seems NONE of us have received one of these stickers since May cannot be coincidence, and as Fred suggested, is bordering on the illegal when people may be using real money to purchase packs without any hope of finishing the Album.

 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Dec 17, 17 5:50 PM

What a totally useless Event!

I am currently at Level 90 in the last World 15, Desert Canyon (going much more slowly than usual to conserve coins). I have 3 gift boxes, but two of the boxes are in the next section of 10 levels from 90-100, and one box is in the section from 100-110, behind a second gate.

As I am presently trapped behind a gate requiring 3500 of each firefly and an artifact, and I only have 1500 of each firefly, it is going to take me some time to get enough fireflies to progress, and there is no way that I will be receiving any of the gifts before the (very short) deadline expires. I am certainly not going to hurry through 15 levels to receive rewards of 22(!) coins, 2 useless sticker packs and a couple of other things from all 3 boxes.

So, although I have not finished everything, I am in the same boat as irishlavender and am being prevented from participating, so I will have to join the protest march too

This game just seems to get worse and worse!
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Oct 12, 17 6:15 PM
I agree with gohill, and the rest of you, this sounds like very bad news indeed!

Coins are the biggest problem in this game, and provision of them to us should be INCREASED – not decreased. Unlike gohill, I DO complete all third levels, and have done so in all Worlds, but yes it is expensive to do that, and gohill you are not alone in losing money – I think everyone will do that. As an example, the last World, Dark Dungeon, cost me around 16,000 coins. It took the 10,000 coins and any rewards I earned for completing all levels, plus about 6,000 out of my “savings”. This has been consistent for the last few Worlds.

After all levels are completed, there is no way for me to get more coins, except from the Arena (paltry rewards), the Mine, and selling in the Shop. I was getting approximately 150 a day - about 100 from the shop, and 45 from the mine (sometimes 90, if I got in more than once). At that rate, you can see that it is a long slog to even get back to where I was. If the shop is now reduced to 35, and 15 from the mine, it will be well nigh impossible to proceed at 50 a day, as it would take me 4 months just to recoup what I lost on the previous world each time.

In contrast, some of my Worlds have half a million fireflies, increasing by 1,000 a day where I have 3 max firefly farms of the same colour, yet it only allows me to sell about 100 a day for 30 coins. This makes no sense at all. Even with shipping, they are accumulating far faster than I can use them, so why can’t I sell more for more money?

I have not completed level 10 of the Birthday Event, as I am saving that for the weekend when I will have more time. Neither have I done the new update, and from what I read here, I will hold off as long as possible.

Surely they should want people to enjoy the game, not face an impossible struggle. I see players frustrated by being stuck on levels which are too difficult and the only way past is to spend lots of coins, yet they are reducing the coins available. Even those of us who have been fairly successful are struggling, and I can see many players leaving before long if this continues. That would be a big shame, as it is a great game in many ways - but the fun is dwindling. Instead of wasting time producing a useless map, the developers should be concentrating on correcting the fundamental flaws which are presently inherent.

 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Sep 28, 17 8:13 AM

Linda - I did just test this, and leaving the game does not cause the Infinity Timer to be lost.

I did Level 10 of the Event to gain the 2 hour Infinity, and when I had finished the Arena there was still one hour left. I left the game for 20 minutes, and when I went back, it was showing 40 mins left.

So I cannot help you with why yours disappeared. Sorry, and I hope it doesn't happen again for you.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Sep 27, 17 5:04 PM

For some reason, I had never noticed this very helpful thread!

I do not have the Unicorn Outfit as I did not know how to find a new player.

So if a new player would like to use my code, please do, and you will get 100 gold coins and I will get the outfit.

You will need to play on a PC, and my code is ED6DH

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy playing the game

 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Sep 27, 17 3:34 PM

Yes! - the butterflies in this were particularly tricky I thought.

I have just checked and mine is still there waiting for me, so yours shouldn't have disappeared at 9.

You probably did finish it without realising, as I have done this before. I once finished a 4 hour one without intending to at 1 am, and I certainly wasn't going to stay up till 5 am to use it!

However, if you did actually lose it, that is a great shame and very frustrating for you. I hope this doesn't start happening in general.

Although I often don't use all the time, I don't think I have ever gone back to see if it is still running after I have left the game, to see if this has a bearing on it. If it does, this would be very unfair, but I can probably test this tomorrow, when I won't need 2 hours to do the Arena. I will report back.
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Sep 27, 17 7:42 AM

Yes, I have the Joust Event. I have only taken it to Level 9 for the moment.

Did you finish it? Because the reward is immunity for only 2 hours, so if you didn't use it and left the game for that time, it will have gone.

That is why I save the last level (10 or 5) of Events until it is convenient for me. With no World levels to do at present, I shall use it in the Arena tomorrow.
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