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 posted in Life Quest® 2: Metropoville on May 15, 16 2:32 AM
If you have an active flu shot you can go to the place regardless of the illness warning. You won't get ill.

If you already got ill you have to relax 5 + times at home to get better.
 posted in Life Quest® 2: Metropoville on Mar 28, 16 5:36 AM
I understand what you're saying. The friends have a couple of lines that they repeat, and it's such a long game. Eventually you just stop calling them. I got them all bikes so at least they get to our outings faster than at a snail's pace.

I started re-playing this after a long while and I was thinking it would be fun to have Life Quest 3 with new challenges. Me, too, I wish I could go grocery shopping. Also I wish there was family time after you get the babies. Like when you call your spouse to spend time at home you don't actually get to spend time with them at home. Also there's that park that you never get to go to, it's always a closed area. Maybe a little less career-oriented game would be nice. BUT with challenging tasks.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower on Mar 28, 16 4:39 AM
Did you knock on the door and did you have a conversation with her? She'll take the boots eventually. If you leave the boots during night time she won't answer the door if you knock. She'll probably take them in the morning. Even if you talk to her she'll just ask you to leave the boots outside the door. So I think you can just leave them there.
 posted in Luxor on Feb 11, 16 7:39 PM
I finally beat 13-10 after about 20-25 tries. I was about to give up, but thanks to you and phlamingophred I kept trying. I thought I'd be replaying level 13 forever for a while there.

All I can say is keep catching coins for extra lives, and power ups. I think those really helped me win, more than being really really quick.

I bought the bundle pack and I think it's good value for money. It's nice to continue with Amun rising after beating the first game.
 posted in Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen on Nov 15, 15 3:31 AM
Bobinette1 wrote:Could someone explain why every post, except this one, is blocked??????????

I've checked a few game forums that are in the same situation. I just don't get why.

Thanks in advance for the answer.

Hi, I think that posts are only active for 6 months, or after that time the thread is locked. I'm not absolutely sure about the time. IMO it would be a good thing if the threads were open for longer because people play these games over years and might have something valuable to add to a conversation.

To answer your question about Lily's code, do you mean the numbers sheet to open her trunk? The first part is found in one of the tunnels, behind the bird painting. The second part is given to you by Jamila when you talk to her after searching her bag. I hope this helps.
 posted in Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance on Jan 13, 15 1:03 AM
This is just in case someone else gets stuck with this puzzle. I got stuck for awhile because the colored tiles didn't fit the frame, especially the green one on the bottom. However, just by lifting each tile up again one by one, and dropping them back in the frame, eventually the light turned green and I was able to move on...
 posted in Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships on Jan 12, 15 1:38 AM
Hi, I was wondering if you're still stuck with the game, have you noticed there's a really good walkthrough online? I'm sure it will help with the bat detector puzzle.

I just played this game again over Christmas, and as I recall some of the very first things I did was find a shovel in the shed near the golf cart and go digging on the beach at Shark Cove. Another thing you could do is go talk to the guy who lives at Sangre Beach, because he will give you tasks to do in exchange for some things you need from him.

Good luck!
 posted in Strange Cases: The Faces of Vengeance on Jan 11, 15 11:51 PM
I'm not sure if this will help at all, but I just passed that point in the game a while ago so I still remember it vaguely.
Like you, I tried hitting the wall with various objects I had in my inventory, but nothing worked at first.

Luckily, I was able to find other stuff to do in the game, and eventually, I found something for my inventory that worked.

There was no special spot to hit in the wall, i just dropped the inventory item on the wall and it broke.

I don't remember which item it was exactly, but now I definitely have two different metal bar type things in my inventory.

What i do remember is, I had to do quite a few other things and visit a few different locations before i was able to break the wall. I actually forgot all about the wall in between because the game took me to a new direction for a while.
Hopefully you've been able to crack it by now

 posted in Life Quest® 2: Metropoville on Mar 23, 14 7:54 PM
I'm not sure if this has been covered before, but if you want to get a head start in the game, it's not that hard to get elected Mayor on day 9. However in my experience this requires you get at least 50% discount on the electric bike on day 2. Otherwise you won't have enough time or money.

If you manage to buy the fast bike cheaply on day 2, you then proceed to make 3 friends quickly. This may be a problem, but there's usually a buch of people hanging at the mall, and you usually meet Amy or Anthony at the college.

I do the college course challenge first, followed by the getting a job that pays 15$ challenge. Then I do the athletic gear challenge because you win a few dollars if you do that and you're going to the mall anyway. Then go directly for the 350 charm challenge, and then select the Mayor challenge.

As soon as you've done the language course, sell the language book and your assigned clothes at the pawn shop to have enough money for the jazz dance course. You really don't have time to do anything else before that, no gym etc.

You should be able to start campaigning on day 7. In some places it only takes one click to get to the top of the list of candidates.

This is the only way the Wage War trophy makes sense to me. Otherwise you'll have to work for a 15$ wage until the next election, and that's just so long! If I don't get a good discount on the bike on day 2, I never even go for that trophy.

My career path in the beginning is Dishwasher - Fry Cook - Masseuse, and on day 9, I change for Assistant Manager.
 posted in Life Quest® 2: Metropoville on Mar 23, 14 7:22 PM
Hi there,
Under the fist tab, called General Information, there is a list that goes: Job, Total Earned, Total Spent, Bank Account, and finally Total Score. I don't know if other things affect the score, but I would imagine since these things are mentioned on the list, they must have some effect.
 posted in Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek on Mar 20, 14 10:20 PM
I agree that the Fox & Geese game was hard!

The same thing that happened to Liz_Lemon, happened to me, because you get the instructions for the final 3 games way before you can actually play them.

I didn't realize that first, you have to find the pig key, with some help from the wolf in the vaults, and replace the fox figure on the board with the pig key. So I cornered the fox correctly in one of the corners, and nearly cried with frustration when nothing happened at all!

I wish the game instructions had come a bit later. There was just soo much information in Trapper Dan's diary, After finding the diary, it's best just to concentrate on cracking the code and finding the animal keys.

It took me hours to finally beat the game. It seems that winning was partly down to blocking the pig, and partly just luck. Sometimes the pig moves in the direction you want, sometimes not.

 posted in Nancy Drew: Secret of the Scarlet Hand on Aug 3, 13 11:52 PM
Thanks so much valhollis! I was looking for this number everywhere!
 posted in Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull on Jul 15, 13 12:48 AM
This is how I beat the bowling game - - it's easy because you only use two arrow lenghts (longest possible and shortest possible) so you don't need to guess about the lenght of the arrow. I found this so consistent I had no trouble getting the easter egg (change all tiles to chicken) after receiving the eyeball.

To flip back row, use the longest arrow length only.
-Upper tile: point arrow right in the middle of second diamond from bottom. Be careful to point exactly in the middle of the diamond. Pull back to make arrow as long as you can.
-Lower tile: point arrow right in the middle of the second diamond from top. Again point exactly in the middle of the diamond.
-Middle tile: Point longest possible arrow all the way down as far as it can go.

Middle row (this took me a couple of times to get right)
Again, use the longest possible arrow length only
-Lower tile: aim just slightly down from the center of the middle diamond (so point at the center of the middle diamond then lower arrow slightly)
-Middle tile: Similarly, but aim just slightly upwards from the center of the middle diamond.
-Upper tile: Aim a little bit higher from previous, past the middle diamond (arrow is still clearly closer to the diamond in the middle, than the next one up).

Front row: This was easy enough by trial and error, but a foolproof way to get the corner tiles for me was to aim shortest possible arrow all the way down as far as it goes (to flip upper tile) and shortest possible arrow all the way up as far as it can go (for lower tile).

Here's hoping this might help someone! -Lila
 posted in Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy on Jul 14, 13 2:38 AM
Hi shatirtaw,

It's been awhile since you asked the question, and I hope you already found the solution! Just in case, here's how it worked for me:

As you click on the save button (the floppy disk), the game suggests a name under which to save. You'll have to change this to something else. If you just click "save" without changing the name that's already there, your progress won't be saved. Also make sure you don't choose "New game" in the middle of a game since that can also erase your progress. This happened to me - I tried to start a second game for my niece so we could have taken turns playing but I ended up having to start over.

I hope you had luck with the game!
 posted in Monopoly ® on May 11, 13 12:29 AM
Hi Les,

I'd been wondering about that too. I just read in another thread that the "old version" (which I think refers to the previous Monopoly Here & Now" PC game), has been taken down. It's a shame, IMO that version was nicer to play because the board didn't move. I guess I'll be waiting for yet another PC version to come out: hopefully there will be one soon enough since there seems to have been quite a few problems with this one..
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