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 posted in Midnight Castle on Jan 22, 18 6:31 PM
Where is this at? and what level is it on? I don't think I've seen it - would like to check it out. Just entering into Atlantis on main game. Thanks!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Dec 26, 17 10:18 AM
Hello! Are either of these IDs you?

PM 74435 = 418324
PM Merry Christmas = 634214

I have you as a friend, ID 719392 PM new PC, on one of my games and invited you on my Lily M game.

They were showing active last night. If these are yours and no good please let me know so I can delete them. Thanks
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 30, 17 12:05 PM
Just curious. Since the Fall event ends today, is anyone still trying to catch that last unique ghost for the achievement?

I have one more azure ghost, the 3 headed dog Cerberus and not having much luck. I had no problems getting all the other ghosts. Been trying on and off today but won't have much time to keep at it as I have other things to get to today.

Will you keep trying till the last minute or give up and wait till next season? Just wondering what others are doing out there. Thanks
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 28, 17 9:41 PM
Thank You guys for the warm and encouraging thoughts I appreciate them.
You always put me in a good mood no matter what is going on in real life.

You do so much for everyone in the forums and games; glad you are here.

Czoe: did you say where in Minnesota you are? If so, I forgot and I apologise. I am having issues with memory, confusion and visual (part of why I am not in the castle as much as I would like). If you are close to the Twin Cities area and would like to get together one day, let me know. Always good to meet new friends

Thank You all for your encouragement and support. Hope to keep in touch more often as life allows

 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 28, 17 1:04 PM
Thanks Sharp Eye for checking up on me. Appreciate it. I admit I am tired now and need a break before the next event (if the Devs give us one- a break that is). Lots going on in real life too that needs "tending to"

I'd rather hang out in the castle with you guys

 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 28, 17 12:55 PM
Hello Friends! All I can say is WOW! OMG!! HOLY COW BATMAN!!
I was hoping for just a little bit of help to get through the Fall CC. Instead, I ended up with more friends than I can handle that just came "out of nowhere" all willing to help with CC items. I am extremely, extremely grateful for all your help; it means alot knowing there are others out there with good hearts. I was able to finish the CC even though it still took me quite awhile; I would not have been able to without the help of everyone here. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

I lost track of who want to be permanent friends and who want to be "seasonal" friends.
I am hoping most of you will be able to stay with me for the Holiday/Winter event and the Spring event as I will probably need help then too. If you need to delete me because you have too many friends now, I will understand. I do not plan to delete anyone myself other than those that have been "inactive" for many months (since last spring's event or longer).

I will do what I can to return gifts to those that have been helping but it will take some time, so please be patient. I am still recovering from the overwhelming response I got. Just know that you are appreciated

Good Luck and Best Wishes to those that are still working on the challenge

THANK YOU again to each and everyone of you here. I appreciate it
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 26, 17 12:45 PM
Thank You for responding; it is appreciated.

Lily Munster = 534778
Marilyn Munster = 618363

Thank You all
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 26, 17 11:48 AM
Hello Everyone! I am way behind on the Castle Challenge and am trying to catch up (crazy as it is so late). I am currently on "get 15 orange candy". If I can get help with the "swaps" - orange candy, ghost traps and unusual stamps I may be able to finish this one. I am also in need of candies for the "15 trades with children" coming up.

I hate to ask but if anyone out there is willing to help, I appreciate it. I've updated the wish list and put notes "need orange candy for CC" and will change it once I get that task done. Will update list as I go along. I have quite a few friends but no way to know what their inventory is like or how many friends they have to take care of and quite a few that are "inactive".

I know it sounds nuts but would like to try to finish this challenge (and hope there's a nice long break before the next one). Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

Thank You!

 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 1, 17 10:25 PM
Just curious - did anyone "splurge" on the Ghost Trap sale? I bought at least 1 or 200 for each game (possibly a little more; lost track). Didn't want to use all my diamonds since I will probably need them for pet medallions during the castle challenges.

Anyone buy over 300 or 500? Over 1,000??

Thank You Big Fish for the sale; we really did appreciate it!!

Both of my games are in sad shape as I am not able to play much these days so this type of sale helps a lot so I can try to participate in the challenges and seasonal events.
 posted in Midnight Castle on Nov 1, 17 7:27 PM
The world just got crazier - add Thornton Colorado. "Breaking News" a few minutes ago; another shooting inside a Walmart in Colorado - "multiple injuries" - no details yet. It's seems like these events are becoming more frequent. Not sure what to think. I usually check the news on the "web' while I eat supper and then check the "forums" here to see "what's happening". I am almost wary to look at the news anymore - not sure if it will be good or bad.

More people to send "thoughts and prayers" to

Perhaps we can find some good news in the world to celebrate and rejoice in

I'd rather write about fun, happy events and bring happiness to others than sad ones.
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Oct 12, 17 6:40 PM
Do you have to "log in" every day through Facebook to get the daily chest? and the reward for playing 30 days in a row? I have an "android" phone and have played at least a couple of days in a row and haven't seen any chests. I do not have a Facebook account. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 17, 17 10:06 PM
Finally finished - what a relief! I was a week, sometimes even a week and a half, behind during the whole challenge. Finally had some time Friday and Saturday night to get both games caught up (quite tiring) so all I had left for tonight was "catching flowers" for coins. YAY!

Congratulations to all of you who persevered through, despite the obstacles

Will be taking it easy for awhile to "recharge" my batteries.

Thank You to everyone who helped (not just me but others as well); whether it was stamps, airships items or advice in the forum, you are always appreciated


 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 3, 17 5:05 PM
Thank You all for your responses; it is appreciated

Sharp Eye and Myhashen: Thank You for the offers of help.

Sharp Eye: You are already a friend on my Marilyn Munster game but not Lily;
I sent you an invite but do not feel obligated to accept it - your thoughtfulness is
what counts

Myhashen: You are already a friend in both of my games - I update the "wishlist" every so often as I progress through game as to what I may need. However, I didn't think about putting pet food on it as I assume everyone else needs that too.

I started on it a little bit last night, hoping to maybe work on it a little more tonight and tomorrow. But like most people here, I am low on pretty much everything except diamonds (in good shape there).

Got hit with a nasty cold/virus since last weekend so really not up to doing much

We'll see how it goes. Merlin sure is tempting. All thoughts, ideas, etc are always welcome. Thanks!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Sep 1, 17 8:18 PM
Just wondering if anyone had started on the Castle Challenges late? How many days passed before you began working on it? Were you able to finish? How long did it take?

I know there are a lot of variables in this question depending on people's circumstances but curious if anyone out there has experienced this.

I know "challenges" are optional but I like to participate in them if possible.
Due to many health and personal issues I haven't been able to play as much.
I barely made it through the last "challenge" and haven't even started on this one yet.

Just looking for others' advice and experiences if willing to share

 posted in Gummy Drop! on Aug 28, 17 6:10 PM
Thank You for the help! It worked! Guess I just had to be more patient. I am new to the "mobile" games. I play Gummy Drop on my PC but PC doesn't have any of the special events that the "mobile" games does.

Why is that? When they have special events for Midnight Castle, it's on all platforms.

PS Only made it to Level 2 on Mt Everest - looks like this event might be a tough one. Will work on it later when I have more time to play.

Thanks again for the quick response. It is appreciated
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Aug 28, 17 12:11 PM
Closed out of the game completely. Went back in and nothing "popped up" for the Everest challenge. I played a couple of more levels of the game but still nothing.
I have an LG X Charge phone (android).

My only option is Sydney and the "passport" isn't ready yet. Does that make any difference?

What am I missing
 posted in Gummy Drop! on Aug 28, 17 11:33 AM
Hello! I have just installed Gummy Drop on my smart phone. Only at Level 2. How do I get to the Mt Everest Challenge and the Summer Camp Challenge?

I would like to be able to take part in those fun things (ex: last year they had Transylvannia, etc).

Your help is appreciated. Thanks
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 21, 17 11:09 AM
Here in Minnesota (Twin Cities) it's cloudy and rainy with thunderstorms moving in.
We were only supposed to see a "partial glimpse" anyway but still would have been nice to catch a little bit of it

Been watching it on TV; it really is awesome to see
Thousands of people are gathering all over the country to see it; WOW!

Congratulations to those of you who can enjoy the awesome experience in person

 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 19, 17 10:20 AM
by Desertdruid on August 19, 6:43 AM

I much prefer not having DST, totally agree about Mother Nature's clock.
The only bad part is part of the year we're in the Pacific time zone, & the rest we're in the Mountain time zone, so you always have to stop & think where you are in relation to the rest of the country to figure out what time it is there.
It also messes up the local tv stations, trying to stay in sync with the national broadcasts. It seems like every time we switch to Pacific, they compensate in the wrong direction & put us on the Central schedule! It's pretty funny.

I'd be so confused!
It would be so much simpler if everybody just stopped observing DST. It really serves no purpose anymore.

I agree 100%. You either turn your lights on earlier at night when it's dark by 4pm here or you turn them on earlier in the morning when it's dark till 7am or so - I see no difference in saving electricity.

Personally, I am a night owl, so prefer darker in the mornings (to "sleep in") and more light later at night
Not a fan of "time" either - don't like having a tell me when I have to do something
 posted in Midnight Castle on Aug 18, 17 9:30 PM

by 1457051 on August 17, 10:16 PM

Is staying in our own room one of the choices? I'd love to hang out in my Spring room!

Of course; there will be a Spring Room, Christmas Room and Private Room - will add a Fall/Halloween Room if there are enough requests for one.

by westwind02 on August 18, 2:55 PM

If MC was real I would has to have some tea cups and vampire tea!! I love castles but I have never been to one. It is on my bucket list

Will add vampire tea to the brewing machine concoctions

Desertdruid on August 18, 7:23 AM

Also need ideas for a bakery ……

Batwing cookies, apple core candy, cinnamon muffins, etc

Don't forget all those blueberries for the muffins! And can we please melt that piece of chocolate & dip the strawberries in it?

Swords, daggars, necklaces, books, rings, etc

I still say we need a summer Renaissance Festival where all these things could be for sale by different vendors (us!).

Will do my best to incorporate those ideas

by playingthegame on August 17, 11:21 PM

You are all such romantics!
Castles are dirty, dusty, draughty and smelly places to stay or live in.
I know!
I stayed in one such "fairy tale" medieval establishment in France a while ago and I have NEVER been bitten by fleas and bed bugs so much in all my life! But if you want to continue with this romantic illusion let us get commercial!


Don't worry- my version of MC will be a dignified, enjoyable experience as true to the game as possible - no commercialism or "touristy" stuff. Besides, the spiders, snakes, lizards and bats will eat those bedbugs and fleas


Liked Rose Red as well. Did not know WA had castles. I may have to come visit your state one day - maybe buy one there for MC.

12earth45 on August 17, 10:28 PM

cbtx wrote:
T-shirts, lots of t-shirts!

I actually asked customer service ( when they asked me what type of compensation I wanted to resolve an issue) for MC anything...

Answere : they don't have any for purchase......or for compensation

So, it's up to you GoMinnesotaWild!

just make sure I can use my Amazon Prime 2-day shipping option

Crystal ;P

Will do Will throw in a plush Felix free as well
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