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Dear fishies ,
We’re glad to be back with you once again!
This time and with Twilight Phenomena 2 : Strange Menagerie the whole experience is going to be one that most definitely, you’re not going to forget!
Having said that let’s see where will we be actually heading this time?
This one is going to be a long trip to Mexico to find your cousin Mary while having the cutest little assistant EVER!
The most adorable little raccoon that you could ever imagine, awfully charming and super entertaining but certainly that is not the only thing that makes this game AMAZING!
There is something about this game and its brilliant atmosphere that you’ll be perfectly picturing yourself blending in the ancient Mexican culture, its most hidden mystery and marvelous beauty!
You fishies certainly deserve only the very best and we do know that!
SO we are constantly thinking of ways of making you enjoy the game even more and this time, we’ll be surprising you EVERMORE!
YES! Starting with Twilight Phenomena : Strange Menagerie YOU the player would be having two of the following options:
a. To play the game WITH the Hidden Object Scenes
b. To play the game WITHOUT the Hidden Object Scenes

We’ve done our best and hope that you’ll be enjoying every minute of the game!

ERS Game Studios

 posted in Haunted Legends: The Curse of Vox Collector's Edition on Jun 25, 13 1:50 AM
Dear fishies,

We’re here with Haunted Legends: The Curse of Vox
YES! It’s Haunted Legends so as you expect, the dwarf will be following you here and there. WHERE?

This time, taking you to Filler’s house and you’ll be more than amazed to discover all that is going on there.

Some Say the house is Cursed!
Others Say they're seeing ghosts!

Yet in the middle of all this, you get to do some of the things that perhaps you’ve always been waiting to do, things like gardening. Imagine a game inside a game! Imagine having your own garden where you can plant different seeds.

AND when you get tired of gardening, you can let the ghosts entertain you. That’s right! One of them will actually be playing his violin for you.
You will also be collecting ancient rings. Of course each ring comes with its own mystery and it is for you to discover its story. Perhaps another amusing love story!
As you see there is plenty to do. You will even get to revisit the Hidden Object scenes and replay the puzzles.

You can also upgrade the hint button that comes in the form of a clock this time.
AND for those of you who would like to the ERS team, there is a picture of us there WAITING FOR YOU!

Happy Gaming !

 posted in Reveries: Sisterly Love Collector's Edition on Jun 7, 13 1:46 AM
Dear fishies,

I am right here and I know you have loads of questions, and all kinds of requests and that is exactly why I am here.

You see we have different departments here and it is my job to pass on your questions and requests to the right people.

Some of you fishies want to play harder puzzles, right?
Others are saying they would like to see spookier games , isn’t it so?

Well, as you see, not a single request is being ignored, it’s just that everything takes time.

We should give one another enough time to act accordingly.
Once again dear fishies, all I am saying is that your message ALWAYS gets across.

Thank you for always being here with us and understanding everything!

ERS Game Studios
 posted in Reveries: Sisterly Love Collector's Edition on Jun 6, 13 11:37 PM
Thank you all and yes, it's an honor for me as a native English speaker to be here.
I love what I do here and I do it with all my heart .
Keep the good posts coming, they're all very inspiring!

ERS Game Studios
 posted in Reveries: Sisterly Love Collector's Edition on Jun 6, 13 7:06 AM
Dear and die-hard fishies,


The fact that Reveries: Sisterly Love has brought so many of you here IS GOOD!
All of you fishies here having played the game IS GOOD!

No matter what all of us standing together and lifting one another higher and higher IS GOOD!

Diversity of some of the thoughts does get it wavy here sometimes but learning how to stay focused and even most importantly stay together IS GOOD!

People talk , we all love to talk in the hope of changing things that IS GOOD!

What is weak should change but all that is originally good is saved from the danger of change. Isn’t that good?

Good like the original efforts and authentic work of our huge International team in giving their best for each and every game.

Good like all the beautiful posts and comments that we’ve been receiving from you.
Some of you were concerned with others being at the edge of losing their focus and respect .

This kind of concern is really good but what is even better and stronger is our respect for each and every single one of you fishies.

YES, we are here with you with purest of intentions and highest regards for all of YOU!

ERS Game Studios

 posted in Reveries: Sisterly Love Collector's Edition on May 31, 13 4:48 AM

Dear fishies,
Keep the constructive posts and comments coming.


You know that and we also know that YOU only expect the VERY BEST
From us and that is and will always be the best encouragement for us.

Of course YOU deserve the best!

AND We’ll keep on doing our VERY BEST for you!

You may or may not believe it but our huge team will still and always keep on trying and trying!

There is no end in trying!

Thank you for all of your constructive posts and comments.

Happy Gaming!

ERS Game Studios
 posted in Reveries: Sisterly Love Collector's Edition on May 30, 13 1:08 AM
YES dear fishies and you already know that Reveries : Sisterly love is our 50th game for YOU!

Of course before saying anything about the game, we’d like to thank ALL OF YOU for all of your lovely posts and comments .

The game IS yours so it is only natural to celebrate it together with you and once again like always you fishies, proved that YOU ROCK !
NOW what can we do for you in return?
Listen to what you are saying and you are always telling us that you love to see a brand new game series. Something like Reveries: Sisterly Love!

Something entirely NEW! Different from all the other games!

A revolutionary game which is incredibly bright and beautiful yet absolutely mystical and marvelously MAGICAL!

Yes, you'll have to play the game to find out why it's so ADORABLE!

The game will be having two alternative endings, enriching in you all kinds of splendid feelings.

You’ll even get to see one of the characters singing. Isn't that something? Well, we're willing to bet that you'd be enjoying this bit of something.

If you are still having your doubts, let us tell you more about the fortune nuts and plenty more to make your dreams come true.

Though playing a game full of witches and harpies, singing characters and chanting trolls, could be the dream of many of you coming true, RIGHT?

Well if it’s so be sure to let us know.

Happy gaming!

ERS Game Studios
 posted in Reveries: Sisterly Love Collector's Edition on May 24, 13 4:49 AM
Dearest, coolest fishies EVER!

We 're right here and we're reading everything.

Swimming here with so many different fishies, each having such an incredibly different opinion, IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!
Getting to know what you like and don't like, is not just interesting ,it's so much more than that !!!

It Is is an excellent way of learning more and knowing you better.
We're taking notes and admiring all of your unique posts.

Thank you for welcoming us to the wonderful world of your requests, ideas and opinions and taking us one step further.

We're right here for YOU!

ERS Game Studios,
 posted in Reveries: Sisterly Love Collector's Edition on May 22, 13 7:11 AM
Thank you fishies !

We’re more than happy to be here with you!

Always reading and admiring all that you have to say,
ERS Game Studios,
 posted in Reveries: Sisterly Love Collector's Edition on May 21, 13 4:02 AM
That’s right Reveries: Sisterly Love is going to be our 50th game!
We know how each and every game is important for you, which is exactly why we produce them for you, but then who is going to be with us to celebrate every second and each success, if it won’t be for you?
Fishies, it’s TRUE!
We’re always going to be here with you and can’t imagine our world without you.
So let’s celebrate our 50th upcoming game, all of us are here at ERS Game Studios, together with you!
Happy 50th game to each and every single one of you!

We’re still here for you fishies , grasping your requests and answering your questions.

Just let us know all that you’d like to know.

Would you like to know what Reveries: Sisterly Love is about to bring for you?
Witches, harpies, princes, chanting trolls and singing play –characters and plenty more!

Fishies, we’ve tried our best to gather up all the things that you adore!
You’ll see it for yourself that the changes are too massive for anyone to ignore.
We consider this game to be totally different and utterly unique, from its cover to its core.

Remember that it’s you and that approving smile of yours that we’ll be aiming forevermore!

ERS Game Studios,
Dear Fishies,
We went through all of your posts and reviews very carefully and read them thoroughly, one by one.
The truth is that the road that we’re on, the one that would be helping us to improve is a long one and yet we’re very happy to be here and listen to all of you and learn from EVERYONE!
Now we know that one likes the trophy gallery, the other is an avid animal lover, enjoying all the creatures in the zoo and everything about reading their description cards.
One says the graphics are gorgeous while the other thinks that the opening cut scene somehow does not seem to be up to our standards.
Still what cheered us up the most was that almost everyone was pretty excited about the new Redemption Cemetery and that most of the fishies had played the other 3 games and that RC still and always will be one of the fishies most favorite game series.
Of course now we do realize that having to charge the raven wasn’t very thrilling and that sadly it had put off most of you.
However the good news is that we’ll be doing our best with our other upcoming games NOT TO DISAPPOINT YOU!
Thank you fishies for all of your honest reviews.
We love all of you and we will keep on doing our best for ALL OF YOU!
ERS Game Studios,
YES, beyond praising or complaining there should always be some place left for understanding and realizing one another’s views. That’s exactly why we enjoy reading all of your reviews.
The fact that we do not answer all of them does not mean that we are not interested in each and every single one of them.
Your reviews are your thoughts on our game and your thoughts on our games are our most valuable standards, something to measure up to.
It’s more than obvious that we are making games for you, not just for our dear die- hard fans but for all of you and that is why we care for all of your opinions.
So we are glad that most of you liked the little cute kitty in your own office, along with taking pictures and making your own wall papers.
We also read that you liked the two different optional endings and the voice overs. And yes the way you can lock the inventory does help you to go ahead organizing your tactics better and faster.
That’s what our purpose of being here comes down to and most certainly together we will be making everything better. The truth is that anything can be improved and get better and we all know it’s just a matter of time and understanding.
However getting back to our games, now we can say that with the help of your reviews , we know some of those improvements that you’d like to see in our games.
Some of you did not like the foggy graphics, others found some of the backgrounds in our HOS sort of blurred out. The size of the inventory had bothered one of you and a lot of you thought that the game was loosely based on the actual Poe story.
What we’d like all of you to know is that these concerns will be considered and that is why we are here, for something that is more important to us than praising or complaining.
We are here for understanding YOU and improving our games FOR YOU!
We do listen and love all of you!
Thank you Fishies for all of your posts and honest reviews!
ERS Game Studios,
It’s Always Good to Know!
Dear fishies , we’d like to talk about Dark Tales 5: The Masque of the Red Death and all the fun stuff that
we’ve added to this game to make it more fun for all of you.
We make games for you, we’re here to listen to you and we want our games to be special, interesting and unique for you so that is why this time and with Dark Tales 5: The Masque of the Red Death, you’d be experiencing a lot of new things.
You will have your own office.
There is a cute little cat waiting there for you.
You can have fun taking pictures with an old fancy camera.
AND then there is that question there for you about justice and it’s quite interesting, how depending on the definition of justice in your book, you’d get to change the ending of the game.
It’s all for you to decide!
Remember that we’ll always be here for you so you’d get to tell us what you like and how you find our games so you’ll always get to have a say in what you would choose to play by the end of the day.
Thus we believe that it’s always good to know more and always LET YOU DECIDE!
Happy gaming fishies!

ERS Game Studios ,
It’s Always Good to Know!
Dear fishies, as we’ve mentioned before we are here to stay and to hear all that you have to say.
Thus we have thoroughly read and gone through all of the complaints and issues that you had with Puppet Show 5: Destiny Undone and we’ve done our best to improve things as much as possible with our latest release.
We’d like each and every single one of you to know that from now on addressing your concerns, is going to have the highest priority for our team.
We’d like to encourage all of you fishies to communicate with us, either from right here in the forum or through our Facebook page.
Together and in time, most certainly we’ll be making games that all of you would find a lot better and way more fun and enjoyable!
I would also like to add that from time to time I’ll be personally telling you more about our latest improvements, regarding your main concerns and complaints.
Having said that for those of you who thought that the music was not new, I can say that in this installment all the sound tracks are new.
Also all the fishies can enjoy the Full-screen.
Then as for the misnaming of some of the items, I’d like to reassure you that from now on an American in our team proofreads everything and double checks the naming of all the items.
So as you now know, our team is working hard on a lot of further improvements that are actually not so far, but right ahead of us.

Sincerely Yours,
Vladimir ,
The Big Fish From ERS Game Studios
 posted in PuppetShow: Destiny Undone Collector's Edition on Apr 2, 13 6:46 AM
Lock the fan with the lock!
You see fishies,there is no Gameplay under the fan so just lock the fan so you wouldn't have to keep
open and close it.
The lock is right there next to the fan and you just need to click on it to have the fan locked.
Happy Gaming!
ERS Game Studios
 posted in PuppetShow: Destiny Undone Collector's Edition on Mar 29, 13 8:56 AM

Thus, we’d like to thank you all for both your positive and negative posts.
We believe in you and your intentions as being deeply sincere and thoroughly constructive .
We produce games and the reason we ‘re doing this, is to bring a laughter to your face and plenty of joy to your home.
We agree with you that we should always and constantly be improving and that is exactly what we are aiming for.
However production of a game takes something more than a year and implementing changes possibly couldn’t be happening overnight.
Below we have listed some of the stuff that seem to be your main focus of concern :
_ Wide screen (?)
So for those of you who were asking about facing some difficulties regarding “Wide Screen” the good news is that starting from next month all of the fishies, would be enjoying our games more with full wide screen.
Meanwhile you can enjoy the sidebar decorations that we’ve replaced the black sidebars with.
_ Quantity over quality (?)
High production when handled carefully doesn’t necessarily interfere with quality.
Yes, we do produce more games but quality has and will always remain one of our priorities.
Thus we will keep relying on our belief to be on the road of creativity and capability. Producing and improving both require plenty of time. We always have and still are planning to invest all that it takes to keep making games that will ACE!
That’s why we are here and we will stay here, not on the side road of course, but together with you on the road of getting better by the end of the day, listening to all you have to say.
_ Puzzles being too easy (?)
For those of you who are professional players this or that puzzle could obviously seem too easy. The longer you’ve been among the fishies the better and faster you’ll swim. That is inevitable! However we do have a lot of players who actually enjoy playing what others may find too easy and we are not planning to hurt their feelings. Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion and we will keep doing our best to please as many fishies as we can but obviously we can’t please everyone. Still, each fish should be able to enjoy a good swim while trying the waters. Don’t you agree?
_The bonus chapter being too short(?)
With our new releases you’ll be seeing a longer bonus chapter. That’s another good news for those of you who are willing to play EVER LONGER THAN BEFORE!
_Tired of sequels (?)
You see we have very different game sequels with different theme shades and span of interests and we haven’t reached the final end either. We are constantly adding new entities too. Nevertheless it’s only natural of our players to expect their favorite game to turn into a sequel and keep going on. That’s not going to stop us from creating new games with new game themes.
Art style and music being boring (?)
That’s a matter of taste! That being said we do respect everyone’s taste and we do try to please everyone as much that is possible but the issue of taste would still be there. Not that we do not care or dare, NO! Basically we’re here to say how much we care for our players!
Speaking more about the music in details, another thing that we’d like to add is that usually to maintain the nostalgic essence of a sequel, we keep one of the old tracks while all the others are always new.
Forcing to buy the CE (?)
We are providing our players with both game versions. There is no forcing when there is always a chance for choosing.
However for those of you who think that the additional content of CE is not worth your money, we always release the SE just a short time after.
We’d like you to know that the story of the game gets fully revealed within the SE. Though the story of the CE is connected to the story of the SE as it is obviously required to be. Nevertheless it’s only additional and entirely optional.
As you see it’s a mere matter of choice!

We do hope that this would bridge our communication with all of the fishies regardless of our various types of tastes and all sorts of possible differences.
With much love,
ERS Game Studios
 posted in PuppetShow: Destiny Undone Collector's Edition on Mar 29, 13 2:10 AM
emmyjayne wrote:I'll be totally honest - I used to love ERS games but recently the games are all too much the same. They've become boring and many people have mentioned this in the forums. Nothing new, no innovation. Also, why do you guys make everything spin/sparkle/flash/flame/pulse - like the huge cursors, diary, hint button, etc.? It's very annoying to see that in my peripheral vision. You guys have a lot of talent and potential - so let's see it!

First of all we'd like to thank you emmyjayne for being honest. We will also take your suggestions into account. We'd like you to know that since in us, you've noticed that existing potential to improve as always we'll be willing to prove that. Stay with us to see that.
 posted in PuppetShow: Destiny Undone Collector's Edition on Mar 28, 13 8:03 AM
You couldn’t have said it nicer Vlady than when you said:
“I may moan about some things, but I always love your games on the whole,”
And lynne8179 asking :
“Is this really the last one?” ( Talking about Puppet Show 5)
That was most certainly the right question to ask and we’re willing to bet that you’re going to like the answer. You said goodbye to Felicia and the master but not to Puppet Show. Right?
Yes, bella81762 saying:
“i have in the last few offerings seen that ers, was taking peoples issues with the games into account.......nice to see a turnaround...” You ‘ve been very fair and attentive for all that we can say.
Of course, heatherington , we couldn’t agree more with you saying : “ It’s always good to know that the developers care about the users.”
And finally baglady159 saying:
“I hope you are going to become a regular "fish" in the pond that will interact with the other fishies.”
Surely granted us with best of wishes!
 posted in PuppetShow: Destiny Undone Collector's Edition on Mar 28, 13 6:12 AM
Hi fishies,
From ERS Game studios, we’re here with you for THE VERY 1st TIME!
Of course we’ve always been following all of you and all of your wonderful ideas through each and every single one of your reviews.
We are here to let you know that it’s always good to know what the players think of our games.
All of us at ERS Game studios are always willing to listen to anything that would improve the quality of our games.
From now on, we’ll be here together to listen to each other because it’s always good to know.
It’s good to know what goes on each side.
We’d like you to know that we’d be doing our best from our end.
We’d also like to know how much you fishies are enjoying Puppet Show 5?
We hope that all of you are having a nice time saying goodbye to Felicia and the master.

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