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 posted in Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story on Jan 5, 15 2:45 AM
Thanks to reading many, many, many, posted suggestions on how to get the first coin back from the phone, I finally read one that helped. The vampire teeth that appear in the Pub scene and the old man across from the Antique Shop will not kill or bite the subjects but will allow you to interact with the subjects which will get you the second/third coin (depending on whether you've been to Jessica's home and fed her hamster a carrot) for the toy crane game.

I completed the game without a hitch.

Thank you Big Fish Fans for the much appreciated help!
 posted in Vampires: Todd & Jessica's Story on Dec 23, 14 7:56 AM
I have two coins and no gear and hints suggest I search elsewhere and I have and still haven't a clue about what to do. HELP! Where's the third coin and gear for parking lot?
 posted in Mountain Trap: The Manor of Memories on Nov 20, 14 11:44 PM
Just played game again and enjoyed it. Wondering if there is a sequel. Anyone know? If so, what is the title/name?
 posted in Rite of Passage: Hide and Seek Collector's Edition on Oct 28, 14 9:32 PM
Use the dog to light up the dark hole behind the (scarecrow) tree outside of Dad's apartment, below the city gates.
 posted in Cruel Collections: The Any Wish Hotel on Jan 23, 14 5:54 PM
January 23, 2014: Same access violation error code for me. Uninstalled and reinstalled game, changed cursor size and it still shuts down. What is going on with this game. I have already purchased it and regret not playing the trial longer. Any luck with getting a refund/credit?
 posted in Nightmare on the Pacific on May 20, 13 7:41 PM
Same deal with me. Downloaded 60-minutes free play and it IS frustrating. Glad I didn't buy after first few minutes as I usually do! Won't do that anymore. Date is May 2013 and surprised the problem has not been resolved.
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