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 posted in Mishap: An Accidental Haunting ™ on Feb 14, 10 10:36 AM
Clicking on a picture 3 times does not a plot make. To say this has 40 plots is not true. It has tasks, not plots.

Anyway I'm tired of debating this point, clearly you like it and are intent on rubbishing anything else put up against it for no apparantly good reason. I have no wish to get into any puerile X vs Y war so I will not continue.
 posted in Mishap: An Accidental Haunting ™ on Feb 13, 10 4:06 PM
You're trying to say Mishap is better because it's scarier than MCF DG ? Hmm, Ok.

BTW I didn't say MCF DG was scary or more realistic, I said it is a better game.

It least it *has* a plot.

 posted in Mishap: An Accidental Haunting ™ on Feb 13, 10 7:13 AM
Not sure if you 'have to' but to capture them click on the magnifying glass, scan the rook until the meter reads full (the ghost will appear) and then click on the ghost. Do this 3 times to capture the ghost.

 posted in Mishap: An Accidental Haunting ™ on Feb 13, 10 7:11 AM
Although this is a pretty good example of a HOG and a lot better than most of the recent HOG releases it is by no means 'the best ever'. It is pretty and amusing yes but it has no plot or storyline to uncover.

Check out Mystery case Files: Dire Grove for how a HOG should be. That's got my vote for best ever.

Don't get me wrong though, I still like Mishap
 posted in Magic Maze on Feb 12, 10 9:23 AM
Really liked this game but seemed to get more than halfway in the demo hour alone. It also isn't at all difficult.

Is it worth buying/using a credit? There appears to be no difficulty level ie. you at least get to do it again at a higher level.

Not sure about this. Got burned recently on Tourist Trap which was all over in about 2 hours with no real repeat value.


 posted in Tourist Trap: Build the Nation's Greatest Vacations on Feb 9, 10 9:30 AM
Don't waste your credits. Finished it in under 3 hours and it was a very diossapointing ending. It just said "You've won" but the game keeps on going with nothing to do but repair buildings as they catch fire about once every 20 seconds. Dull. Next.
 posted in Pac-Man on Nov 4, 09 3:28 PM
Thanks for the trip down memory lane but I found this game dull in 1980 and it sure aint got any more exciting in the last 30 years!!

However I hope this is a sign of more Namco retro arcade conversions. Galaxian and Pole Position are two I remember fondly I would love to play again

 posted in Huru Beach Party on Jun 22, 09 3:31 PM
Shanyem. No you do not have to do all parts at expert to continue. Sometimes you cannot complete a beach until you have done parts of others, So when you get stuck, start another beach until you release the resource you need then go back.


 posted in Huru Beach Party on Jun 20, 09 6:18 PM
There are a few solutions to the first part. Heres one: From the bottom pipe go left, left, up, right, right, up, right, right, up, up, left, left, down, left, left, up, up, right, right, up.

The trick to the second part is to move the original red cog one place to the left. Then its pretty straightforward, put the 2 grey cogs on the right hand side one above the other, the 2 blue cogs go at the top (joining the red to the top grey) and in the bottom left. Finally, the little yellow cog goes in the remaining place joining the red cog to the moving cog.
 posted in Huru Beach Party on Jun 20, 09 3:54 AM
I have completed the game with all beaches at 100% (i.e. all Expert goal achieved) but the trophy room says I have completed 44/45 levels so there are 3 trophies I cannot get.

Is this a bug or is there a secret level somewhere ?
 posted in Huru Beach Party on Jun 20, 09 3:51 AM
Tip: When you have levels that need a popularity level goal always make sure you put an umbrella on every order for lemonade, burgers, ice cream etc. As an umbrella earns an extra star so you get the popularity goal 25% quicker

 posted in Huru Beach Party on Jun 20, 09 3:48 AM
I have the same problem. I have completed the game, all beaches at 100% but the trophy room says I have completed 44/45 levels. Is this a bug or is there a secret level somewhere ?
 posted in Totem Tribe on Feb 27, 09 2:22 PM
Vista Users: It is the editing program that needs the permissions not the file.
So to edit the gem .png files you need to right click on your editing program e.g paint.exe (not on a shortcut to it) and then select 'Run as Administrator'. You can then load and save the files.

(your user must have administrator privileges obviously)
 posted in Fix-it-up: Kate`s Adventure on Dec 18, 08 5:44 PM
Yup, finally beat this level. Thanks for all the tips. I managed to do it by buying and upgrading 6 sports. I didn't disassembly any cabrios or sports but instead bough and disassembled cheap vans, just enough to get the sports cars upgraded. With an income of around $200,000 I was able to complete. Just 15 seconds to spare!
 posted in Fix-it-up: Kate`s Adventure on Dec 17, 08 7:42 PM
Solved it! - Replay the final level and then let the summary screen do its thing (don't click on anything). Then press 'Next Level' and you should get a bit more story, keep clicking 'Next' until the story finishes and then let the end credits roll. The bonus level is then available. Its hard. I haven't managed to get anywhere near yet!

 posted in Fix-it-up: Kate`s Adventure on Dec 17, 08 7:01 PM
Ditto - it flashes up 'special level unlocked' when you do the last level but then immediately goes back to locked again.
Do you have to do something with the freeplay levels?
 posted in Master of Defense on Sep 24, 08 3:55 AM
If you haven't downloaded it already, Garden Defense is similar to Master of Defense
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