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 posted in The White House on May 4, 13 4:37 AM
My first hidden Mystery game was Buckingham Palace and I loved it..brilliant value for money because I also got a bonus game called Royal Family...that was it I went in search for only Hidden Mysteries games. I found a collection on ebay with
Civil War...White House...and Buckingham Palace...and it only cost me AU $10 + I feel after starting White House this isnt going to go as well as I had first thought...I cannot even find the masonic sign in the red I'm thinking I would hate to pay lots of money for these games if they are that difficult. So I will just go and play B/Palace and R/Family again as they were awesome.

Xeny wrote:Hi everyone. Hidden Mysteries Civil War was the first game I ever bought from Big Fish because it was 99 cents! It was so hard, I never even got 1 item in the first seen! But that is how I got introduced to Big Fish Games.

I am curious. Isn't Hidden Mysteries: The White House kind of an older game? It's been out last year right?
It seems that there are a few games, I've noticed, that are being brought back and presented as new on some sites. I played this game for the hour before, but now it's being posted as new, or newer, exclusive, and in Collector's edition's. Why are sites doing this?

It was all brought to my attention because my mother needs a walkthrough for Murder She Wrote, so I came looking for that, then noticed this blog. I notice also the dates after your alls names. Why are Big Fish and others presenting this game as new, and charging $20 bucks for a Collector's Edition????? That doesn't seem right

Anyway, after my experience with Civil War, I have been leery of anything named Hidden Mystery, but I have heard you all say Buckingham Palace was good. I know it's old, but I think I may try that, thanks to you guys
 posted in Hidden Mysteries: Royal Family Secrets on Apr 6, 13 1:58 AM
I recently bought Hidden Mysteries Royal Family, and this has been the best game I have played so far, brilliant value for money. I cant remember the last time a game has totally engrossed me like this one has.

But what I would like to know is: Are all Hidden Mystery games worked to the same principil as the one I have just played?. This is the kind of game I want to always play so before I go and purchase more, some input would be great.

Many thanks gamers...and Big Fish...keep up the good work.

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