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 posted in Cathy's Crafts Collector's Edition on Sep 14, 16 6:14 PM
I can't really see that there is a forum already actually formed. I'm a bit frustrated by this game as it looked very much like it might be along the line of the Delicious games, but is not very good quality. There is also a resemblance to some other games (in terms of picking your menus according to clients) . . . but I can't recall which games are in that venue. Anyway, I was just sort of getting into the game (finally) when my trial period was over :-(! However, I did not enjoy the game enough to consider buying it at this point. Too bad, 'cause this is just the type of time management game that I typically like. My concerns are with slow reaction time (on part of the game) when you select your items (during play), making it quite hard at times to reach level 3 stars. There is also a lack of instruction on play essentials . . . and so you kind of have to learn by trial and error. This is the main reason that I did not get very far in the game . . . having to play the same round over and over just to get to the 3 star level. The visuals also are very lacking in quality and enjoyment factor. But, by far the most disappointing part of the game is that it does not respond easily when you click on items during the game. I wonder if they even conducted a Beta trial on this one as the quality is so sup par. Very disappointed . . . and I wait patiently for new time management games to come out. This is one I won't be buying . . . 'though I had totally planned on doing so!
 posted in Delicious: Emily's Home Sweet Home Collector's Edition on Jun 25, 16 11:46 AM
I am very frustrated with this game at this point! I love all of the Delicious/Emily's games, and I also liked this one my first run through. The trouble is that I do not seem to be able to do what I have done with all other Emily games. That is, go through and play my best the first time around and then go back and play levels again to get all the trophies. I am very persistent and have always been able to do this. I don't consider myself complete with the game until I have received all of the trophies. At first I did not know if I had actually received the extra restaurant, but I am seeing here that people are calling the 'Emily's Place' the bonus restaurant. I guess I hadn't realized that and must have played this game at least to that level on a free site somewhere. I am now in the process of re-playing the game to get all of the restaurant items and restaurant upgrades. I am about half way through the first restaurant and no matter how well I do (usually I am scoring around 300 - 400 points over expert) . . . I do not get any extra money. I stay at $200 no matter what I do and I need $300 to purchase my last upgrade! In other Emily restaurants you can replay levels and you actually do accumulate extra money. What am I doing wrong? I am also having a great deal of trouble on the Ski Lodge restaurant on two levels - (1) The one where Emily has to walk slow (I get through it but can't seem to get the bonus diamond); (2) The level where you must have exactly 8 angry customers (I get through it, but can only get two stars). In the eight angry customers level I have tried all sorts of combinations as to who I choose to anger: only elders, only snowboard customers, only single item orders. Then I went to the customer profile section and found that the elders and the 'high society' customers don't tip, so I focused on them for the angry eight. Still couldn't win that third star. Any help on any of these questions is very welcome, especially the question of why I am not accumulating more money when replaying rounds. I think, if I recall correctly, this is why I did not purchase this game after a trial (on other game site) some months back. I'm disappointed not in the total experience of playing this game, but more so in not being able to complete it (completion for me equals winning all trophies). Thank you for your help!
 posted in Delicious: Emily's New Beginning Collector's Edition on May 17, 15 6:55 PM
I have finished all trophies except for the Elvis one - which is basically just to keep playing till you have run the register 1000 times. I guess I could do that, but I'm not eager to do it just right now . . . unless I will be rewarded with a bonus round. I don't see anything to click on a bonus round yet . . . but I was given some hints to it by the fact that the family drove to their new farmhouse at the end of completing the other round. I'm not quite sure if I have the collector's edition or not, but since this is just one bonus restaurant I thought it would be available for the basic edition. I'm going to look right now to see which version I have. I will also go back to the game and see if the bonus round is available already. I really don't want to play it repeatedly right now - if I'm not going to get a bonus round for my efforts!
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