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 posted in Nevertales: The Beauty Within Collector's Edition on Nov 14, 13 5:04 AM
I have done everything!!! i spent almost 100 bucks and updated what it asked, directX, Java, Explorer, Windows, the works!!! I purchased this game as a bundle, I can't play the other 2 games either, I recently downloaded, Haunted Legends: the Undertaker, I cant get that to run! I have been playing almost 7 yrs....these are the only GAMES I CANT NOT GET TO RUN!!!!....JUST WANT A REFUND OR CREDITS TO MY ACCOUNT. i EVEN RAN DR.FELIX AND SENT TO THE SUPPORT TEAM. I CANNOT GET THEM TO RUN!!
 posted in Haunted Legends: The Undertaker Collector's Edition on Nov 14, 13 4:46 AM
keeps telling me access error 773....i have uninstalled, and reinstalled, just like it says, i have ck'd my settings and adjusted them accordingly, please help!
when you pause the game, the 5 grey bars WILL NOT DISAPPEAR!!! I CAN play the game as normal, but the bars are right in the middle of the game!! It happened after the bad lighting storm and i had to clear the gravestone and rearrange the words.HELP ...i HAVE quit the game several times and tried again an wont go away..
 posted in Nevertales: The Beauty Within Collector's Edition on Oct 28, 13 7:08 AM
why do I keep getting: error, game can not run until graphics device has been changed.

I had purchased the bundle with this game on the 25th, i can download all of them, an they are all activated, but when I go to play them, ALL 3 games give me the same response,

I have uninstalled them time an time again, and actually downloaded them seperatly AGAIN. I still have the same problems. I have followed all the help advice, an still TO NO AVAIL. cant I just get credit an choose other games, an the FREE code sent to me for purchasing these games...WONT WORK AS WELL......HELP PLEASE..
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