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 posted in Secret City: London Calling Collector's Edition on Apr 28, 18 12:35 PM
baglady159 wrote:Since the original post about the closing of the forums, there has been a repeated announcement at the top of the forums for every game they've listed here.

There is a post in the forums for Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on 4/17. It's about signing a petition to keep the forums active. There are 187 posts from fishes giving their opinions. If you missed that, its a very good place to see how everyone else feels about this.

There have also been nearly 5200 views on that thread alone, a thread that was created just 11 days ago. What that tells me, is that we forum members are more numerous than most people think. It doesn't matter how many people Post or how often they do it. What matters is that THOUSANDS of BF customers access the forums every day to find help or simply enjoy the Posts from those who write them
 posted in Secret City: London Calling Collector's Edition on Apr 28, 18 12:25 PM
I might add that even the developers are disappointed by this move! I have spoken with several of the "smaller" devs who actually care about the invaluable feedback they obtain through our posts. As a Small Business owner, I'm well aware of how difficult it is to compete with the "big boys" The way a small business competes, is to use available tools such as this forum, to connect with customers, to show them that your product is just as good, but your customer service and genuine care will always exceed that of the "big guys"

How can we ever get games developed that have the features we like or remove the ones we don't? Do the bigger devs care? They rarely communicate here (some do occasionally in all fairness) but the smaller devs do! Not only are you removing our voices Big Fish, but you're removing their voices as well, and it will ultimately trickle down the pike to remove revenue from BF pockets, it's a LOSE-LOSE-LOSE situation!

Maybe the real problem here is that is a fish and can't read, therefore doesn't have a clue (or doesn't care) about the fact that this is a poor business decision that will affect BF and the game developers, but most of all it will affect US, you are taking away OUR VOICES, you are taking away our LOYALTY is that the plan?
 posted in Secret City: London Calling Collector's Edition on Apr 28, 18 8:43 AM
I couldn't agree more!!!!!!!
 posted in Secret City: London Calling Collector's Edition on Apr 28, 18 8:08 AM
Rob_Blake wrote:So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, goodbye!!

Ich werde dich vermissen.

This is so painful, knowing we may never cross paths again, farewell friends and thanks for all the wonderful memories
 posted in Spring in Japan Mosaic Edition on Apr 27, 18 7:21 AM
Thanks, Dax, you do an amazing job! Everyone expects these threads you provide, without realizing that you wake up early every day and never miss a beat to provide Review Threads & Tech Issue Threads. I for one will miss you here on BF, HOWEVER, I know you'll be just as amazing at our new home!

Since this is a Review thread, This is a beautiful Mosaic game with relaxing music and colorful tiles. The only complaint I have is that some of the numbers are difficult to see because they blend into the background. Otherwise, I love the contrasting colors!
 posted in Spring in Japan Mosaic Edition on Apr 27, 18 7:12 AM
romany09 wrote:Cannot turn off custom cursor in options. The paint brush following me around is driving me nuts

it's driving me nutz too!
 posted in World's Greatest Places Mosaics 3 on Apr 26, 18 3:22 PM
Title Release Date Average Rating

1-World's Greatest Places Mosaics 1 (March 16-2016) 2.8 
2-World's Greatest Places Mosaics 2 (September 6-2017) 4.8
3-World's Greatest Places Mosaics 3 (April 26-2018) n/a

Title Release Date Average Rating

1-World's Greatest Cities Mosaics 1 (March 7-2016) 3.5 
2-World's Greatest Cities Mosaics 2 (October 20-2017) 4.6 
3-World's Greatest Cities Mosaics 3 (December 11-2017) 3.2 
4-World's Greatest Cities Mosaics 4 (April 4, 2018) 4.6
Title Release Date Average Rating

1-World's Greatest Cities Mahjong (January 12-2012) 4.3
1-World's Greatest Places Mahjong (January 17-2012) 4.2

by: Oleksly Shtykov (T1 games) Donetsk Ukraine

World's Greatest Cities Mosaics, World's Greatest Places Mosaics, Winter Mosaics, Spring Mosaics, Flowers Mosaics, Space Mosaics, Space Mahjong, Forest Mahjong, Flowers Mahjong, Ocean Mahjong, Winter Mahong. World's Greatest Temples Mahjong, World's Greatest Cities Mahjong, World's Greatest Places Mahjong.
Awe, thanks guys I'm really going to miss everyone
Title Collector's Edition Release Date Average Rating

1-Tree Of Dreams (June 21-2014) 4.2
2-Equilibrium (April 18-2015) 4.4
3-Dark Architect (January 14-2016) 4.3
4-Call Of The Ancestors (August 13-2016) 3.5
5-Hearts Taken (May 13-2017) 3.3
6-In Screams And Sorrow (April 26-2018) n/a

by GrandMa Studios: Kiev Ukraine founded 2011
"We {@ GrandMa Studios} are very passionate about video games [and] We always try to bring some innovations and use non-standard approaches in HOPA gameplay"

Whispered Secrets
1- The Story of Tideville (October 7-12) 3.9
2- Into The Beyond (November 14-13) 4.1
3- Into The Wind (October 4-14) 4.2
4- Golden Silence (August 6-15) 4.2
5- Everburning Candle (March 31-16) 4.4
6- Song of Sorrow (November 12-16) 3.7
7- Forgotten Sins (September 2-17) 3.7

The Unseen Fears
1-Body Thief (March 16-2017) 4.0
2-Outlive (December 30-2017) 3.7
 posted in Darkheart: Flight of the Harpies on Apr 25, 18 1:43 PM
judith12 wrote:Will there be a Walkthrough for this game? Please don't tell me that you are cancelling Walkthroughs also.

To answer your question, BF "claims" the walkthrough link (step by step" will still be available, but I have my doubts lately. Hope that's what you were referring to?
 posted in Fantasy Mosaics 28: Treasure Map on Apr 24, 18 12:31 PM
Title Release Date Average Rating

1-Fantasy Mosaics (May 6-2014) 4.0
2-Fantasy Mosaics (May 27-2014) 4.1
3-Fantasy Mosaics (July 2-2014) 4.2
4-Fantasy Mosaics: Art Of Color (September 2-2014) 4.2
5-Fantasy Mosaics (December 1-2014) 4.1
6-Fantasy Mosaics: Into The Unknown (January 19-2015) 3.9
7-Fantasy Mosaics: Our Home (March 3-2015) 4.1
8-Fantasy Mosaics: New Adventure (April 21-2015) 3.7
9-Fantasy Mosaics: Portal In The Woods (July 8-2015) 4.0
10-Fantasy Mosaics: Time Travel (October 7-2015) 4.8
11-Fantasy Mosaics: Fleeing From Dinosaurs (October 7-2015) 4.0
12-Fantasy Mosaics: Parallel Universe (January 6-2016) 4.3
13-Fantasy Mosaics: Unexpected Visitor (February 16-2016) 4.5
14-Fantasy Mosaics: Fourth Color (March 29-2016) 4.6
15-Fantasy Mosaics: Ancient Land (May 17-2016) 4.3
16-Fantasy Mosaics: Six Colors (July 6-2016) 4.0
17-Fantasy Mosaics: New Palette (August 31-2016) 4.5
18-Fantasy Mosaics: Explore New Colors (December 5-2016) 4.1
19-Fantasy Mosaics: Edge Of The World (January 19-2017) 3.8
20-Fantasy Mosaics: Castle Of Puzzles (March 20-2017) 4.7
21-Fantasy Mosaics: On The Movie Set (May 8-2017) 4.6
22-Fantasy Mosaics: Summer Vacation (June 12-2017) 4.4
23-Fantasy Mosaics: Magic Forest (July 24-2017) 4.7
24- Fantasy Mosaics: Deserted Island (September 18-2017) 4.2
25-Fantasy Mosaics: Wedding Ceremony (November 13-2017) 3.8
26-Fantasy Mosaics: Fairytale Garden (January 22-2018) 4.0
27-Fantasy Mosaics: Secret Colors (March 5-2018) 3.6
28-Fantasy Mosaics: Treasure Map (April 23-2018) 4.3

by Match GemsShow
 posted in Mahjong Magic Islands on Apr 24, 18 7:57 AM
tejasgal wrote:The review on the game page talks about the timer. Is there an untimed option?

Sorry to say, but this is a quest driven type mahjong where you must meet level goals to acquire potions, amulets etc, to progress. The third star is earned for removing all tiles, you have to make a specific number of matches within a specified amount of time to earn the other 2 stars. However, I was able to earn all 3 stars every time with not much effort, so it does seem to give you enough time, but this is not a relaxing Mahjong game, you'll need to have a "need for speed"

Hope that helps answer your question, it's a shame we're being flushed down the BF toilet and won't have the resources available to ask our fellow fishies questions, could be a deal-breaker when considering making game purchases for a lot of us
 posted in Mahjong Magic Islands on Apr 24, 18 6:49 AM
tejasgal wrote:The review on the game page talks about the timer. Is there an untimed option?

I'm about to play the demo, I'll come back and let you know
Foxy57 wrote:I loved that game. Elephant are the best developers..

I agree I have always loved their graphics, makes me feel like I'm actually there, in a creey, abandoned town.
Injun1 wrote:I have been playing Mystery Trackers Mist over the Blackhill and the game froze up on me. I played the free game fist to check it out and went through with no problems help please.

I had the same issue, had to use task manager to stop the game, replayed it and it worked fine

As a side note, you are welcome to join us at Big Fish forums will be terminating the forums here on April 30th.
 posted in Edge of Reality: Fatal Luck Collector's Edition on Apr 21, 18 11:38 AM
dramajunkie wrote:This is another nicety that I'm gonna miss. Thanks for your dedication, pennmom36

Thanks so much! Will you be joining us on pondfriends?
Pondfriends is more than a place to read and write about games! It's a community with the freedom to open up threads and post just about anything that interest you. Gardening, Automobiles, Camping, Photography, Pets, Group Gameplay, and my favorite, Grumpy Old Ladies!

Check out threads where you use the last word first in a sentence below the last post. (so there I was sipping coffee when= When a giant marshmallow dropped from the sky= Sky is grey and so is my mood) How about using your creativity to think of things that go together, like Leather & Lace, Batman & Robin, Coffee & cream, bacon & eggs! 10 Things you should never do...(the person who posts # 10 gets to chose the next topic of where or what you should never do, (while driving to the mall for example) ABC's of occupation, Open Chatter.

Want to follow or chat with a developer? They actually frequent the forum and answer questions! We're happy to answer any questions too, just ask here, there or PM any of us
@mcquigan so true!

Not only do we have a button there, we also have a Shout Box "CCC" feature, AND we can post pictures!!!

It's kinda like BF forums on steroids

....and so many emojis to choose from, you can even add your personal favs, and customize your Avatar!
Sadly it appears BF is unwilling to meet or even "bend" which many believe will be the demise of BF. If they no longer give us a voice, we are forced to search for other platforms. Have they not thought this through? If we are sent packing, and we find another game site WITH forums, who's going to hit the backspace arrow to return and buy the game here?

Although it saddens me to have to swim to another pond, biscuitsmama, mcquigan, myself and others are working very hard to accommodate the fish that have been flushed from this pond, we'll keep the light on, turn down the sheets, and lay a mint on your pillow to welcome you. pondfriends has 5 amenities in threads sure to please any preferences. Everyone is welcome, and you may be surprised at how many familiar faces/names you'll recognize, it's time to swim home to a permanent home!
Title Collector's Edition Release Date Average Rating

1-The Void (October 14-2010) 4.3
2-Raincliff (May 5-2011) 4.5
3-Black Isle (March 1-2012) 4.5
4-Four Aces (October 11-2012) 4.6
5-Silent Hollow (July 18-2013) 4.6
6-Raincliff's Phantoms (February 13-2014) 4.5
7-Blackrow's Secrets (August 28-2014) 3.6
8-Nightsville Horror (March 26-2015) 3.7
9-Winterpoint Tragedy (August 8-2015) 3.5
10-Paxton Creek Avenger (January 28-2016) 3.6
11-Train To Hellswich (July 28-2016) 3.4
12-Queen Of Hearts (December 10-2016) 3.2
13-Memories of Shadowfield (June 22-2017) 3.6
14-Mist Over Blackhill (April 21-2018) n/a

ELEPHANT GAMES: Yoshkar-Ola Russia founded April 4-2003
("We are making, World is Playing")

Mystery Trackers, Haunted Hotel (games 5-16) Royal Detective, Grim Tales, Christmas Stories, Surface, Chimeras, Halloween Stories, Midnight Calling, Midnight Castle, Mystery Case Files (games 10-11 Dire Grove, Sacred Grove & Fate's Carnival), Riddles of Fate, Hallowed Legends, Death Pages, Unfinished Tales, Detective Quest, Found, Urban Legends, Lost In The City, Super Granny Run, Quark Attack, Up Balloon Up, Ball Craft, Wise Gal, Love Is, Real Stories, Bloom, RIP Trilogy, Road Rush, Jungle Heart, Avalon, Just Bones, Sir Match A-Lot, Ship of Bones, Masquerade Mysteries

upcoming games:
Midnight Calling: Arabella
Grim Tales: The Hunger
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