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 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Apr 24, 18 4:51 PM
can't seem to get past level 64. How to drop pets? Any tricks?
 posted in Sir Match-a-Lot on Oct 15, 17 1:22 PM
I am also very disappointed in the newest update to the game. For the same reasons. I have been playing this game since it came out and I usually am done with the latest level before the next comes out. So I play the arena and harvest my fireflies and coins while I wait anxiously for the next level. I really love the game. But I am with the other commentators.... reducing how much we can earn and trade is a low blow. I have also spent a significant amount of money on coins. Now they are making it harder to progress without spending more money. I'm with them. I will quit my favorite game. The first one I go to every time I get on bigfish, if they don't fix this greedy, money-grabbing attitude. I love the game, but I won't be continuing with it devotedly like I have been. And I WON'T be buying anymore coins, period. I'll just uninstall it.
 posted in Royal Detective: Legend of the Golem on Mar 9, 16 8:00 PM
I can't find the combination for the glass case in the museum. Anybody help me?
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