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Just looking from,
notice the names of the main characters are somewhat meaningful.

Blaise - means "Limping". The Crooked Man is carrying a cane.
Cheryl - means "Beloved". Undoubtedly she's the beloved of the Crooked Man.
Renee - means "Reborn". She's the reincarnated Cheryl.

Here's are my points of view about the ending:

1. The Crooked Man MUST die even he didn't fell off from cliff. We could see his hand is cracking when he lost his cane. It's the same situation of the crooked cat - they can't live without the CURSERY artifacts given by Mother Goose.

2. The Crooked Man chose to save Renee / Cheryl finally (giving up his cane). That's a way to show his love instead of just keeping her in a cage besides himself. He learned it finally, even it's late and cost too much. Many innocent people die. He need to pay (with his cursed life...).

3. The Crooked Man was a cursed man who's living hundreds years ago and he should end up his life early. He could ask for Renee / Cheryl's forgiveness (the accidentally falling of Cheryl due to his chasing behind was a trauma in the Crooked Man's heart all along), said goodbye to his love, then he could rest in peace finally.

It's a depressing and heart-broken story. Indeed.
That impressed me, makes me think of this story many time even I had finished it.

The ending is abrupt? Perhaps. But meaningful.
We might like to see something "happy ever after" ending.
But that appears in fairy tales only and mostly it's not true.
The story Blaise and Cheryl in hundred years ago was like a true fairy tale romance in reality.
But it was satirizing ended up in such way...(and became the story in CURSERY).

I have finished the game twice (and now I am playing the third time, just in order don't miss anything and I love the story so much ).
The reward of this Easter egg by collecting all the mini-game stamps,
is the nursery rhyme "Who killed **** Robin".

There should be one more paragraph at the end of this nursery rhyme I had read,
which hasn't been mentioned in game:


To all it concerns,
This notice apprises,
The Sparrow's for trial,
At next bird assizes.


I don't think the developer missed it.
They should study many nursery rhyme when they make CURSERY.
(A few of rhyme songs were orgin created by the developer.
Some of them I haven't read before,
but know it in the game and they are real nursery rhymes.)

"The **** Robin" seems to be irrelevant with "The crooked man".
Only they are "CURSERY" rhymes and their source were from Mother Goose.

Would it be a message given by the developer,
there will be a sequel (the NEXT bird assizes) and the CURSERY next time would be about "The **** Robin"?

(I do hope so! )
Maybe the hint is pointing the chess behind the skeleton.
Have you got the chess?
The best game I ever played!!!

Gorgeous graphic and fascinate music make me fall into the story immediately. (The crooked man seems to be a villain, but the story behind him deserved my sympathy ...and I want to know more.)

The mini games are newly to be seen and all are interesting. (My favourite one is 3 blind mice )

The frequency of seeing FROGS is just proper to me (other games from BlueTea, I think they are too much).

It's just perfect no matter the fun of game, the graphic, or the music...etc.

For those complain the game is disappointment or confusing...
I am sorry I really can'r see your points.

Perhaps you are napping when you try the game.
(Then I would suggest you try it again when you are in a better status. )
For those think that "it's too dark", maybe you can try to adjust the brightness in Option.

The game is amazing and I just fond of the exploring the story by myself.
Quite lot of 'stuff' I can get and use. But they really mak sense.
(eg: use a Pickax to break, and a teaspoon to pry...)

Confusing? I am sorry I can't agree.
Perhaps you can try (use something) to drive away the crows first.
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