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 posted in Gnomes Garden: New home on Mar 20, 17 8:03 PM
faboomama wrote:Level 34: If the gnome light is built before the road is fixed, it won't let you continue.
Level 46: After fixing the road near the mine and repairing the well, the game makes a weird noise. You can click on anything in the field, but once the avatars are at HQ, they won't go back out.


I couldn't finish Level 34. the last hole in the road wouldn't respond. Just read this tip, so will re-post if it doesn't help. Silly glitch in the game. Devs need to do another patch. I installed the prior update that was s'posed to fix errors. Look like this one slipped by.
just click like crazy anywhere whilst your workers are doing something else ;-)
 posted in Jewel Quest: Seven Seas on Dec 3, 16 8:59 PM
I cannot get past this level. Has anyone been able to do it? I am getting really annoyed with this game. grrrr.
 posted in Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition on Oct 31, 15 6:53 PM
Thank you BF for the perfect Halloween Treat! This game is deceptive in it can lull you into thinking it is "simple" when in fact it's really not. You have to strategize your resources to be able to achieve the goals set. I am loving it! I am a TM junkie, have them all & this one is definitely going on my "best of" list. Very smart game play.
 posted in Gnomes Garden on Aug 19, 15 3:22 PM
joray2 wrote:This seems like a nice game,but I'm having Tech Problems on level 11. Items that you pick up do not disappear. To bad I would of bought it,but not with Tech issues so quick in the game.I closed out of the game,when I came back in the game was working fine. May help others that are having the same problems. I'm going to buy the game now.

I bought this game after completing Level 10....too soon! I have the same problem on Level 11.grrrr!!! Very frustrating!
 posted in Excursions of Evil on Jan 30, 14 5:12 PM
One word for this one "YUCK!" I think there is something out there for everyone, but this one is just terrible. I cannot understand what the devs were thinking. A frustrating waste of time. I love a challenge but this was just.............I am at a loss. Don't waste your money/credit. There is many more intelligent, smart & better thought out games than this one. I am still shaking my head in wonder ......
 posted in Kingdom's Heyday on Dec 7, 13 5:59 PM
Up4Renewal wrote:My final version on this level was this:

Left side top to bottom: Inn, Manor, Inn, Manor

Middle below fairy grounds: Merchant, Merchant, Bakery

Right Side top to bottom: Fairgrounds, 2 horizontal gazebos, Merchant and 1 vertical gazebo.

A huge THANK YOU! This level totally had me beat! Going back now to punish myself some more. This game is not for the faint of heart, that's for sure.
 posted in Kingdom's Heyday on Dec 6, 13 4:41 AM
debbie6754 wrote:This is a dreadfully slow and boring game. You just sit there and wait for rent to collect. Don't bother.

Hi Debbie,
I actually found this game quite challenging. When you get up to the higher levels (around 29-30) it becomes very difficult & you really have to plan your strategy. Maybe if you gave it another chance you might enjoy it. I know I am having a great time struggling through achieving the goals.
Happy gaming Shazoz
 posted in Times of Vikings on Aug 7, 13 5:58 AM
FunIt wrote:Game runs fine until level 29, where everything is gray and you can't see what you are doing. Bug?

Update: I closed the game, and started it again and now it works.
Hope this will not happen again.

Same thing is happening with me...only it doesn't help to quit out. Still all grey? aagh!
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two on Apr 6, 13 9:07 PM
bella81762 wrote:i bought at the devs,,,love the changes,,(not having to click on treasure after destroying a barrel, save mid chapter, destroy no longer needed buildings...)

it was a very fun game

Hi all, I too bought this from the dev's before it was released here on BF. LOVE this game & cant wait for the next installment. You can now demolish woodcutters etc that are of no more use, which is a huge improvement. It is substantially more difficult from the first to get gold on the hardest levels, but that adds to it's allure, as far as I am concerned. I want a challenge & am willing to go back & keep trying to see if I can get the best time etc. My one word of caution for all of the fishies is...I ended up paying for this game TWICE on the devs site due to a glitch on their end & NO customer support to speak of. I wish I had been patient & waited for the release here. I am now paying for it, literally. Lesson learnt. BF is miles ahead of the other guys, in back up & support & I am telling myself to WAIT till BF has it till I hit that BUY button next time an exciting game is released. I am sure I wont listen to my own advise, but I just wanted to warn everyone that not all sites are as well run as BF. Poorer but wiser! Cheers & happy gaming everyone
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Mar 28, 13 4:12 PM
ksinibaldi01 wrote:: I found out that if you don't build the ghost shack you won't get any ghosts!!

Ha Ha I wish I had read this earlier! I am on my second go-round & just worked this trick out! I thought I was so smart & was going to share it, but then saw that you had beaten me to it ( by days...) kudos to you ksini
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Mar 22, 13 12:10 PM
Thanks a million for this one....I was having all sorts of trouble with it. I too ignored the seeds & waited for the multi shack. Beat the Devs record, so it does work. Cheers Shazoz
 posted in Gardens Inc.: From Rakes to Riches on Mar 20, 13 12:10 PM
Time to be economic? Does anyone know the answer to this one? I have been pretty successful up untill now, but this one has me stumped!
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two on Mar 3, 13 6:19 PM
Badut wrote:It is out Bought it from the developers site yesterday,

Sorry BigFish - I cant wait for about a million hidden object games before it comes on in here No offence though - love this place

Oh - and it is sooooooo cool Lots of new stuff

Hi I too bought this from the dev's site, I just couldn't wait & I agree 100% with Badut many HOG's do we need? Love BF but ...seriously? Anyway #2 is great. Yes, we can now save progress, destroy useless buildings ...all the things we asked for. I am not going to say any more as I don't want to spoil it for bottles etc. that someone else posted about. Hold your breathe Fishies, if you can wait I I am positive BF will have it soon. Or if you are like me & just cant wait, go to the devs. It's here! Yahoooooooooo
 posted in The Tribloos 2 on Jan 17, 13 7:22 PM
Hi, I just wanted to pop in & say a huge thank you for making the past week so much more enjoyable for me than it should have been. I have been laid up with this rotten flu that is sweeping the eastern sea board & normally I would be lying on the couch feeling very sorry for myself. Instead I have spent the last four days playing your game, alternating between giggling as they all shoot down the zip line to sneezing and sending someone off to chop coral (which btw I DIDN'T want them to do right then) Kudos to you & your team. Great game & a lot of fun. Annoyed I cant get gold on all levels but I am slowly learning that sometimes I have to think outside the box to get what I want. Can't wait for Tribloos 3 PS Love that there is no penalty on time, as I have to admit I did send those guys down the zip line a couple of times just for the laugh
 posted in Nightmare Realm: In the End... Collector's Edition on Jan 1, 13 9:38 AM
I just wanted to pop in & say a huge thank you for being interested in our opinions. it is very refreshing to see a developer take the time to talk, explain & actually listen to us. i had not tried your games before ( I am a strategy/time management junkie) But I am off to the game lists, to find yours. I feel that the respect you showed us deserves a look at your games. Well done Happy New Year & all success to you
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book One on Jan 1, 13 7:57 AM
I just finished playing through a couple of levels for the "umpteenth" time and couldn't agree more with everyone here. I am waiting, very impatiently for the next chapter. This is one of my all time fav games and even after having played & re-played it so many times, it still holds it's entertainment value. Not many games can claim the same. I too wish for the save feature & being able to demolish buildings, but if it means the difference between getting Book 2 faster, then heck I will do without. Happy New Year Fishies, Have fun in 2013
 posted in Island Tribe 4 on Dec 8, 12 5:51 PM
I love this style of game & have all of the previous titles. I found this one a little easier than the previous three. Still enjoyable but not as challenging, strategy wise. That is until I played the hard mode....holy guacamole! I like to think myself "good" in this genre, but the devs. have me stumped 75% of the time. I enjoyed "normal" mode but found I flew through it too fast. Now I am re-playing in "hard" & I am getting really frustrated. Is that a sign of a good game? Maybe? I also laughed out loud at some of the little side characters antics. Silly thing, but helps to make the atmosphere. If you like "Roads", "Kingdom for a Princess" you will enjoy this. If you enjoy this, go back & get the first three. You won't be disappointed. Can't wait for Islands 5
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book One on Oct 1, 12 5:19 PM
Hi, this level has me really frustrated! I have gotten within a hair of getting gold a couple of times now but can't quite make it! I have the extra sawmills, loads of workers etc etc but seem to miss by seconds...Any other strategies out there? Sometimes what seems obvious to one of us, can be that "A-HA" moment for the rest of us...Happy gaming, Fishies Cheers Shaz
 posted in Adelantado Trilogy: Book One on Sep 17, 12 6:09 PM
This is one of the frustrating parts of the game for me. Once a building is placed it is there to stay, even when it is no longer producing. makes the strategy all that more harder! One of those bitter/sweet things. Now that I know the score, it is making me play a little smarter.....still is a Pain in the Patootie, I could plonk a farm on that real estate. lol
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