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 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 17, 18 6:10 PM
Well, I'm getting my banner ready to wave outside BFG headquarters. Any takers? That's one way of getting to know one another. Oh, by the way I have to travel quite a long way, so just start without me and I'll try and catch up! Okay, right I've put 'SAVE OUR FORUM'.
 posted in Modern Tales: Age of Invention Collector's Edition on Apr 17, 18 12:08 PM
I don't mind paying extra - whatever it takes to keep the Forum. I rely heavily on this before buying any games and the I love the banter. So, whatever is decided to keep the Forum going, count me in.
Couldn't sleep and saw this game, so going to buy it now and give it a shot. I've been waiting for this game to come out for a while because I like a new story. I'll let you know what its like beyond the demo.
 posted in Darkness and Flame: The Dark Side Collector's Edition on Mar 31, 18 9:53 AM
If its a FIVE-BN GAME then you know you are on to a winner. I'm definitely buying the game today, together with the latest Haunted Hotel game as well - two for the price of one today. I have all of FIVE-BN adventure and HOP games, so can't wait to play. Now still playing Moonsouls and really enjoying it. Pennmom, you are so right, we have been spoiled this Easter with fabulous games. Well done devs.
 posted in Moonsouls: Echoes of the Past Collector's Edition on Mar 29, 18 1:00 PM
I'm loving the game so far. The HOPs are fun to do and I love that there are morphing objects to find in each scene. Some of them have been quite hard to find too. Bravo I say. So far the puzzles have been quite easy, but I'm only about an hour or so into the game, so there may be some surprises. Definitely getting my money's worth here. Right, back to the game.
 posted in Moonsouls: Echoes of the Past Collector's Edition on Mar 29, 18 9:30 AM
I've just bought the game now and going to play it all day today. Its Easter Friday very early morning here (5.15am). Been looking forward to a si-fi for ages. I was going to buy it last night (9.00pm for latest games out) but fell asleep watching Coro Street. I can't belive how fast it down loads at this time of the morning (2 minutes all up). Can I eat chocolate this time of the morning - mmmm?
 posted in Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light Collector's Edition on Feb 27, 18 4:10 PM
Well, even though the reviews here are quite scathing, I'm still going to buy the game for this weekend. I'm a huge fan of Brave Giant and I want to support them. I'm just playing the Mystery of the Anchients game at the moment and really enjoying it, so will get to this game asap.
Have just bought the game this morning and have played about a couple of hours. I love the game and really enjoying it. The puzzles are fun to do - nothing too hard or boring. Just finished the piano keys puzzle which took me a little while. Now about to do a silhouette HOP. Honestly this game is terrific and really worth having a look at.
 posted in Noir Chronicles: City of Crime on Feb 11, 18 2:44 PM
Doh, I'm too brain-dead to do such a thing. I'm no good with in-depth story lines, but I try to give fishies the technicalities of the game to see whether its for them or not.
 posted in Shadowplay: The Forsaken Island Collector's Edition on Feb 3, 18 8:35 AM
Its a two for the price of one day today, so I'm buying this game and the new 'The Myth Seekers: The Legacy of Vulcan' game as well. Can't wait to play them both.
 posted in Noir Chronicles: City of Crime Collector's Edition on Jan 16, 18 1:01 PM
I'm about 3 hours into the game and really enjoying it. Its an easy game to play and perfect right now because of the long hot summer we are having. Its too hot and humid to think clearly, so its lovely having a long cold drink and making my way through the game. So far have had no problems playing on Windows 10.
 posted in Fright Chasers: Dark Exposure Collector's Edition on Oct 22, 17 10:55 AM
I was going to buy this game on Saturday, but for the life of me I couldn't find another game to buy at the same time - you know, two for the price of one. So, I'm going to hold out and get it later in the week. Its sad to see that no-one liked the game, but I'm running out of games to play, so I will buy it. But don't panic, there are some fabulous games coming out. I had a look on 'All About Casual Games' and there will be your favourite ones coming. Just hang on ...
 posted in Crossroad Mysteries: The Broken Deal on Sep 27, 17 9:45 PM
Well done katycoogan, another true detective. I've bought the game and as soon as I've finished the 'Rite of Passage - The Word and the Fury' game, I'm on to this one - hopefully this weekend.
 posted in Crossroad Mysteries: The Broken Deal on Sep 27, 17 1:55 PM
DugTheDog, well done for finding the chocolate bar hints. You are a true detective. I'm going to buy this game when I get home from work and will keep an eye out for those chocolate bars.
Honestly, I'm not sure whether to buy this game or not. I've read all the reviews and no-one really likes it. Has anyone played the full game yet? Would love to hear your thoughts - quickly. I'm playing Lost Lands - Ice Spell at the moment, but when that comes to an end I'm going to have nothing to play (and that's when I get myself into trouble!). I had a quick look on Youtube to get a feel of the game and it looked good. So now I'm unsure what to do.
 posted in Maze: Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition on Aug 14, 17 12:46 PM
Thanks Sazoria and Valdy for checking the swirls in your Strategy Guide. In each of these locations there is definitely no swirl to be seen and the swirl icon stays dark. Yet I've had no problem in other scenes. I've given up and if I find one, then great. If not, I will wait until the end of the game and try and find them then. However, in my review I will be letting everyone know what they may expect and to perhaps leave the swirls until the end of the game. Disappointing though as the game is too easy and I really enjoy finding collectibles. Thanks for all your help - most appreciated.
 posted in Maze: Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition on Aug 13, 17 12:23 PM
Thanks guys. However, when I looked in the Strategy Guide, where they are supposed to be, they are not there at all. I'll play the rest of the game and bonus and see what happens after that. I hate moving on from a scene that I cannot finish.
 posted in Maze: Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition on Aug 12, 17 1:23 PM
Is anyone else having trouble finding the collectible swirls? I'm in the forest, mirror pond and dark glade areas and am unable to find any of them. After looking for ages, I did the unthinkable and looked in the Strategy Guide. However, where they are supposed to be located, they are not there in the game? Is it me or do we need an update for the game? Help please fishies.
 posted in Maze: Nightmare Realm Collector's Edition on Aug 12, 17 1:24 AM
Really enjoying the game so far. I bought the game straight away as I was waiting for it to come out. Puzzles are not hard. Has a good creepiness to it. Plenty to do in each scene. Right, now back to Timmy's nightmare.
 posted in Nevertales: Forgotten Pages Collector's Edition on Jun 25, 17 1:28 PM
I've played about 3 hours of the game. Sorry, I'm bored. I've found there isn't enough to do in each scene and the mini-games are boring. I'm enjoying the HOPs. Now I'm struggling to finish the game. I love Mad Head Games and I have all of their games, so that is why I immediately bought this one. I feel there is something off with this game - there is no personality or that rush to find out what is going to happen next. I'm stopping often to go off and do other things, which has never happened before with this dev. I won't be buying future Nevertales games again.
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