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 posted in Mary Kay Andrews: The Fixer Upper on Jan 12, 16 6:08 PM
I tried the free trial on this game yesterday, and decided to bought the same day because I was enjoying it. Unfortunately, there seemed to be the problem for this game that I can't go on forward but still have the same error when you reached the "Day 2" in the game. I thought it was just my computer going dodgy on the system that made the game freezes and my mouse was stuck!. Tried to uninstall the game and re-installed it three times. But it seems that there is something wrong when you reached the "Day 2" game and it's always the same error come up that made it shut the whole game down.
Is there anyone having this kind of issue on their computer with the same game? I'm getting frustrated with this game now. And I never had a problem with any game like this before.
Can anyone?
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