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I don't know where I shoul be writing this, but I have a complaint. Just got to the end of " Haunted Halls Fears from Childhood " Collectors Edition.... where the man in the space suit was to go to confront Blackmore. then it cut out ,came up with and ERROR... SO I turned the game off. later turned it back on it started the bonus game. but I had to stop the game Now turned the game on to play the bonus one it has gone, I would like to finnish it so an you tell me where has it gone . I hate not finnishing a game . so PLEASE HELP.....
I am not happy I have got to the end, rescued the man in the space suit then he says lets pay blackmore a visit, then an error came up, so I ended the game and just turned it back on so it went to the part it stopped then the man said lets go home,so now I will see if I can get into the bonus game.
I am stuck in the baswment I have placed the fuses in the right wasy bu do not no How to join the wires up I need help..
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