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 posted in Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders on Aug 15, 17 8:25 AM
I had no trouble downloading or opening the game. My problem was the cursor was too squirrelly or hard to control. I couldn't find an option to change the cursor so I was unable to navigate well enough to play the demo.

I will say that Agatha Christie is one of my favorite writers and I have other Christie games, but this was not my cup of tea. Certainly not what I expected in a hidden object game. I'm still using Windows 7 and have no trouble with most games, especially when I change to the standard cursor.
 posted in Dark Romance: Heart of the Beast Collector's Edition on Jul 3, 17 8:08 AM
I played a hop scene after which I was supposed to receive a "chain". I had a couple of items left in the list which I didn't see so I pressed the "hint" button. Item names vanished from list but I didn't get the "chain". I didn't know what else to try so I switched to the Play Match 3 option and completed that. I then received the chain.

I didn't see the "chisel" next to the bull's head as shown in the guide. I did find a chisel on the blue sofa in the next room going forward. I was able to use it to take the heraldic emblem and went on with the game from there.

I also got stuck on the hop scene that used the colored lenses. I got down to the last couple of items so I switched to the Match 3 game again and got the item I needed.

Maybe this will work for some others. I'm still playing so I don't know if I will be able to complete the game.
 posted in Facility 47 on May 20, 16 6:52 AM
What a thoroughly enjoyable game this was. When I first looked at it, I started not to even try it. It may be called a "puzzle" game but I thought of it as more of an adventure game. I need to look at other "puzzle" games and see what I may have missed.

I was glad not to be dealing with vampires, witches, demons, etc. I have played enough of those for a while. So any kind of science fiction or adventure was a welcome change. The graphics were very well done as were the voice overs. I thought the mini games were presented in a different style and found some pretty challenging but with the help of a great hint system and tips from helpful fishes in this forum, I was able to complete the game. As "MURPHY" already said we didn't need morphing objects or anything to collect in this game.

Please give us more like this one as I think others enjoyed it also. The developers did a really good job and I hope they come up with other games as good as this in the future.
 posted in Weather Lord: The Successor's Path on Apr 8, 15 7:04 AM
On level 6, I think you are asked to build a "forge" in order to convert your ore from the gold mine into gold coins. The pop up menu for building choices shows you the different requirements of each structure. I believe the forge gives you gold coins faster just as a mill gives you food faster.

I also noticed you can continue to play until you finish the level even though the timer has run down, and I think you can go to the next level regardless of the timer, as long as you complete the requirements.

My favorite feature of "Weather Lord" games is being able to regrow the trees as well as the gardens. You also use the sun and rain for many other challenges in the game.

I have the first game and this is a buy for me also. I really like the gameplay.
 posted in Dead Reckoning: Brassfield Manor Collector's Edition on Mar 12, 15 9:05 AM
I don't write reviews very often because so many others do it so well and I enjoy reading their's. But I did want to say how much I liked the look and setting of this game. Art Deco is my favorite style and this is beautiful. I had to look very closely in the Hidden Object scenes and found the mini games just about right in difficulty. I have to say I even liked the rain, I think it adds a lot to the atmosphere of a game. The voices are really well done too. This game is definitely a buy for me although I already have the other games offered in today's deal.

I think EIPIX games are always worth a trial run and I believe most of the time they deliver. Of course, I've only played the demo but I look forward to the rest of this game because it has a good, old-fashioned murder mystery.

I bought this game when it came out but just now got around to playing it. I thought it was one of the best I've ever played. The art deco style is so well done. I wish I could really visit the mansion. The movie sets were a great idea! I also liked the fact that the rain (so well done) was continued when you went back out of the mansion or the movie sets. Visually, one of the best for my money.

I thought the hos scenes were well done if a little easy. They were suited to each location and not just the usual junk pile of objects. I also enjoyed the mini-games. Some I hadn't seen before and I was able to solve them with a little work. I thought the actors were fine and thought they did a good job. The music is very important to me and can add a lot the the atmosphere of the game. I don't turn it off unless it gets too repetitious during a mini-game and then I turn it back up.

I thought this game was well worth the cost, even at regular game club price but like most others I have to wait for a sale. I do have the two sequels to this and I hope they are as enjoyable as this one was. Just loved everything about the game!
 posted in Mind Snares: Alice's Journey on Mar 11, 14 9:30 AM
I have either done the beta or seen this game before. I didn't remember it until I got to the part about the "thirsty" woman. The doll-head puzzle along with the guy looking at the books all seem really familiar. Does anyone else recall this?

I like the game very much but I felt like I almost knew what was coming next but don't remember enough to know how it ends. It seems to be very well done with no glitches as far as I got in the demo. I will definitely get it the next time there's a sale.

Well I checked and I did beta it last year. So much to remember, so little space in my brain! ha!
This has been in my Game Manager a long time along with a lot of other good games that I haven't gotten around to yet. I don't know of any other games that offer as much for your money as this one. A great adventure which is my favorite type now and so many wonderful scenes. I had no tech problems or glitches and was able to go back and get any object I had overlooked. I know I have had to restart games because of not getting an object and no way to go back and retrieve it later. This was a great job by the developers and I enjoyed all of it. The mini games were just about right for me and I liked being able to do most of them for a change. The HOS were very well done with most having a close up view that showed up the objects needing an extra step to find. I think the CE of this game was worth the extra cost because of the bonus chapter. The strategy guied which I certainly do use was clear and good pics showing action or location needed.

All in all this was just about perfect for me and I know there is another one in this series waiting for me. I buy them when they come out but don't always finish before seeing another one I want. So now I do have a lot of good glitch free ones to play.
 posted in Demigods on Mar 2, 14 11:11 AM
I also want to thank Sipason for all the wonderful videos posted. I can't always get gold but it helps so much to watch those and see how Sipason did it. More people than you know turn to those videos so thanks for all your efforts and letting us see that it's possible to get gold time on those really challenging levels even if we can't always do it too!
 posted in Secret Bunker USSR on Jan 22, 14 2:00 PM
I really enjoyed playing this game. It was different and not what we usually see so I liked that aspect. The puzzles/mini-games were a little different too and I was able to do a lot of them (so please, don't tell me how easy they were for those looking for a challenge! ha). I really liked the "get the bats" one, I had to do it about six times, but I finally did it. The length of the game was decent and even though there were some difficulties guessing the correct item because of the translations, I managed to find them. So for a game I got with a credit, it was fun.
I beta tested this not long ago and couldn't complete it because the game froze on me. I tried the demo and the same thing happened. Just not worth it to me to try a lot of fixes only to get stuck further into the game. I think maybe the developers rushed it.

I wasn't impressed with the graphics but would have bought if the game had run smoothly. As always, try it for yourself. I may try again when the SE comes out.
 posted in Esoterica: Hollow Earth on Jan 9, 14 11:29 AM
I enjoyed this game so much because as goldendog08 said
I'm drawn to any game with an art deco, 1920-1930's or steampunk theme.

I loved everything about this game. I got it for a PCC and enjoyed playing it for a few days. For me, the minigames and HOP scenes were well done and I was able to complete most of them but skipped a few.

Thanks to BFG and the developers for one that goes on my all time favorites list. I would love another adventure with this character in this time period.
 posted in Love Alchemy: A Heart In Winter on Dec 31, 13 7:38 AM
Why put out games when they are obviously not ready? Game froze just after putting roses in vase. I uninstalled and tried again but it froze when I tried to do anything. I always check the forum before trying a game and when there are a large number of technical problems it's usually the game and not the players.
Thanks so much for the sale and the great game today. I bought several games yesterday I've been waiting for so I thought I'd have to wait for another sale to get this one. I always read forums before even playing though and saw I could get it today! Played demo, bought it and loved it. Beautiful graphics, good voice-overs and just a throughly enjoyable game. I played all of it, which I rarely do in one day. I had no problems but didn't get all the achievements. I see you can try again in extras.

"Hidden Expedition" games are my favorite and this one tops the list. Great work by all involved.
cynththemoler wrote:That horrible little imp didn't leave the second lens outside the nursery!

The 2nd lens didn't show up in the hallway until I happened to click on the left grillwork in the bottom of the wall. Then the little imp burst through and left the 2nd lens piece.

Hope this helps. It is a beautiful game. I love the Santa hat on the Elephant at the opening.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules on Nov 10, 13 12:31 PM
Hi Audrypeters,

Thanks for all your good advice with this game on so many Levels. I had a lot of trouble with this Level. Just couldn't make it even following your step by step guide.

What I finally realized that made the difference for me between Gold and Silver was to use the "Work Faster" symbol instead of just using the "Get More Resources" one which I was using.

Maybe it's just because I'm slower with the mouse, but it did finally get me there.
Hope this helps somebody else.
 posted in Greed: The Mad Scientist on Nov 5, 13 8:34 AM
I really enjoyed playing this demo. It's a definite buy for me. I like being able to just keep playing without having to go to a Strategy Guide or Walkthrough. I did use an occasional hint and found them to be very helpful. The story may be a little farfetched but I don't care if you can just keep playing. The puzzles or mini-games were just about right for me. Not too easy but not impossible either.

To sum up, this kind of game is my favorite because it combines all the elements I most enjoy. Thanks for this one and please send more like it.
 posted in 12 Labours of Hercules on Nov 3, 13 9:08 AM
Hi wxman77477,

Thanks so much for the great advice on this Level. I had Gold on all the others before this one but I just couldn't get it here. Didn't think about not upgrading the farm. So, following your advice I made Gold the first time!

This is more like "Roads of Rome" which is one of my favorites. I read one of the reviews which mentioned that and it was really the only reason I even tried it.

Thanks to all of you who offer your tips on games. They are really appreciated.
 posted in Web of Deceit: Deadly Sands Collector's Edition on Oct 14, 13 2:31 PM
Hi Blam!, I finished the game and the bonus play. Had a little trouble with the crane mini-game and the final mini-game in the bonus section. I couldn't move anything in either of them. I was abler to skip and go on but I would have liked to play especially the crane.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed the game. I particularly liked the music, very atmospheric and I loved all the different locations. I like to feel like I've seen a lot of different places in a game and this delivered for me. I thought the graphics were very good and the HO scenes all had a little extra interaction. Lot of fun to play. The posters were beautiful and I looked for all of them. I think you did a very good job overall and I look forward to playing more Blam! Games in the future as I feel sure Morgana will return.

Great Job.
 posted in The Serpent of Isis: Your Journey Continues on Aug 20, 13 11:27 AM
I guess most fishes have played this game long ago, but it was one I hadn't finished. Anyway, I had the same problem in the church with the tunnel that leads back to the book store. Every time I tried to enter it I got the message "the book store owner will catch me". My only solution was to delete the game, reload it and start again with a new i.d. It's possible that I could have just started a new I.D. without reinstalling it but I wanted to be sure I had the latest version downloaded.

The tunnel problem happens in Chap. 2 so I didn't mind too much. This time I opened the Walk Through and Alt-Tabbed between the game and it as I played. I made sure I followed each step and what I found was I had omitted a step somewhere and didn't get a scene in which the book store owner tells me he's closing the store and I have to leave. That means that when I try to go down the tunnel in the church, he won't be there to stop me! yay!

Finally was able to progress through the game and I'm enjoying it. I'm up to Chap. 4 so it's a pretty good length game but being an older one, you have to follow each step. I hope this helps others who run into this.
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