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Same here, two years later. I bought three MCF games last week and so far I've played two to the point that a bug meant I needed to restart the entire game. This is unbelievable. I have really enjoyed the earlier versions of MCF, but mistakes this elementary and with such a steep cost to the user in terms of wasted time are just exceptionally shoddy.
 posted in Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™ on May 23, 13 3:38 PM
I failed to get the blue pill from the medicine cabinet before turning the faucet on, and now I can't re-open the medicine cabinet. I see that Jacquelyn11 complained of the same problem over a year ago (among others) and the only official advice she seems to have gotten is that it "should" work. This thread ( suggests the only solution is to replay the entire game up to this point. That seems like a pretty crazy "workaround" to me. Is there a better solution? I'm playing the Mac version if that matters.

I would have thought a bug that prevents you from continuing the game to be worthy of attention and even patching by now.
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