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Hello, everyone!

To those of you who see this: you guys are awesome people. It's sad this forum is closing after today, but we can still relish in the memories we have of it. In fact, it's not all over. There's a general forum called Pond Friends, which you can go to after this one shuts down. You can discuss casual games, beta demos, and much more. It's a very nice community.

On the same note, you can also visit to talk about this game series. If you find a glitch or need help with a part of a Dark Parables game in the future, we are a wonderful (small) community that can help you through it.

Good luck in the future, friends, and swim on!
 posted in Midnight Castle on Apr 30, 18 4:53 AM
Ha, this probably won't be seen, but you guys are great for making Pond Friends. It's sad this forum is closing, but we will be able to forge a new community over there!

Swim on, friends!
To billcollector:

The achievement "Swift Feet" is not available in this installment. To get all achievements, don't use hints or skip any puzzles. Look through the grate in the waterway to get the "secret" one. A list of all the achievements is already available in this forum.

Hope this helps!
 posted in Hex on Apr 17, 18 2:18 PM
My joy of being on the forum is also to help people. I wish they would stay open.

It's also unfortunate I was only able to be on here for two years at most. I wish I'd taken advantage of the time I had

But if you're looking for a forum, you could try Pond Friends and try to start forums for certain games. I'm sure they'd make some sort of accommodation.
Which puzzle? I had no problems with the guide, but I could understand your need for help.
The portal to reach the Alchemist Library is in the area with the four animal statues where the man is resting, same area with the yellow background and the grave. Click the purple glowing circle instead of the archway behind, and you'll be good. The hint was messed up because you were walking forward and the hint wasn't pointing forward, it was pointing to the portal.

Hope this helps!
This map will not teleport you, and the developers didn't intend it to. It shouldn't ruin your entire experience just because you can't teleport. The map still shows stars where you need to go, and luckily, active areas are almost always in the same vicinity as you!

Think of it as an added challenge. That way, your mind won't get lazy from just jumping everywhere, haha!

Hope you still enjoy the game!
Strategy Guide can be found just above the toolbar, next to the circle with the map in it. Click it, and the section you're in should be Chapter 2.

Find a censer (it's a plus item) and click the top to take it off. Pick up some hot coals in a nearby brazier with tongs, then put them in the censer. Add a purple herb picked up near a small box in the area with the bridge. Click the top to close the censer. Place it on the ground slightly to the left of the dragonflies.

Hope this answers your question!
Which screen? If you've just gotten out of the salt mine, use the net on them for Serafina to appear. If it's the second swarm of them, find a censer and open it, then add some hot coals (picked up with tongs) and a purple herb, then close it. Set the censer down near the swarm for them to fly away.

Hope this helps!
Yes, Wanda, the woman, is a descendant of Prince James and Princess Ivy. I believe there are references to frogs and ivy vines all over, but players who played game #2 will get the references.

She's not from a dragon clan, she's from the Daemon Evokers clan, not exclusive to one animal. Originally, she could summon Dracaena, a dragon/frog/ivy hybrid, but when she was cursed, Dracaena became salt dragonflies. But yes, that's a very clever observation

Actually, the old woman was from the Daemon Evokers clan as well, but her family bore the symbol of the frog. She's not related to James, but when she cursed him, she made him a frog BECAUSE of the negative symbolism it had and how that animal was a bad omen -- so James was cursed to look like an evil animal, essentially. Nope, they aren't related, in short
 posted in Dark Parables: Curse of Briar Rose on Mar 24, 18 8:15 PM
You can't move the discs once they're placed. (I assume you're talking about the machine blocking the White Rose, so here's what I know)

-The first disc is the king's crown. You have to put it on the lit circle for it to work.
-The second is the parasol disc
-The third is the shield disc
-Fourth is the mirror
-Fifth is the boot disc
-Sixth is the glass slipper
-Seventh is the heart
-Eighth is the star
-Ninth is the white rose

After inserting them in that order, the rose should be available. Hope this helps!
Any time
Hey there, Majesty!

Hmm, that's odd. The teaser requires you to click once before it plays... though I guess it might be on a timer or something. So sorry to hear that!

Fortunately, if you click "Extras" on the main menu and click "Movies" on the sidebar, you should be able to find the teaser. It's the middle movie on the bottom row. Hope this helps!
Go to the section labeled "Extras" from the main menu. From there, click the "Collections" button at the bottom of the screen. Click the top section, titled "Achievements", and press the arrows to scroll through the ones you do and don't have. The black achievements are ones you have yet to earn.
Well, the developers do this thing with the games (from games 3 and onward, skipping a few titles) where they show a brief clip teasing what tale the next game will be based on. So, basically, that's a hint for what the next game will be. If you really want to know, it'll be written below in white what the next game is.

Highlight to see the response: The next Dark Parables will most likely be based on Hans Christian Andersen's [i]The Little Match Girl.[i]
Yep, this is a Blue Tea game! If we're being technical, they developed it and Eipix produced it. Hope this helps, though it seems you've got this already figured out by yourself
Hey there, jaldeer!

Unfortunately, I don't have the last achievement either. I believe it may be for finding all the popup notes...

Anyway, this link has a list of all the achievements (just scroll down to "Return of the Salt Princess" and click expand to see the whole list):

Hope this helps! The list is still being updated, so it's not full yet.
I just got an achievement called "Curiosity Killed the Cat", and you have to look behind the door where you see the greenish hand come out. You have to inspect the iron grating to earn this one.

I think that's #20, and I think all the achievements after that are random small discoveries... which will make it fun for achievement hunting!
I haven't actually finished the game yet, but I feel like the first four achievements are for beating the game, beating it without hints, finding all cursed objects, and finding all parables. One of them might also be for completion of the bonus chapter; I honestly don't know, but I'll report back when I do!
 posted in Otherworld: Shades of Fall Collector's Edition on Mar 11, 18 11:31 AM
Unfortunately, no, there will not be a finale to the Otherworld series. It was mentioned somewhere that the fourth game would be titled "The Eternal Winter", the event referenced in all the games already.

However, the developers will not make the next game for an unknown reason. I think they've stopped making games entirely, actually.
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