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 posted in Mystic Gallery on Apr 23, 10 9:05 AM
Thank you all for your nice comment in this thread !! It's make us smile and give us a bit of sunshine ! Thanks !!

We got many very harsh comment about our game in another threads, and im truly disappointed about them. Some peoples comments much worser than it's was ever imagined. I felt myself personally who did something unlawfull thing just becouse developed and released this game for yours...
You must to know it's was a hard development cycle, just becouse this title is based on something different, based on culture and high art. We made a few mistakes, but i think their extreme harsh comments are without any goodwill.

I'm very happy to read that some of yours love the game. I think if somebody give to the game more than 10 minutes will like it...some others are not, but hey, bfg release a new game every day, it"s easy to find another one.
Have a wonderfull day and thanks for playing and enjoying our game! We love you all !!
 posted in Mystic Gallery on Apr 19, 10 9:45 AM
hey Emmyjane ! nice to see you !

"I agree with Joyce2121: The fishies here are giving honest feedback and your replies come across as reprimands, not "helpful" answers. I would strongly suggest taking their feedback seriously and with a little humility. I know it's extremely hard to make a good game and it's hard to hear less than positive feedback. However, defending your game will not convince us to play it or buy it."

Im taking seriously these reviews and comments. Im sorry that can't give you any of the "helpfull" answers just becouse nobody asked anything which is answerable with so many help. Most of the comments are written comments. Opinions.
I think i have the rights to give back an answer, just becouse everything have at least 2 different point of view. I've read yours. You can read mine, and im happy to communicate with yours on the topic.
But im sorry, you can't tell me what is the right way i must to follow.

 posted in Mystic Gallery on Apr 19, 10 9:35 AM
Phatkat : just one more thing i've forgot about: there IS a "Skip Minigame" button in the game ! Its orange in the middle, it's big and you can see it in any of the minigames !
 posted in Mystic Gallery on Apr 19, 10 9:30 AM
phatkhat (nice nick you have !! ) : most of the time the publisher talking about the requriements for the game.
Nobody talked about 22-24 inch monitors. Its not only a decision. If you make a game for higher resolutions, then the filesize will be even bigger, and its also a problematic point for some people. I think we will design for these huge screens but not now, and not when we started to develop this game. In fact at least 2-3 more years when you will see games designed for those big screens.

To others : i promise no more meter for any of the next games !

Thanks for all the reports people. You are great ! Yes, in fact the buyer is the boss, we love you all !

 posted in Mystic Gallery on Apr 19, 10 8:30 AM
Joyce2121 :
I think you are misunderstand my lines.. Im collecting informations, but in the same time im try to give you ANSWERS. You don't make anything wrong...except if do not give a try for the game
 posted in Mystic Gallery on Apr 19, 10 8:05 AM
For several copyright issues we aren't able to show the original titles and painters of the pictures. Some others did, now are they in legal trouble.

Yes, it is restoration. We have this way to restorate pictures.
I hope our next game will be more a "game for you".

Again : thanks for your time for your review, its was very helpfull and informative !

 posted in Mystic Gallery on Apr 19, 10 8:04 AM
Hey people !

Thanks for everybody the comments ! We are listening for you !

dragonfairy5 :
If your children have more creativity, then you are lucky, you have the chance to make a hit hidden object game What you are waiting for ? Ask him to start a game design !!

"The spin-o-meter is a joke!" : why ? any spinning "lucky" wheels have more complexity ?

bribling :
Thanks for your great review and time ! We are open minded to any comments.
I will answer for you point by point :

Blurry images : the game has a setup on 800*600 pixels. Mostly it's the reason for a blurry picture, probably you, who reported that problem have a much bigger screen than an old 17 inch monitor, but some of yours still have an old configuration, isnt it ?

You can find the objects in the MIDDLE of the hint circle. It's easy !

You guys afraiding about any of a "meter" without a give-minute-to-understand-it.
If you are unhappy with any of a "meter" then a game with a setup for a "running for a diploma" is not for you, becouse the base setup is too stressfull, isnt it ?
Anyway we tested a lot the game and none of the testers was able to make this meter empty ! They are the same age and gender like most of you ! I can't believe that it is that big problem. I think you guys simple HATE meters and i can't make any good one for you.

Too many minigames ?? It's not too much, it's a nice variety. If there could be 1 or two minigames then most of the people just say : "its poor and not enough". Where is the truth ?

I can't say anything for this point. Some people are able to read this text, some isn't. In my next game i will use moving pictogramms to communicate with yours

Icons : it's very subjective, you don't like it, others like it.

The "x" method was built in as a recommendation from one of the game's publishers, so we did it !

The flying disk is a chance to change your actual disk for another one if you don't like the actual minigame setup on the actual disk.
EACH flying disk have a DIFFERENT setup, believe me

If you don't accept the game's base setup then i can't help you, sorry. The base setup is that : you are a student in the head quarter of an international art school. And they have this scroring system to give you back more feedback on your knowledge and gameplay. Don't forget, you can to replay any of the paintings in the "My Gallery" menupoint to make a better score points !

For severa
 posted in Mystic Gallery on Apr 19, 10 4:47 AM
Hello for all of the fishies, im one of the catmoon members who developed the game.

You can't find objects ? Nobody talked about the infinite help! If you cant find an element just press the hint button ! It is so easy and unlimited !!!!

The "mistic o meter" is calibrated to very friendly, you can to make at least 50 times of misclicks before its run out, so its absolutely no painfull !

Don't forget : you are running for your restorer diploma in this game, and you are a student ! Yes, it's a little bit challanging...but there are absolutely no stressfull, you can't lost, and you can be a winner easily.

Don't forget about the '"My gallery" option, you can replay any of your paintings to make a better score on that if needed.

Give a chance for this game, there are 7 integrated minigames, and more than 50 hidden object scenes, so it's some hours of fun, not a short "play and go" experience.

If you have any questions, just let me know, im happy to answer them.
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