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 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Jun 13, 13 8:45 PM
lorie56 wrote:
Gamergal919 wrote:Okay so I pressed the new generation button and she grew up! One bad thing is she doesn't want kids.

That really doesn't mean anything. I had a peep who didn't want kids and she had six, including a set of triplets.

 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Jun 13, 13 8:15 PM
MikoLand wrote:Good to know Driven do they inherit the money too? Or only stuff and upgrades?

They inherit everything
 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Jun 13, 13 8:07 PM
I got two adoption service and I like it! I was trying to have 6 kids to fulfill the goal, but having kids is really troublesome as the mother needs to carry the baby for hours and can't work. So free kids are nice!!

I got 1 man that offered to tell my male peep some career advice, & end up he finished all the food in my fridge & did nothing else!!! That happened after I spent all my money purchasing something. Outrageous!!
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MikoLand wrote:I adopted a very beautiful blond female with locks, blue eyes and a white/yelllow dress, she looked so pretty! And her traits were what I wanted. She married a latino looking guy and they got this cute little babygirl with short blonde hair and a ribbon in her hair, with brown eyes. Just so adorable cus it really looks like she is a mix of them both

That's very nice! I got one generation which the kid looks more like the gardener than both the parents...
I think it's not strange in this game... but really...
 posted in Virtual Families 2 on Jun 13, 13 7:55 PM
I accidentally chose a couple whom both say "no way" to having kids in the previous generation. I drag them together, they'll always argue. After many attempts, they'll try to make baby, but having said that, it was never successful. The woman will always walk away halfway.

End up that generation was wiped out as they do not have any children. But I adopted a very handsome youngman to inherit the family. This time round I make sure both are keen to having kids. Now I got 6 kids running around the house
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fweddy wrote:i bought the maid service and i havent seen her once whats up w that

I've hired the maid and gardener since generation 1. Now I want to terminate they services else I can't complete some goals...

Is there anyway to fire them?
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