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 posted in The Secret Order: New Horizon on Aug 23, 13 1:49 PM
I tried posting else where but got no reply.
got through to the gas generator and played 3 times up to then and then it would not play it just told me not at this time.
3 times and I loved this game just started playing games and I love it.
played others and they just get better.
but this game I wont to go back to.
I have read the comments lost ice scoop and other things.
but that's not helping me.
I so much wont to go to apt but you have to get by gen got scope and number but can not get by gen its you do what you no but when u pick up funnel it comes back not at this time.
I wont to go back and finish the game.
so I would be very happy with eny comment.
 posted in Jessica - Mysterious Journey on Jul 29, 13 1:18 PM
What a load of rubbish a let dowen from what I played before.
the games just repeat and very short.
you would spend more time reading than playing.
the one good point I would say if you like jigsaws this is the one.
my partner didn't believe I finished 3 in the time.
and I am a novice.
found a great game and looking for another.
 posted in House of 1000 Doors: Family Secret Collector's Edition on Jul 26, 13 4:21 PM
I am beginner and have played some games but after playing this I have bean let dowan with others.
what a great game I played and the bonus.
it is so good I wont more.
 posted in Guardians of Beyond: Witchville Collector's Edition on Jun 18, 13 1:24 PM
I need help I went round and up and then cheeted and still cant find lighter on boat.
and it is now putting me of playing this game I got in pk of 3 and the urban legends the maze was the same the comments on that game was why I got it.
but that was the same could not get by first page got ticket and every time I tried to use it was not at this time.
 posted in The Secret Order: New Horizon on Jun 14, 13 1:45 PM
Got in a pack of 3 great games.
But the secret order played 3 times.
And every time got up to filling gen with gas.
I am a beginner but you new what you had to do.
But it will not let no matter.
I have tried different ways.
And when I try to use the funnel all I get not at this time.
Can you help.
Thank you.
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